Propaganda - Don't Listen To Me Lyrics

I'm not delusional
This most likely is your first experience with me
Greetings, my name is Propaganda
I wrote my first rap in '93, simply put
Fire baptized battle rapper
Who's heavily influenced by folk music and found creative freedom in poetry
Combo is strange, I know
But let this one bake your noodle
I'm the son of a Black Panther
With a Mexican spouse and Caucasian best friends
And my writing tone, now
Is not one that offers you a neat little bow
To tie all your little problems up with
I learned enough to know that I don't know that much
I know God became a man to save us
And we still can't explain pyramids
I know ancient Mayans and Egyptian astronomers had a far greater understanding of outer-space than we do
I know academia is so drunk on arrogance and racism
That they'd rather credit these accomplishments
To aliens than to admit that we are not the smartest civilization to ever live
I know I really love my wife, my daughter, and mangos
And for some reason folks find it illogical
To think that a perfectly designed universe screams of a designer
I know sarcasm is really the only time people tell the truth
I know chilaquiles and In-and-Out will be served in Heaven
I know it's a much better decision to shut yo' mouth
When you don't know what you talkin' 'bout
Than to validate what everybody already thinks of you
I know color theory very well
I have a degree in illustration and intercultural studies
And a teaching credential, yet I rap for a living
Let that sink in
Apparently I don't know that much
I just know the gospel and good hip-hop
I'm a pretty simple dude
All I got is my all and I promise to give you that
You know lower standards will lower the culture
The Roman empire was destroyed because of lower standards and moral decay
You know they fed each other to lions for entertainment
Humans, when left to their own devices, seem to be hopelessly selfish
And bent on their own destruction
It seems that unless a power greater than us captures our hearts
Nothing will change that trajectory
Wealth, knowledge, success seems to only feed the beast
But don't listen to me
We just met
What do I know?

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Propaganda Don't Listen To Me Comments
  1. treezzy_tree luie tree Trees baby Trees

    I dont kno wht any of this.means but if we have a commonly grown to stand on im trees noce to meet you

  2. Skeletor Of_Greyskull

    This fool must of went to the University of Phoenix

  3. bonydox9

    And I thought this was going to be the legendary German group instead I get some wannabe.

  4. Marcus Nelson

    🗣️🎙️#CLEVER 🔥🔥🔥

  5. lee mad

    You are an inspiration man

  6. skankhunt42

    makes claims about people that arn't true, obviously a christian rapper

  7. fluffs2242

    I stumbled upon this by saying "Ok google" to my android when it replied I whispered "don't listen to me" and here we are exactly where I needed to be but didn't know it

    jason Taner

    Ha ha me too

    M R

    Dude same😂😂


    me toooo lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Maribel Jimenez


  9. awshastar26


  10. Izzy G.O.M.GodOverMoney


  11. IJJ plays

    it a really good music

  12. EmperorOf Arkham

    This was my first experience

    tori v


    Enni Bee

    EmperorOf Arkham Same. I was searching "Don't listen to me" on google and this was the first result. Don't know how to feel about it.

  13. TaZz Relays

    I am a rapper I rapped Andy Mineo so I want to rap properganda

  14. Jacob Lilley

    this album is very deep touching fellings

  15. Gandalfismywife


  16. Maya C

    well said, well said

  17. Isaac Joseph


  18. Pharaoh on LFS

    So, no rhymes? Wtf is this shit

    Jordan Ebie

    If you knew anything about poetry you'd know that poetry is not limited to simply rhyming... In fact it is much more complex than that.

    Makayla Brown

    +Jordan Ebie well said

    Pharaoh on LFS

    @Jordan Ebie Can a novel be poetry?

    Jordan Ebie

    It could be, in a manner of speaking. Check out Beowulf. It's an epic poem.

    Nick M.

    It's called spoken word. A lot of people do it, provided they have meaningful lyrics.

  19. Poe Anthony

    i would love to do a show with you some day, i hear you perform on my churches stage in south lake. :) God bless the world


    I got to do a show with Prop last summer! Awesome experience

  20. Jesse Hahka

    It's not even a song... It's cool though.

  21. Tom Brooks

    Love this! Way to preach it my man!

  22. irvinehiker

    I know I reall love my wife, my daughter, and mangoes XD I laugh SO hard XD

  23. Frank J Ledesma

    Can't believe this type of songs ain't playing on the Radio.

    A R F Performance

    it goes against the system that's why

  24. Isaac Hatridge

    Love this song

  25. Ghost Fire

    You have a new fan Mr. Propaganda.

