Procol Harum - Song For A Dreamer Lyrics

I will meet you on the other side of the moon
The doctors say they must operate soon
But there's no knowing what they'll find when they open up the wound
I will meet you on the other side of the moon
I will meet you at the bottom of the sea
We will lie inside the ocean and scheme
Our friend the arab will guide us while we dream
I will meet you at the bottom of the sea

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Procol Harum Song For A Dreamer Comments
  1. Degree7

    Reminds me a little like Fleetwood Mac “Albatross”

  2. Dominique Descottes


  3. Evingham Hoffnikel

    fuckin tripping music

  4. Mark Birchette

    Lovely Robin. I am sure Jimi is smiling, until you meet again.✌👣👣👣

  5. Gary Parkes

    What a great track.

  6. Brian Washington

    Not just a fitting tribute for Hendrix but a fitting farewell for Trower. This wound up being the last album he would play on until the reunion in 1991.

  7. RonnyLama Richardson

    yep...obvious. copy..Jimi Hendrix 1983 Merman wish to be....but it is beautiful

  8. takeover

    Just amazing..every damn time hits a new spot in the soul :)

  9. Ernesto Claudo Dip

    Relax and enjoy this masterpiece.

  10. Lynn Bradford

    Hendricks tribute, that got Trower into the sound we all love!

    Rab Feenie

    Lynn Bradford
    Some respectfully say/text 'Hendrix'. Just a thought. R x

  11. Kelly Huff

    Has a little bit of the Adam Heart Mother feel from Pink Floyd around 1970 or 71'

    Peter Meyer

    Adam Heart Mother?

  12. CBrolley

    Very similar to Moonlight Mile from the Rolling Stones album Sticky Fingers which was released a couple months after Procol Harum's Broken Barricades.

  13. Pattval


  14. Mark Bonavita

    Sounds Like the Prelude To Trowers Long Misty Days Very Nice in a trippy kind of way.

  15. sweaq123

    Amazing, very trippy.

    Jimmie Strick

    trippin balls!!

  16. Leo Conway

    How can anyone not love this..very soothing

  17. Blues fan

    Preferable to Pink Floyd's psychedelic stuff in my opinion. The second half in particular works really well for me.

    Martin Castellon

    Your opinion sucks man. There is no either/or, there is two amazing bands to be enjoyed. No comparison, just enjoyment.

    Blues fan

    @Martin Castellon  Muddled thinking, leading to unclear message.  But for your information, your own opinion sucks. 

    andrea torres

    ¿Qué tiene que ver Pink Floyd? ¡Déjese de tonterías!

    Phil Evans

    They are not in competition! Such a sentiment is meaningless; both PH and PF produced outstanding, enduring and idiomatically English music.

  18. Shellie Werner

    You can really hear Robin coming into his own sound on this tune...

  19. vangelisideras

    gran rendición, guitarrista y compositor de gama alta; sin desbordes innecesarios, sólo sensibilidad y buen gusto.

  20. takeover

    loving this song every time..passion and feelings just start to explode inside <3

  21. AsconaA

    Trower & Keith wrote this song as a tribute to Hendrix .Trower saw Hendrix play once, and it was, coincidently, the last time Hendrix played, ever again.

    Dusty the 2nd

    Really, are you sure of that? I was a Jimi & Robin Trower fan and still am. Just would like to know how you know this, not getting smart assed.

    Rab Feenie

    Dusty the 2nd
    Please look up Jimi's last gig, in Berlin. Love to you and yours. Rab x

    Patrick Michels

    There’s an interview with robin where he says he was at Jimis last gig in Berlin. It’s the Texas 1985 interview I believe. It’s on YouTube

    Holographic Sentience

    Patrick Michels Jimis last gig was Isle of Fermahn not Berlin

  22. Thundergod129

    For a song this old you sure do hear Robin's signature sound shine through though he was still perfecting it. And it's fitting that it is a tribute to Jimi as it has that Hendrixes que sound that reminds me of the psychedelic stuff like 3rd Stone from the sun from the first Experience album. Love Trower's dreamy spacey stuff. It puts me in a trance....


    I love Hendrix but to be honest Hendrix has nothing on Robin Trower. The fact of the matter is that very few can hold a candle to Trower. IMO

  23. Vernon Allen

    Top tune.

  24. Electric Church Music

    Never Heard this, Really beautyful !!!

  25. egar purhing

    illuminate. Just it!

  26. Eric Gillot

    Grande présence de Robin Trower sur Broken Barricades. Cela n'a pas suffit pour le conserver dans le groupe.

  27. david garione

    Marvellous song from an inspired Robin Trower and great drums of B.J. Wilson, RIP

  28. Tom Richards

    Broken barricades was such a great release

    Bryan A.

    Beyond a doubt one of their BEST!

    Randy Acuna

    @Bryan A. what a great haunting song , the reality is that procol harum, ( I pray that I am wrong) will never make the rock hall of fame. Look how long it took the moody blues to get in. Procol should be in .

  29. Andy Thomas

    It was Trowers tribute to Hendrix. Beautiful!

  30. pdorprimo

    OK OK OK .......

  31. Pia Duchessofchapina

    GREAT song

  32. TheNevihta

    compared to syd both of them are nothing .
    such darkness in so few words its unreal.

  33. K Muller

    your so right-not to die but to be reborn

  34. Marcelo Sosa


  35. Giveussometruth1

    Delightfully Haunting

  36. RockCleric420

    Song for Hendrix!!

  37. Thierry Phillips

    ...while we breathe

  38. Kevin Clepps

    good song!

