Procol Harum - Power Failure Lyrics

Climbing out of open windows
Crashing down from broken stairs
Keeping watch on smoking cinders
Falling over burning chairs
Tossed and crossed and screwed in transit
Broken , splintered, bruised and thrown
Badly shattered, gale force frighty
Rrushed across and shown alone
Speech reduced by poor relations
Strung from weeks of self abuse
Chopped up, churned out weeks of greazy
Spark plugs burned up, power's fused

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Procol Harum Power Failure Comments
  1. chinchu lancha

    Rock Primitive of 70s Tipical ,Very good

  2. Jose Gomez

    Tremendous song!

  3. randall scott burress

    e m p shakes at sonic

  4. robert buckman

    1967 Central park Scaefer beer, $2.00 ticket Fantastic!

  5. thetribber

    I have this album! It is my precious...

  6. Buster Bloodvessel

    Met Gary, Keith and Matthew Fisher(!) after the Prodigal show in the 90's. Nice meeting the writing braintrust behind all the great music. Matthew was at the bar sort of sulking by himself. Some things never change. Still, c'mon Gary, Matthew did (ostensibly) invent that great B-3 hook for Pale, you could have kicked him down a few pence for that one!


    Buster Bloodvessel No Trower?, pretty sure he was on the Prodigal album.

    Buster Bloodvessel

    yes Jason, he was on the LP (although a rather generic offering by Robin) but I don't know he did much of the tour, certainly not L.A.

    Buster Bloodvessel

    yes, but he did not do much of the live tour if any - he was not at the L.A. show I saw- but of course he did the album, but that was a flown-in recording, and sounds like it

  7. judy mancik

    always liked it never new

  8. judy mancik

    there was a fire at there concert thats what this song is about

  9. Adrian Monnin

    wish the radio would play more

    judy mancik

    better believe it

  10. Adrian Monnin

    love this time of music

  11. Jose Gomez


  12. j v


  13. Jellybeantiger

    Lightsone1 it's all the drummer,if you listen to them doing it live ,he had hands comparable to Buddy Rich,amazing drummer.

    city zen

    Rich cited BJ as one of two rock drummers he could tolerate.

    Buster Bloodvessel

    Yes, you had to see to fully appreciate him.

    John LaStrada

    @city zen - Rich also mentioned that BJ's accuracy and creativity were also due to his holding his drumsticks traditional -- jazz style. If I remember the interview correctly Rich also mentioned Danny Seraphine of Chicago as superb. Buddy seldom complimented any drummers, especially from the rock arena.

  14. Elaine Shute

    Leo Kottke does a great cover of this.


    Kottke is one of my favorites; it's a shame he's somewhat overlooked.  The problem is, his music has been tricky to categorize;  I've seen him listed under rock, country, folk, pop, even new age.  Just list him under finger style with John Fahey, Peter Lang, etc.

  15. Joseph Ganzler

    That's called "lyrical drumming" where I'm from - thanks to my classmate Mark Wilson of North Hunterdon Regional High School for turning me on to this album and this cut!

    city zen

    Also known as melodic drumming.


    Also known as Keith Moon and Clive Bunker...

  16. Pierangelo Langasco

    great work of b.j. wilson on percussion rip

  17. Hans Josef

    How much speed must one ingest to play drums like that?? Good God!


    Everybody in the group was playing a percussion instrument.

  18. MedEsq

    Should have had my car in "75

  19. Richard Stranger

    The main reason, Seth, and everyone, for the "ambient" CROWD noise, for "Power Failure" IS a song/ homage to their SPEAKER systems that CARRIED them through their TOURS...and HOW much THEY empathize WITH "the feelings"...

    THINK: "Another BRICK In The WALL" for PINK FLOYD...

    Nelson Soucasaux

    I know that, Richard. But certainly the song also has an important political meaning, mostly considering the title of the album. Keith's lyrics were always highly intricate and hermetic and allow several interpretations. Maybe this dual interpretation was made on purpose. Best regards !

  20. Seth Tyrssen

    The hilarious thing is -- this was a studio album!  The massive crowd cheer got added in, but, damn if it wasn't appropriate!

    Frank DeMasi

    Well,  sure!  It was after a drum solo!  :)

  21. Seth Tyrssen

    Yes!!! 'Nother old Detroit boy agrees.  I still have my D.R.E.A.D. card, and ya hafta go back a ways with Detroit radio to know what that means!

  22. SpoonWood Gennaro

    dig this tune..

  23. Anthony Warren

    Was at the concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in grade 10. 

    Jeff Hushfield

    I had that album, played it many times.


    You're a very lucky man.

  24. Oscar Carballo

    absolutamente originales. Escuché este disco cuando salió. Tendría 13, o poco mas. Sigue siendo un gran trabajo!

  25. john dubé

    awesome ...since 1971.

  26. parisbrat

    Same here. High school class of '75. Detroit WABX, WRIF & WWWW were THE rock stations - before fm went all corporate.

    Nick Ciraulo

    Hail fellow Detroiter.

  27. arniemax1

    me, too

    i guess a bit of it rubbed off...

  28. Daniel Werner

    This song bites!!!! Hope they play this live when and if they tour the USA.

    Buster Bloodvessel

    Why go to see them if you're such an ingoramus?

  29. larry pennisi

    BJ RULES!!

  30. mary quant

    I had this album in high school. I grew up during a time of geniuses.

  31. ste8636

    Leo Kottke's version is Better.

    Paul Bennethum

    I love both but with B.J. Wilson's drumming the original is far better than Leo's cover version.

  32. Edward McLaughlin

    BJ was one of the all time greats. T hank you Procul Harum.

  33. Robert Lynch

    One of the most underrated of PH songs.