Propaganda - Be Present (Live) Lyrics

So I tend to think of life in terns of movie clips, or tweetable moments
Somehow I've convinced myself they last longer that way
I was proved wrong when wife called my phone as fmy black wife
I thought it was funny, we giggled, now single men take notes
Now I'm no expert, but I don't think she was kidding
She talked about some other stuff which I really don't remember
I was too busy in my head composing a
Tweet where I would quote her with some sort of cleaver hastag
About marriage and about how much I love her
To be paying attention to her at that moment
I think what snapped me back was the silence which
Indicated I was supposed to have some sort of response to whatever she was talking about

I told my father that story in hopes to get a little sympathy
My father, Civil rights and Vietnam war vet
Hopelessly charming
On his fourth marriage, Father
Rather than the customary nod that men give each other when they understand, he
Proceeded to tell me why He failed as my mothers husband
He said it was the same reason half of his platoon died in Vietnam
And the same reason you are deathly afraid of your daughter becoming a teenager
Son, you can't hear past the explosions, either the ones that already happened or the ones
You anticipate
See the former, paralyzes
Living life in the rear view mirror driving full speed across traffic into the center divider
So shell shocked you too stupid to duck when bullets are flying
Or the latter
Your life a game of capture the flag
So focused on the finish line, you stepped right on a land mine
You so ready to attack the day
Frustrated because you can't find your keys
Focused on the meetings you're finna miss
And the traffic you finna sit in to realize the you been holding your keys the whole time
Slow down
You have been hypnotized by the possibility
Son, I couldn't hear past the bombs
The first one didn't kill me and the second one ain't even happened
Yet it ended our family

He told me a love story
Of a woman born before him
He said I knew her before and at the moment of conception
There was an eternal connection
And although I didn't know it then, I'd fight for her affection
It's this war we been waging since day one of creation
And only when you lose her do you learn to appreciate her
Like even when I'm with her, I'm itching to get rid of her
And she only gives you one shot, blow it and she's gone
And I took advantage of her
That's why I'm telling you this
Son, you can't rush her or slow her down
You better keep her on your side
She will slip through your fingers
Like sand her name is Time
And she told me a secret
She said multitasking is a myth you ain't doin'anything good just everything awful
And she begged me to stop stretching her thin and stuffing her full, and stop being so concerned
With the old her and future her, but love her now
Her presence is Gods present, and you should be that, present

So I guess you could say
Well I guess I could say I've been through a divorce now
Me and my phone are no longer married

I think I'm ready to be here now

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Propaganda Be Present (Live) Comments
  1. That Preacher Ron Allen

    Love Prop

  2. Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

    that was deep!