  39. Dan Downing


  40. Tevfik Sonder

    what a band! b. j. wilson - robin trower - matthew fisher - gary brooker
    wish they'd make a few albums more

  41. JeffreyArchitect

    I give up I find it on you tube as Spellbound and Daydream...My copy of the album is not readily available...doesn't matter, look it up regardless

  42. JeffreyArchitect

    Correction the song I was thinking of is called "Spellbound", Daydream is one of the lyrics.

  43. JeffreyArchitect

    Daydream on his first solo album is more of a eulogy to Hendrix. This one, according to an interview I saw was an immediate reaction to Hendrix's passing.

  44. JeffreyArchitect

    Daydream's predecessor. What an awesome track. I was ignorant of it until tonight....

  45. owlik1

    Close your eyes, lights off, off your monitor and lisen to this music to the end... then you will understand it already...

  46. Richard Khan

    What a great band 'twas....

  47. RockCleric420

    our friend the A-rab will guide us!

  48. Donald Raulerson

    damn the bad luck

  49. Paul Salazar

    Nothing like that Stoner rock-supernalone.

  50. Dominique Ochoa

    Thank you for posting this.

  51. J-L Reynders

    i never sleep again!!!!!!!!

  52. jim my

    Never heard this before

  53. Abrohill

    que extraordinario, Procol Harum quizás la mejor banda de rock progresivo y que produjo uno de los mejores guitarristas de todos los tiempos, RT y sin embargo jamas estuvieron en los charts despues de "una blanca palidez" ¿donde tiene el gusto la gente?

  54. jörg roger kuhn

    I am a dreamer and it's a powerful dream

  55. Vlad Schlosser

    Where can I put a brick?

  56. sunonthewindow

    First time I've heard it! Pink Floyd ripped this off, as well as 'Crime of the Century'

  57. ClockworkPillow

    @TheBitterSweetgr trolling again

  58. caesarydi

    love this . guess ya had to be there

  59. TheBitterSweetgr

    @sauerkraut44 You seem to know me better than I do....If you say,so then you probably know something about me and the music I like listening to.....thank you

  60. aniagniech


  61. 999strider

    Great song, great time for this band. Who cares who does or does not appreciate.

  62. TheBitterSweetgr

    Once again Robin is not in the Procol's like this incoherent track came straight off one of his personal albums....absolutely nothing to do with the masterpieces of this HOLY wonder he left...he just didn't fit...and anyway what does Hendrix have to do with Reid,Brooker,Fisher,Wilson and the Procol legacy?????

  63. TheBitterSweetgr

    Didn't even know this track existed....and I'm in love with them for ages!!!!!!!

  64. PhukIT1865

    the lyrics are lame, the music is great

  65. SpiritWalk

    Not sure this needs to a become a "battle of the bands" discussion.....its just a damn good song.

    My Playlist

    Robin says so in this interview:

  66. 3lullabies

    out floyd floyd?
    i prefer to view it as out fripping fripp because it sounds more like king crimson than pink floyd.
    syd barrett gets all my love.

  67. arhatyellow

    I agree avrillo - this, and "in held in twas I" (?). Great words by the genius poet Keith Reid - the bespectacled one on cover of Broken Barricades - and Trower is way over the top here. What an under appreciated, under awarded guitarist he is. Saw him in Denver at a small venue - he played Bridge of sighs all the way through, stopped, asked if we wanted more then played for 2 1/2 more hours! Wow. Peace

  68. ClockworkPillow

    robin trowers finest hour

  69. pylgrym

    I believe they out-floyd Pink Floyd here....

  70. ladyfuschia

    @thatwilldonicely What are you talking about???

  71. Mark Livingston

    Beautiful! I haven't heard this since HS. Wow, it brings back the memories.

  72. Mark Livingston

    I haven't heard this piece since HS. 35 yrs to be exact. Thank you for post this...

  73. soco13466

    @thatwilldonicely Are you saying it isn't possible? What you might not understand is that we don't know everything there is to know.

  74. soco13466

    @thatwilldonicely Legends are based upon facts. What I believe is that there IS a creator, but our "gods" are nothing more than some ancients who traveled here from some other world(s). Think of it this way: If we EVER get past the stupid religious and political power pigs, we someday will be looked upon as "gods" from another world on some other planet(s). Thinking ahead can reveal the past. Everything flows thru time. We aren't the only world with "people."

  75. Utvik

    Repent Walpurgis

  76. E3R510

    Damn I havent heard this tune in ages. when I listen to it, I can smell the leather interior of my Challenger laced with weed, sun filled day, arm out the window driving with a car load of friends heading for nowhere and everywhere. 0h to be young and indestructible again. Thank God for the Marines. LOL

  77. timothy riley

    one of the trippiest sanguine songs ever Harum remains...

  78. soco13466

    I have often wondered what IS on the other side of the moon? Secrets? Why IS it that islam is afraid of when we landed on the moon? Just sayin' Might be: Our ancient past may have been that one time, was much more advanced than we are now, and that, due to some war or disaster, that we are only now catching up. Never say you know it all. The realities may astound you. Eh? Re: Atlantis. Lemuria. "The more I know, the more I know, that I don't know."

  79. richard kelly

    I found Robin Trower by accident in a bargain bin in the mid seventies and everytime I listen to him he gets better and to see him live is the best. A great era for blues/rock guitarists)))))))))

  80. soco13466

    I can't get tired of this music. I play it over and over, and unlike most other music, can't get enough of it.

  81. PhukIT1865

    this is not Procol Harum but Robin Trower former guitar player. nice riffs though.


    Song for my friend Eugene Really he was a dreamer

  83. Vazha67

    awesome compozition

  84. Gringo

    Who does the vocal? Definately NOT Gary Brooker methinks, did Robin Trower sing???

  85. Fernando Catan

    This is probably the most beautiful song that Trower wrote when he was a member of the legendary Procol Harum. And yes, it is a tribute to Jimy Hendrix. 5 Stars of course!