Propaganda - Excellent Analogy Lyrics

Now, let's look at the word 'excellent'
In its finite and unversed form
Excellent of the highest quality
Or exceptionally good at or of its kind
Or superior in its archaic definition
Synoptic or in congruence with altruism or benevolence
Depending on the usage of the original word or its derivative
Example at hand: two glasses of water
One sprung from a porous material which liquid is passed
In order to separate the liquid, or the fluid, from suspended particles;
In short a filter, and the second glass taken from a spigot
Or a plug for a bunghole not to be confused with
A bunghole that produces fecal matter
But in fact the latter example would be considered
Distasteful or shall I say the more layman term of "crappy" and the first excellent
Now, let's look at excellence in art
Excellence in art not to be confused with
Mediocrity or lukewarmness

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