  3. Real Eyes. Realize. Real Lies.

    When he said you are to stupid to duck when the bullets are flying

  4. por-shi-a green

    My testimony earlier this year I made a video about too years I need to tell someone I used to think cause at fifteen years old on my birthday my uncle bubba and Bobby molested me against my will this keep going on until I got pregnant then I hated men could not forgives all my dad lost it and my mom was bitter and jealous dealing her own demons then I got my house raided by gun point my little brother answer the door I was eight months pregnant about pop my mother did not want us so separate group homes. I found myself asking God why did this happen. Then eventually I just let it go of God let my pain take over me and hate every one I fail hard I ran to Jessica then laelonnie at this time I lost my daughter cause of lies cps then this girl threatens me and my child so I just exploded on her face then I was set up by a girl i went to school with then I whined up by gun point to do things I did not want to do I will fight until finally I got tired of every thing I prayed God would rescue me then almost instantly I was raped and beat to death by twelve men I legally die 1 hour 3o minutes I remember dying and trying to pick my body up realizing that it would slip then someone knocked me over dragged me into hell started attacking me I heard i was crying out to God with all my heart I remember I saw my girlfriend trained up and being tortured then I saw Jesus Christ him and angels I was so happy. Then the chains broke I began to cry Jesus it's really you wow my teeth was gnashing a little still but once he came it all stoppedi saw the devil to but god use his son to leave the minty nine to come get me and recuse me from sin then I went to heaven it was so peaceful loving beautiful every one so happy smiling singing beautiful every were you went waterfall mansion of gold beautiful flowers animals beautiful meadows different type of angels then I remembered walking down the gold road God showed me how he created me and how my mother was doing Santeria on my life so because of that I got possessed by many spirits thank God he delivered me am free of these spirits possessing me especially the jezebel and many other I could not forgive her for a long-time but when I did I became free back to my story I came back to my body took a deep breath was bake that's when I found out I was Jane doe it miracle me and son made it he is eight years old now my daughter is 10 years old after that I was on fire for the. Lord until I meet Lamar fathers dad he was so hot I saw him was like in my head I thought my self go say hi so I did I had been drinking water done vodka and a little of lemonade then wine so I was a little missed up my friend invited him we hit it off I keep telling him I want to take it slow we started watching baby boy i do not know why to be honest then of course he asked for a good night kiss I wanted him all of a sudden so I grabbed him told him one day we are going to be family then one thing lead to another then I got pregnant I loved him so much he was the best thing right he started to change I started changing could not do anything with out him then he drunk at a party then he left I kicked him out it was hard no more had my son gave him to my mom we were talking she calm she would give him back in the year such lies I had to go get him then every one said I lied I sto p drinking and everything then my mom betrayed me she lied and took him away I was crying I lost it but then repented gave my life back the lord then I graduated my trafficking program I lost all support except God then I moved away before all drama I was confused to baby daddy. Fight for us o r their was too other guys which one then I just decided am done with it all then chris the day I had to go visit my son I meet him on the side of my apartments then there was demetric and I could not decided so I decided I pray about them all then I found out demetric had played me and used me for sex I was so hurt I slept with Chris a week later I saw him again started to question everything the I notice a skull in front of boot world in point Loma something to do with magic I decided to leave but he got mad started beating me I found out I was pregnant then he strangle me when he pushed me in my sleeping bag being suffocted by the sleeping bag I stop breathing but God brought me back then I miscarriage the baby he went jail. Then I found out a week later he is with another girl she bailed him out I was so frustrated plus he had eplisey I took care of him but that's how he did me I survived cause of the faith I have in the lord then I left went to the bay. That was crazy the whole time I was their drama alot of pain and I could not stay stable it was hard then I went to Washington State were am at right my ex fiance recently betrayed me here and got me and another girl pregnant plus he made me lose the child so am trusting God in this pain and darkness it God's vegenance and not mine so I give it to God their more then this but am going to cut it here God bless

  5. Paulina Evangelista

    Pray for those 48

  6. Written Epistle

    This is deep

  7. Matt Lopez

    Still relevant 6 years later

  8. bene_bmx

    YES! Let's be present and use phones only as the tool that they are, aware of their distraction.

  9. Daniel Lucas JR

    Prop is deep

  10. Queen Ashantee


  11. Kari Franci

    My husband's phone is much more valuable than me.

  12. Ariel Cotton

    This humbled my spirit. I'm going to get read my bible.

  13. bray

    I saw him today at hot hearts, 1-26-18

  14. Raga Etsenna

    I thought this is a stand up comedy

  15. Gods Watching

    he is so deep. bless him

  16. Tobechukwu Chimezie

    Amazing delivery ☺

  17. donald dudley

    I wish propaganda was a min longer .

  18. Jonathan McLean

    Be present

  19. Marylou Sakosky

    You are such a blessed man. Thank you for the wake up O:-)

  20. Dave Lambert

    Wow Almighty God Blessed this child of his...

  21. Jerry Pettus


  22. Steven Rogers

    This is amazing.

  23. Tamika Purvis

    Love it!!!

  24. Michael Brandon Falk

    one of the best wordsmiths of our time! this is one of my favorites of his.

    Jerry Pettus


  25. Jeremy M.

    This vid helps me when I need it.

  26. Nula Rayn

    King of Spoken Word

  27. Liam Childs


  28. Leon Madison

    as im sitting he re w and my wife is in the other room.

  29. Reyhan Joseph

    Ima enjoy my time that God has given me

  30. Geronimo Buford

    Enjoyed this

  31. Francisco Apachito

    Blows my mind every time.

  32. Nathan Norman

    I love this. Excellent.

  33. PraiseTheLord

    Propaganda made top 20 on the following video: Top 20 Christian Hip-Hop and Rap Artists - Mixxkid17

  34. james Vallance

    no matter what time it is, it is always right now!

  35. Liana Mori


  36. WildStyleProductions

    This took place at Beach Retreat! I was there! Was so inspiring the first time I ever heard it. I hope it was as effective on my students as it was on me.

  37. Dean Botton

    Love it

  38. Timmy

    Amen :)

    Tauli Aperaamo

    this is epic bruh

  39. UsMan Lyfe

    This guy just opened my mind

  40. Brianna Lynn Chandler

    This is very true.we need to stop living in the past and be present.

