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Huh, I engage a page turner, burn a stage to fragrance
Raises similar to native sages' sageing
Unlocking a cage of praises for Rock of Ages
Let random rambling rappers rant and raving
I inflame verbs to your nerve ends
Literally feeling these words in my tendons
And rattling occupants of the venues sinews
While the Eulogy be orchestrating continuous crescendos
Excellent, been down since Exodus
Like what if the Egyptians and Israelites joined forces
That would force a forfeit
And it's hard to drive hard when your hard drive
Keeps needing a force quit
But I, I, done learned to speak immigrants
The language of the broken like the system in their English
I speak with Heaven's accent, angelic dialect
Repping my coast as if that spirit realm had oceans
Ex, ex, excellence, that's what you should expect from us
Least we can do to say thank you for how He blessed us
All else is blasphemy. Disagree, get at me!
And he with low standards, don't get with no mics on
The stages I stand on, to battle where the stakes
For the rights to keep the mic for a couple more bars
No YouTube channels for rap battles and cash prizes
Just keeping your cool when heat rises
Next breaks concussions, gashes and bruises
It's real manhood with the monthly bills to prove it
Start with me, my art archery aims for the dark meat
Your albums are full of more bites than shark week
My writing remains with such serious symbolism
Styles aplenty, pages get the lead out like Jimmy
Homie, I am not kidding, there's no play dates
Muscle up or hustle to street name the dBA

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Propaganda Excellent Comments
  1. William Kraus

    I'm a 57 year old white guy and your power and witness blows me away

  2. Jenna Lusby

    Loved your talk at Ocean Conference!!

  3. MEP101769

    Propaganda dropping gem bars🗣️

  4. Moromo Music

    does propaganda have a youtube channel? im trying find it

  5. Of Dust And Stars

    Still love this track it's on most of my play lists! fire!

  6. PrOpAgAnDa tv

    I am propaganda

  7. NEWFIEBOY1981

    say u on alpha dvd in church


    t UNEXIA Cross come :)

  9. Top Notch

    Thank you!!!! #praisegod #offthehook #heardyouontheradiospreadingtheword

  10. faith malvar

    blessed to see you in Liberate...

  11. Black Foot

    Dope undeniably


    Hot Hearts 2018???


  13. Luke Samuel

    Was this filmed in South Africa?

  14. Stephen Semptimphelter

    True HipHop moving in Holy Spirit!! My tribe!!

  15. Quen Kelly Edwards

    Awesome stuff man .....

  16. Randle Smith

    I doth my cap to you, sir!

  17. Annie Bananie

    reminds me of old Listener music. tasty

  18. Victoria Appiagei

    Propaganda Music Awesome skills Cool good deep Dope poetry performance Humble beets you thank mam poetry powered

  19. Eric Musser

    I hope we meet someday. Love >((( ''>

  20. Adrian!

    this just popped up on my feed
    GOD the memories jamming to this in '13


    PORN and vegetarianism must go hand in hand [old vegetarianism]

  22. MindsetMusic

    how many of you guys know what propaganda is?

    information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.
    "he was charged with distributing enemy propaganda"

    Believe what you want.

    ¨wolves in sheep clothing¨

  23. Sawa Marc andre

    God bless u bro

  24. Super ManWell Segarra

    There should be a remix of this song- make it longer an the expertise of Braile/Odd Thomas!!


    monkley builts to prove it..

  26. Jack AIO

    We should show excellence in everything we do to glorify God.

    Ecclesiastes 9:10

    Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with your might; for there in no work, nor device, nor knowledge nor wisdom, in Sheol, where you are going.


    Amen, praise God


    1:20 ARISE :)

  28. Debbie Flores

    never heard of him but he is coming to the way church in san bernardino, ca!!

  29. KeraJo the GEM

    DOPE...omg I'm so feeling this

  30. Maui Titusi

    Just met him here in Fort Worth on the Xpression Tour, too dope


    Good Evening. It is certainly nice to hearing from You, because what You do is hyperartistica, that belongs to Nation of Gods, Negro


    hey, mister bow down mister, please try Jupiter, this time... mahasanghick' a

  33. Deshae Caldcleught

    I speak with heavens accent, angelic dialect...

    SO GOOD.

  34. Stevie Quest QUESTLORD


  35. josh climbs

    social club viva la misfits

  36. Ol wil

    Great lyrics, dope beat

  37. Chando Rib'e Track

    Red Bull brought me here!

  38. Nula Rayn

    This man's music is breathtaking!

  39. Ernie Kasper

    Love it, just love it!

  40. Giles Forrester

    down wiv it

  41. The Gaming Theropod

    really good rap

  42. ILL KIND

    Life is beautiful @HumbleBeastVideo I love your style and I feel like we could flow together..I have huge rock influence and love the choppiness
    and the MESSAGE! hit me up

  43. Arsenal Reserve

    Came here from Red bull perspective anyone else

  44. Humberto Cerda


  45. Thomas January

    Why doe's it sound like poetry music?


    +Thomas January he does spoken word

    Thomas January

    @MrMyYoyo his music are nicec to hear as he explains it in most interesting ways beautiful to hear something that makes sense.

