Project Pat - Pogo Stick Lyrics

Aww yeah, there she goes
Skinny jeans and stilettos
Every time she walk her booty wobble like some Jell-O
Aww yeah, there she goes
Nails done got her hair fixed
Lip gloss, and she knows how to ride that pogo stick
Ride that pogo stick, ride that ride that pogo stick [x4]

It's your boy P-A-T-za
I ain't gonna tease ya
I mangle that coochie hole
I know how to please ya
Some hard little titty nipples
Go on make that booty jiggle
Polish sausage in your face
Might as well take a nibble
Have you walking like a cripple
When a nigga get ya
I needs me a victim
Bend on over let me stick ya
Swallowed you a pill
Now yo' clit start tinglin'
Gotta give her that long hard black ding-a-ling
Something like jangalang
Cuz I'm on these hoes dawg
Bigger than a corn dog
Girls call me horn dog
Up and down up and down
Ridin' like a boss
Imma' put you in the bucket
And nail you to the cross


Toot that booty in the air
Just shake just shake
She gettin' action over there
Don't hate don't hate
We get it crackin' up in here
Bottles poppin' up in here
Purple smokin', VIP
Liquor swallowed up in here
Got these juicy booty hoes with the g-strings on
When they play that Project Pat, that beat, that's my song
Memphis Tenn, my home, North Memphis my throne
Back out, showin' tatts with them Apple Bottoms on
Yeah we love havin' sex
But we'd rather get some cap
Get to grindin' on this thing
While you sittin' on my lap
Ooh I think I see a gap
Right between them bow legs
I wanna hit you from the back with your legs to your head


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Project Pat Pogo Stick Comments
  1. J Soren

    polish sausage in yo face xD

  2. Zero11

    Just realized the video has a MySpace thing ;o been years since i seen that

  3. Dirty Burger

    Being gangsta af brought me here. Cause thats how I keep it. Always Gangsta af.

  4. Beetlejuice

    The thug life video is called "Seth Green in batman beyond"

  5. TyrantSav

    Batman Beyond "thug life" video brought me here :D

  6. allenbraz

    High quality rap only - no novices, pretenders or posers!

  7. shrek

    nice track from my boy pat, nice

  8. Hi What?

    Who's talking about cars?

  9. isais marrufo

    Why ride a car when you can ride me ?

  10. ahmed reza

    Thug life got me here ! Ride the pogo stick !

  11. obssedwitmabass

    This is hilarious

  12. hyaman

    You like that car more than me.

  13. Cenk Albayrak-Touyé

    Who's talking about cars ;)

  14. Justin Greenberg

    Batman Beyond brought me here

  15. DURock87

    If you guys are just finding out about Project Pat from the Thug Life vid, you have A LOT of catching up to do. Dude has been putting out great thug rap for 20+ years. Hell, I like him more than his brother.

  16. Warboy 007

    just saw that "thug life" video. 10 seconds later, i found this song. lol nice

  17. allen wunlove

    A video called Thug life got me wanting this song LOL

  18. Wesley M Hadiwibowo

    Thug ride brought me here :)

  19. Yaron Coma Abramovich

    gotta love those Memphis bad-asses !

  20. W.K

    WTB download

  21. ChrisArgy

    "Who's talking about cars? ;)"

  22. Chuucifer *STAN BIG WILL*

    Thug life "car" brought me here

  23. Erikhasyou

    Thug Life video brought me here!

  24. Matthew Kitane

    "Thug life" video brought me here Lol.

  25. Jakub Juraško

    Thug life

  26. Jose Rodriguez

    Ha I have, in that thug life shit right now

  27. aero drom

    Like if you heard this song on "Thug life" video :D

    Franky Boy

    @Stef mkd I have seen the video, but where can I find it again ??

    aero drom

    @Franky Boy I cant help you bout that brah.. :/

    Darko Gjorgjievski

    @Stef mkd​ ne go lazi coekot be

    aero drom

    @Darko Gjorgjievski jbg neka si go bara HAHAHAH



  28. Marvin Weaver

    JUST. Found. This. I need all project pat cds

  29. nick lucaj

    Club banger right here

  30. Brad Moon

    thumbs up for whoeva is bumpin dis 2012!

  31. SouthernDeep Slick

    Juicy hooked that beat up nicely

  32. guniter

    the song is on fire

    but why the hate on gunit

  33. M16KING82

    Yeaaa!!!! this is the shit!

  34. aiss

    Hypnotize minds are the best

  35. Fargone1

    Project Pat is the best there is!!!!

  36. jamille5150

    fuck 50

  37. Ryan Repta

    g-unit sucks

  38. jsahmad

    this album was terrible compared to his past albums

  39. Corey Hilinski

    nobody wants your opinion. go bump some of g-units weak beats.

  40. jamille5150

    hell yea major improvement from his last album but only problem 2 verses in all songs only like 1 of them r over 4 mins. but overall a perfect 10

  41. Ryan Repta

    crazy beat awesome song project pat always be keepin it real. one of the only rappers who hasnt sold out. Like Weezy