  41. grendel007

    This is a very good point about our lives today. However I can't fail to see the irony that we all experienced on YouTube, and mostly on our phones

  42. Elisia H

    So true! Be Present!<3

  43. Nick Roselin

    No better lesson can taught than this in the hectic modern age. This man is an amazing teacher with values I can appreciate.

  44. Olga Sanchez

    Como las encuentro traducidas alguien me podrá ayudar gracias bendiciones

  45. dee jay


  46. melissa rajkovich

    Just wow.

  47. Nathan Sherlock

    I added music to this GREAT poem "Be Present" - my gift to you Propaganda: I have NOT setup this song for download on SoundCloud - looking to send the original MP3 and/or Cubase file to Propaganda.

  48. Young Sage

    wow this is a message perfect for this generation that cant go anywhere without their nose stuck their phones.

  49. Alvin Kato

    Propaganda! :)

  50. Michael Dean

    Excellent lesson. 

  51. Dumi P

    awesome talent

  52. Rachel Yvonne Music

    I looooooove this. WOW.

  53. Cyndi Newell

    Starting the day with wisdom. This is profound!!!!

  54. Cora Naveda Browne

    i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Quiterie Gianina-Gabrielle


  56. paul guerren

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  57. joe martin

    My chubby brother managed to make the most beautiful stripper I’ve seen in my life fall in love with him as he ran the Cupid Love System (search in Google). I wish I was excited for him but I want such a beautiful girl to fall for me. I’m extremely envious. Does that make me a bad human being?

  58. YeshuaisShekinah

    Telling someone they lack wisdom when they clearly lack wisdom is a statement of fact not an insult. I must be zealous for my LORD.
    If you wish to coddle those who mock YAHWEH that is your choice but it is not biblical.

  59. Mark Perez


  60. Caldari021

    Thanks :D

  61. Satoshi Hyabusa

    That's actually pretty awesome. :)

  62. Caldari021

    I think the best example to understand the Trinity better is water; Water can have three forms: vapor, liquid, and solid. All though they have three different forms, all three are still made up of H20.

  63. Caldari021

    To clarify the trinity more precisely, God has three embodiments; God the Father, Jesus the Son of God, and The Holy Spirit which dwells in the believer after acceptance of Jesus's forgiveness for sins on the cross and believing that Jesus rose from the grave, defeating death through the power of God; All though the trinity is three embodiments, they are all the same God; The three are linked as one through Love, which is God because God is Love.

  64. Caldari021

    God is basically a trinity; three embodiments but all of the same eternal source which is God. God has always been and was the first cause of the universe; every first particle, photon.. you name it. God made it possible to sin because he doesn't want to force anyone to love Him, but wants us to choose from free will to love him; he doesn't want robots.

  65. Jared Prater

    I think this man is very talented.

  66. Prod Music

    I've read some of the feedback on here. I reckon that is a favourable movie clip. My cousin simply would like to get effective with women of all ages. He was taught alot from a web page called Master Attraction. (Google it.) The help about how to get chicks from night clubs in the emails via that website got got him his very first sex encounters in a number of years. I've been displeased though coz I heard them all. Nasty.

  67. Peace Reine

    That's because you weren't listening! He said ... be in the moment.. in other words ... pay attention. ;-)

  68. JonJorgenson

    Proaganda is the man....speaks the truth with boldness and conviction. something we should all try and do.

  69. YeshuaisShekinah

    What I said is not an accusation but a statement of fact. Do you not know that the Bible tells us to make righteous judgement?
    We must speak boldly for the LORD especially to non-believers for in doing so they may learn the truth. This is a wicked generation and we are in the falling away, the time is short and we must crush the lies and bring truth as quickly as possible for the time grows short we have but weeks until our LORDS' return.

    Damien De la Cruz

    been 4 years bud

  70. YeshuaisShekinah

    You did not understand what he said because you lack wisdom.

  71. hamsandwich

    I've never heard someone speak so much without saying anything

  72. hamsandwich

    Shut up.

  73. Vernon Jones Music

    Spam? I've seen this copied and posted multiple places.

  74. J'Hue Casey

    Isn't almost all poetry hyperbolic? Poets romanticize or exaggerate stories and dilemmas to add weight to them.

  75. oussama j

    That was excellent content. I'm here since my best friend out of the blue started to be astounding with women. He went from a nobody into being astounding. He behaved as if it was natural for quite a while. Then he smiled and told me when he was wasted. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you wish to know about it... He's on a date now with a sexy girl... Lucky bastard!