    Poe Anthony

    because it is. i do the same thing with my poems i have someone put music to it. it catches ones ear in a more profound way.

    Go Shine bullies

    thats what rap is (R)ythem (A)nd (P)oetry

  46. Jason Medas

    this dudes a beast in his own jungle

    except for jackie hill coming up sharp !

  47. Chris Chris

    omgggg!!! an absolute beast, humbly. I want to speak with heaven's accent. just amazing.

  48. Tiffany R. L. Peters

    One of my favs. I love how the beat sounds like a chain gang

  49. John Rose

    Heard on Lecrae's joint, reminds me of Eyedea.

  50. Og Waglem

    This is super good like omg holy💯💯💯

  51. Og Waglem

    This sis so amazing wow holly good😜😜💯

  52. LK-Mattis

    I sense that he has a very strong anointing on him. Wow.

  53. UniqueTangerine

    Saw him at the Andy Mineo concert in Denver, he's sick!

  54. Nessa P

    saw him live this weekend at Soulfest 2015 HE IS AWESOME!!

    Chris Spencer

    Me too!!!


    Just saw him at soulfest 2016!

  55. Bedlam Video©

    Excellent flow, brother!

  56. Rhythm Rug

    Excellent Music Bro !

  57. Noah Vigil

    He's a problem in Jesus name! Wow!

  58. Annie Bananie

    he reminds me of Listener's old tunes.

  59. The Costco

    Its like good poetry.  But it still means nothing.  But it is a very fun video and his really into it.

  60. Joecamel

    LOVE Propaganda!


    This guy knows how to preach

  62. Praveen T Daniel

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Fame- O

    This guy is an amazing role model, leader, poet, artist and human! One of my favorite hip hop artist. 👊 buy his albums!!!

  64. Kassy Rhian

    PROPAGANDA IS AMAZING LIVE!!!!!!!!! #lifttouralb  

  65. daddy mack

    This song is glorifying god

  66. daddy mack

    When he says the least you can expect from us,he means angels

  67. Joshua Mellor

    I'm glad he finally wrote his own song.

  68. Dante Fox

    yeahhhhhhhhhh !

  69. Zach Vasilas


  70. jo klip

    The truth will be shown through the eyes, hearts and minds of the faithful. The words of his elect change hearts in the spirit of their father the living God. Continue brother.....continue

  71. Colebug99

    I shook his hand, talked to him, and talked.  I also pissed right by him.  He was at a conference, and I saw him in the bathroom.  He was really good, better live though.

  72. westredg

    What the heck how did I not this artist? Where is his album? I need it

    R. Sampson

    Spotify, Excellent by Propaganda, album is same name “Excellent". He has a few others on Spotify also, equally excellent. 

    Garin Charles

    here you go, you'll never miss out again


    Crimson Cord was his latest album.

  73. La Shonda Brown

    Preach preacher!!!

  74. Wad Up World

    I can imagine him being a Preacher. He has that kind of a voice and its beast


    @Wad Up World Yessir! I hear it too :D

    Driven 4 Purpose

    Wad Up World He has some sermons on here you should look it up. 🙌

  75. CpTn I Alpha

    A Red Bull Skateboard Film 👍

  76. Noah Wiens

    Awsome brother :)
    Lyrics please :)

  77. Timmy

    Epic song. God bless you brother. Praying for you :)

    Tauli Aperaamo

    ddaaaayyyuuumm :)

  78. Joseph Martinez

    Preach it brother!

  79. Nicholas Abel

    Keep tearing it up

  80. Maneno Nakupenda

    he look so rasta. mad man tun up.. big up thou. rasta for the lord maybe? lol..

  81. will cottengim

    luv tht song keep hitt'n 'replay'

  82. Lori Brown

    Lovin Jesus lovin me through you

  83. daniegirl02

    Okay, so I'm confused. What exactly is the message, that we should show excellence in everything that we do in order to glorify God?

    Michael Sarricchio

    don't be confused just read what you wrote again and agree

    Scott Bradley

    In all that you do strive to do for His glory, even failure is made excellent when ya living His story. Ya live and ya learn and you learn to grow, all things work for the good regardless of the blow.

    Jack AIO

    Ecclesiastes 9:10

    Whatever your hands finds to do, do it with your might; for there in no work, nor device, nor knowledge nor wisdom, in Sheol, where you are going.

    So yes, we should show excellence to glorify God.

    Eric Williams

    Are you seriuos

  84. Tmath

    lyrics are dope

  85. JoshuaM

    This song is too short :/ Awesome song, thanks for posting!

  86. Trevis Bailey

    Outrageously awesome!

  87. Symantha Steele

    Ive met him and he is just truly epic and talented

  88. Clifton Gage

    Man u should record a rap album, tight flow..

  89. Cody Fish

    This is amazing

  90. kwazi rich Mvuyana


  91. 2blikeHim

    AMAZING!! Need to buy your album!!

  92. Uriel Armendariz

    He just killed it... Wow

  93. Alvin Kato

    This guy! Speechless! 

  94. closertogod

    This brings me to tears. Beautiful <3 God bless him for preaching God's word.

  95. McChulo

    The body of Christ needs better beats, then people will watch more. 

  96. evan esparza