Project Pat - Shot On Whole Hoods Lyrics

I hustle for my money and I spend it how I like, like, like
I ain't thinking twice
I shoot only fuck boys any given night, night, night
I ain't thinking twice
I done shot on whole hoods [x8]

Ain't no love for no fuck boy
We got the bag sold that bitch she gon' suck boy
This rap shit don't pay off I'm hustling boy
And pay you niggas in the street like a motherfucking toy
Memphis nigga country niggas sell plenty dope
Fuck with Hector and Gomez we got plenty smoke
Barrel to yo throat we robbing night and day
We got plenty pistols blow ya fucking life away
African descent with them Russian rifles
Hit em with the choppa, he was moon walking just like Michael
How you pussys out here bleed like you on your own cycle
He brought the bag, deal with bad, dead on arrival


Up in the jail how nigga mane wasn't straight killer
Standing on these niggas
Cuz he had plenty niggas riding with him
But this bitch nigga wasn't even proper
A sucka like in front of these bullets not even swap em
We got out of jail middle with it ain't no guessin'
Ran off with 40p off that good straight finessed it
Wen back and told his niggas in his neighborhood
Like I was supposed to be scared or something
Nigga fuck yo hood
Nigga fuck yo niggas
I came through with them flamethrowers
Black [?] me and my dogs and let them bitches blow ya
Holes in these niggas bodies bigger than a hula hoop
If ya feel yo life in danger I advise you shoot


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