  76. Sam Blonde


  77. love di choreo

    Love this!

  78. frstevehsv

    The Good news is that Jesus Christ bore the fullness of the Father's wrath, in our place, so that in faith, Christ's righteousness could be attributed, or imputed upon us. In faith, the penalty for our sin has been paid for in Christ, and you, if you place your faith in Christ's finished work on the Cross, get to walk away a free man. Offending and being at enmity with God's Holiness has eternal consequences.

  79. frstevehsv

    If you slapped a police officer in the face, what would be the consequences? If you slapped a judge in his face, what would be the consequences? If you slapped the president in the face, what would be the consequences? What happen's when you slap the God of all creation in the face, what would be the consequences? Love and Justice are two sides of the same coin.

  80. frstevehsv

    The Biblical definition of love is 1 Corinthians 13, "Love is patient, Love is Kind..." God's love in that He remains patient with us in our wickedness, and was kind enough to send His Son to pay the penalty in full of our being in sin. The problem is that we cannot fathom, in our human minds, the depths of our depravity. We have a very belittled view of sin and its consequences.

  81. frstevehsv

    Yes, the Scriptures do speak of God as all loving, but it also presents him as all holy and all good. These three absolute attribute give us a complete sense of who God is. Because He is all holy, when we sin, we, in fact, are at enmity with His holiness. We are at enmity with His love. The problem here is that we don't realize, first, the implications of His holiness, and an extremely warped view of God's love. Today, loves definition means tolerance and acceptance.

  82. james dean

    i like poetry but this hyperbolic style is done to death...

  83. TheMycrew

    I think it deserved a Round Of applause!!!

  84. Harrison1420

    Sacrificing yourself to yourself is utterly meaningless. How can you be fully god if you are also human? Is it not a dichotomy?
    Why would God make it possible to sin? Why would he make us capable of sinning?
    Can you reclarify your last point please? I didn't quite follow it sorry.

  85. Jeffrey Taylor

    and the reason was because we chose to have it this way the ten commandments arent bad at all they actually expose the Holiness God walks in and exposes our sin the ten commandments are Holy :)

  86. Jeffrey Taylor

    God Sacrificed Himself and Became sin out of Love that He has for Us and He is may have Been Human but He was also Fully God. Divine and God was the only Person who could ever cover all the sin of the world in the past present and future also Christ was the second Adam He wasn't conceived through intimate relationship with a man but she conceived from the Holy Spirit(God) and He made us but He does not force anyone to sin we do it ourselfs

  87. rammey561

    If you would of "already read the bible" then you would of noticed that he didn't make us so we would sin he made us so we had choices and when Adam and Eve ate the apple the realized what sin was. He loved us so he sent his son to save us to wipe away our sins so that we may be clean again. If you would of already read the bible though you would know that so I guess i didn't need to tell you

  88. Harrison1420

    Thanks. I thought God loved all of us?
    Why does he sacrifice himself, who is also his son to himself in order to forgive us for the sins we committed? That seems inherently pointless to me. Also, why did he make us capable of committing so many of those sins if he doesn't want us to do them?
    I've already the Bible.

  89. Harrison1420

    But it says in the Bible that God is all loving? That's a contradiction you've made surely?
    How does he possess the trait of forgiveness when he won't let me go to heaven for simply not believing in him? When I die, if I see him, I'll believe he exists no problem at all.

  90. Jordan Robert Kirk

    There are none. I've read the Bible, and know that for a fact. there are several parts that may seem that way, and I'm sure the anti religious propaganda that you've read blows it up to be that way. But you can't simply make those claims without backing them up. "Downright evil" is incredibly vague too, evil in the modern day sense is completely defined by the bible itself as well. You might try another channel, this one is all about truth

  91. Harrison1420

    I haven't taken the scripture out of context at all!
    Do you no think that you are cherry picking the good parts of it? For example, ignoring the historically inaccurate parts, the scientifically false parts and downright evil sections.

  92. Jordan Robert Kirk

    It's easy to cherry pick scripture and malign the Word when you take a small portion out of context. The overall message of the Bible is redemption and love. In this passage, God is demonstrating power and 'doing what he will' (Romans 9). Mind you, this is before Jesus came, but God is sovereign.

  93. Harrison1420

    He is talking of how God is brilliant etc. that's his act and what he goes on about most of his videos.
    However, would you say God was great after reading the passage I mentioned? I wouldn't.

  94. Godfather

    As usual, fantastic! Thank you Propaganda. I realize the hard work it takes but love it!