Procol Harum - Whaling Stories Lyrics

Pailing well after sixteen days, a mammoth task was set
Sack the town, and rob the tower, and steal the alphabet
Close the door and bar the gate, but keep the windows clean
God's alive inside a movie! Watch the silver screen!
Rum was served to all the traitors; pygmies held themselves in check
Bloodhounds nosed around the houses, down dark alleys sailors crept
Six bells struck, the pot was boiling - soup spilled out on passers-by
Angels mumbled incantations, closely watched by God on high
Lightning struck out - fire and brimstone! Boiling oil and shrieking steam!
Darkness struck with molten fury, flashbulbs glorified the scene
Not a man who had a finger, not a man who could be seen
Nothing called (not name nor number) - Echo stormed its final scream
Daybreak washed with sands of gladness, rotting all it rotted clean
Windows peeped out on their neighbors, inside fireside bedsides gleam
SHALIMAR, the trumpets chorused, angels wholly all shall take
Those alive will meet the prophets, those at peace shall see their wake

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Procol Harum Whaling Stories Comments
  1. Floris Jan Frencken

    My dad and I both enjoy listening to PH! What a masterpiece, though; no-one of my age listens to them :(

  2. anonymous person

    Superior to pseudo operatic so-called classic Bohemian rhapsody.


    Procol Harum 2006 was:
    Gary Brooker ~ Piano and Vocals, Geoff Whitehorn ~ Guitar, Matt Pegg ~ Bass, Josh Phillips ~ Hammond Organ, Matt Brzezicki ~ Drums

  4. Steven Malsin

    It's ridiculous: I can't get enough of playing PH's 2006 Denmark live concert: the mix of Brooker's (still!) pitch perfect voice--maybe not the 'prettiest' or sweetest, but certainly among the most expressive--and was thinking of Robin Trower's formative role (he appeared live some years ago in Ridgefield (CT) Playhouse, of course had to see him. Whaling Stories, in my 2nd tier of faves after Whiter Shade, Homburg, and Salty Dog (guess they left Devil out to honor RT), is the band having most fun up there. Great stuff. Nostalgia and great music, Brooker amazing.

  5. Mark Miller

    so brilliant, after all these years, it really does hold up.

  6. Patrick Le Meur

    MAGNIFIQUE !!....

  7. Steve Weiss

    This just leavesme breathless. Long live Procol Harum and Gary Brooker!

  8. Lance Herman

    Understated elegance

  9. Joe Locascio

    Nobody even comes close. The greatest band of all time. The complete package.

  10. Belial Pelegrim


  11. Joe Locascio

    The best band ever!

  12. Gringo

    You just have to compare Procul to a bottle of the finest grape....this performance is as powerful and majestic as any the group has performed for 40+ years. When you believe in your music, it never gets tiresome, and you never simply go through the motions. Inspired stuff!

  13. William Nyhan

    Procul Harum is a band that just blows you away! remarkable catalogue of music that just goes on and on....i dont think that they have been recognized as they should be!😎

  14. tacua52

    So glad to see this video back up. One of my favorites. I was so upset when it was blocked that I emailed the company that was blocking it.

    I was fortunate enough to see them in the late 60's and early 70's. One of my favorite groups and one of my favorite songs by them. Live this song was awesome and this version is great. Thanks for posting.

  15. TheSinlow

    the Harum are in concert 03 /03/2017 at the Festival Hall london and I have just got top tickets for the event

  16. Eclectic Eleven

    That is NOT Robin Trower on lead guitar...


    No it's Geoff Whitehorn

  17. Alexis Guillermo Stoppa

    Robin Trower ??!! prrrr

  18. harold chernofsky


  19. frastephen

    Thank you for posting this PH masterpiece ... Amazing how Gary Brooker's voice sounds the same as it did almost 50 years ago ... 

    "Those at peace shall see their wake ...."


    Dave Adams


  20. Michael Kenney

    That's Geoff Whitehorn, not Trower. Of all of the versions of Procol I have seen, Geoff does the best job of keeping Robin's PH legacy alive.


    Just so someone doesn't misinterpret your use of the word "legacy", Robin is still quite alive (almost seventy), still recording new albums, and still touring..

    Michael Kenney

    Very true. By using that word, I was referring to his Procol work, which I consider to be separate from his solo output.


    Can't agree more, Geoff's wonderful, forget anyone previous (Rob included) he's the real deal.

  21. Keith Pittell

    Good Lord!! Absolutely stunning...
    If there were no English people... the world would invent them...

    Mark Wallace

    Actually, instead of inventing English people, Scots were created instead. ;-)

  22. Eric Mueller

    Magnificent. In the mid to late '60s I saw them perform this at Fillmore West in SF., sans orchestra and choir, just the band. I'll never forget that at the end of this song there was no applause for about 5 seconds because the entire audience was just stunned into silence. Then came thunderous applause, not the usual whooping and hollering, just reverent applause. Never seen anything like it before or since.

    Jack Ponissi

    Maybe '70s? Song came out in 1970…Or maybe another song. But yes, I can imagine that reaction. :)

    Paco Gee

    was Robin Trower with them then ? I think he played the guitar on the original recording off of Home but I can't remember haha


    The magnificent Geoff Whitehorn has been with the band for over 10 years and has now become their greatest guitarist IMO, just a fantastically tasteful player!

  23. mark rothkopf

    i can`t believe how good this is after all these years this whole concert is an amazing production ; still my favorite band- my most favorite is the long side of shine on brightly it`s a piece of my soul

    Francis Coleman

    To be sooooo good after all these years...