  26. sassarific


  27. made of clay

    These lyrics are so good!!!!

  28. Larry Short

    The animation on the single photo here is REALLY annoying ... but I like the lyrics.

    Chandler Lane

    shut up

  29. nicole holmes

    Love this song!!!

  30. R0ck3tM4n13

    He said mankind made Stonehenge and the pyramids, derpy. Listen harder next time.

  31. aquablade10000

    This would be better if it actually rhymed

  32. oguzcan nallidere

    I can't stop listening this. This is fucking underrated!

  33. dtp8806

    Who IS this guy?!! My GOODness, this is awesome.

  34. James Fizerl

    he said Humans made stonehenge! NOT aliens.. where is his credibility lost?

  35. Kartlmel

    One imperfect analogy isn't reason to disregard all his credibility in my opinion. That entire section was slightly exaggerated on both realistic and theological levels, so I don't take it all literally. (i.e. the mango line, sarcasm being the *only* time people tell the truth, etc.)

    He also says multiple times that he doesn't claim to know much, "just the Gospel and good hip-hop". To judge him based on that standard would be arguing his own point. Just my opinion :)

  36. Mel Says Hi :D

    a humble beast

  37. Anabella1127

    Lol he said "chilaquiles and in&out will be served in heaven"

  38. Danie

    No, the only differenace is we can see it better.

  39. Éowyn Anne Abijah

    This guy is beast.

  40. Chris Paul Jordan

    [email protected] stone 'hinge'

  41. RMFT1985

    Aliens are demons also fyi natedid get in yo word bro.

  42. RMFT1985

    Natedid the Bible says to study to show thyself approved.

  43. Nathan D.

    What specific phenomena did ancient people understand that we do not.

  44. Nathan D.

    I do not think that we are smarter than ancient people. We just have more knowledge. We know more about physics than Isaac Newton did (quantum, relativity, quarks, etc.) but his brilliance is unquestioned. Science builds upon itself. I love studying it! I can take advantage thousands of years of brilliant discoveries!! :-). In academia there are very few scientists who believe in ancient aliens, and there are many good reasons for that. Go back and look at what Dawkings was really saying.

  45. Chris Any

    We know certain things the ancient civilizations didn't know, but they knew many things we still don't know, and simply don't understand. Almost everything we use is based on an ancient idea or system. I wouldn't say we know "way more about space" i would say we know more about the elements in space and the scientific laws. So i disagree with you, i would say we are one of the most ignorant civilizations to live. We think we know it all, stuck up, prideful, ignorant and arrogant.

  46. Chris Any

    I would have to disagree with you, this might be because i love my history! It is true what he said between 0.35 - 0.55. We can't explain the ancient structures, and because of this many people are starting to say Aliens helped them. These people are experts in their fields, historians, archeologists and many scientists. Even Richard Dawkings said he thinks it is a possibility Aliens seeded life on earth. (A possibility) We are taught we are so advanced, so smart.

  47. cjustin13

    Wooow this is amazing

  48. Nathan D.

    Also we know way more about space than ancient people did. We know distant galaxies too faint for them to see, we know of dark matter and dark energy and about a million other things that ancient people did not know. I love science and I want others to share in the joy of looking at all the marvelous things we know about the universe now, don't go looking for conspiracies about ancient astronomers and whatnot.

  49. Nathan D.

    I'm sorry, I am not trying to hate but he gives away that he does not use sound reasoning. We can explain the pyramids and stone hinge and all those ancient structures involving large stones, Ittook manual labor and ingenious use of simple mechanical machines (levers pulleys etc.) a guy named Wally Wallington demonstrated this by building a Stonehenge-like structure using only materials and techniques that do not rely on any modern technology.

  50. Abir Bey-EL

    how so?

  51. Jacob Sturm

    Deep. Like me.

  52. brian Francis

    not to me

  53. michelle garekwe


  54. dkgameplay

    This guy is so brutally honest and I love it

  55. Nefelibata

    his skill is breathtaking ...

  56. DestinyGuava

    Before Jesus comes, Theres gunna be quite a few people who turn to Christ :) Can't wait! Break open the sky Jesus we wanna see you! <3

  57. Crystal Castellon

    i love prop hip hop

  58. Nathan D.

    too bad he threw away all his credibility in the section between :35 and :55.

  59. Mykael Velez

    This album has spoken to me its a blessing gospel is starting to become mainstream