Proclaimers, The - Over And Done With Lyrics

This is the story of our first teacher
Shetland made her jumpers
And the devil made her features
Threw up her hands when my mum said our names
Embroidered all her stories with slanderous claims

It's over and done with...

This is the story of losing my virginity
I held my breath and the bed held a trinity
People I'm making no claims to no mystery
But sometimes it feel like
My sex lifes all history

It's over and done with...

I'm not saying these events didn't
Touch our lives in any way
But, ah, they didn't make the impression
That some people say

This is the story of watching a man dying
The subjects unpopular
But I don't feel like lying
When I think of it now I acted like a sinner
I just washed my hands
Then I went for my dinner

It's over and done with...

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Proclaimers, The Over And Done With Comments
  1. Heidi Baltom

    Only just watched the film and holy moly im going ti watch it again its great.

  2. Darren Dobson

    How many times as an adult have we “washed our hands” of something so we could move onto the next most important thing?” Just saying.

  3. Darren Dobson

    I reckon one has got have a bit of life before the true meaning of life can register. Just saying.

  4. Радосвета Кинова

    Шотландия ме доведе тук.

  5. Funky Like A Monkey

    Great little tune....and you had to ruin it with that irritating self-conscious "wi". It's WITH. Notice how they managed to avoid mangling the word in Sunshine On Leith? Cast of actors doing your own song better than you.

  6. thesexybadger

    I work as a carer in a residential home for people with dementia, some of whom end up on end of life care and pass away.
    Every time we lose someone, when I get in my car I put this on full blast and sing along to it.
    Before now I've done exactly as it said in the song, just sorted them, washed my hands and get some food.

  7. Darren Dobson

    This is the story of my Aunty’s Teachers’ friend having a slight against me ... Just ask Ann! I’ve not fo gotten - early 1983 Coolaroo Primnary School!

  8. Darren Dobson


  9. Darren Dobson

    This is the story of me losing my virginity ..l

  10. Darren Dobson

    This is the story of y life...

  11. Darren Dobson

    “This is the stormy of my teacher who was friends with my Aunty who then had a massive slight against men.”

  12. Darren Dobson

    If only I could let it go

  13. dannym2005

    well done kevin and paul, didnt know.

  14. Darren Dobson

    Yeah it’s all over and done with!

  15. Danny Roqs

    “Tell Anthony I love him!”
    “Do what?...”
    “Tell Anthony...I love him”

    *gives puzzled look* “...Alright, man”

    Pretty sure y’all know this movie 😉

    Chris Wolff

    Such an underrated moment in the movie.

    Danny Roqs

    Chris Wolff I love the execution of it too 😂 Wes Anderson did a fine ass job for a debut movie!

  16. judith Morales

    David Tennant brought me here

  17. Phil Ruane

    Sheland made her jumpers,
    The devil made her features’ poetic song

  18. Phil Ruane

    Better than stone roses

  19. Darren Dobson

    Why has it taken more than 30 years for me in Australia to reliaise just how bloody good the Proclaimers are?

  20. Jess

    I brought myself here because I love the music

  21. peter morningsnow

    They obviously want kiss each other. The one on the left, though,'s got the body. The one on the right just writes the songs.

    peter morningsnow

    "to" is missing.

  22. Matt Ayres

    Fine jocks

  23. Chris Warburton-Brown

    There's some genius lyrics in this song, which say so much with so few words: 'This is the story of our first teacher, Shetland made her jumpers and the devil made her features'. 'When i think of it now I acted like a sinner, i just washed my hands and i went for my dinner'

  24. Jarred Gilbert

    Watch Mac Demarco and Andy man do this live it's great

  25. Wendy Grandine

    Love this song and many others by the proclaimers. It's a shame that they're only really known for 'I wanna be' (500 miles), it's the only song of theirs I've heard and not liked

  26. Ryan Hires

    Bobs gone he stole his car!

  27. Seven Clues

    Dynamic banter

  28. Phil Ruane

    Brilliant xx

  29. Lance Buttercream

    This is where my Wes Anderson music people are.

  30. Benny Newcastle utd

    I love love love proclaimers I’m an 11 year old boy and love music

  31. Erich Watson

    Future Man

  32. Hey Listen


  33. Mr. O Negative 6210

    Reminds me of when i went france with my school in 2009... on our way to paris and disney land

  34. Veronica Oliver

    I'm not that hungry for Stouffer's ads... so there's that.

  35. Reese VanDamn

    Bottlerocket. He

  36. Ray Gilligan

    whole album is brilliant. cheers poster. is the whole album up on youtube? it'd save me the hassle of rooting out the record

  37. G. García


  38. Dave Burns


  39. Uncouth Behavior

    Proclaimers look like Idubbz twins

  40. Mike Dome

    I love this song.

  41. baas

    Groundskeeper willie

  42. Richard Corso

    Tell Anthony I love him.

    Danny Roqs

    Richard Corso “Do what??”

  43. Michael JT

    Don't play this song after sleeping with a woman; she'll leave you (even if you aren't losing ur virginity).

  44. jason g

    Bob stole his car!

  45. Stephen Straughan

    Mac DeMarco brought me here

  46. Tim Parker

    Grace: You've never worked a day in your life. How can you be exhausted?

  47. Le Lo

    'they'll never catch me... cause I'm fucking innocent'
    2nd best wes anderson film. Rushmore's the 1st

    Tim Parker

    I agree 100% My date & I saw Bottle Rocket when it premiered in Dallas. People were walking out early shaking their heads & we were cracking up. Later I read that Scorsese said it was his favorite film of the year.


    Ok wow! I KNEW this sounded familiar but couldn't place. Wes Anderson never seems like a deep cuts guy, being so twee, but his soundtracks always blow me away.

  48. Cyril Connelly

    Slanderous claims ......

  49. Planet Vibz

    A song about someone who voted "No" to Scottish Independence and how they felt about it.

  50. My proclaimers

    I have a feeling i know what this is about did they say the backstory

  51. Inés Mier Coles

    Now I understand why David Tennant is his number 1 fan!


    Anything David likes is good in my book.

    Joe Ocallaghan

    @smillsy71 you sure cus he likes coldplay even the new stuff that is suspect to me Haha :)


    @Joe Ocallaghan Hmm.

  52. Wayne Ellis

    Bottle Rocket 🚀

  53. Speak English

    This is story about a Jew who was harassed at work and the bosses did nothing.

    No justice, no peace.

  54. gary Crawford


    Janet Fair

    Love the song my hubby comes from Edinburgh his ascent is not so broard as the proclaimers wen they coming to skegness again

  55. gary Crawford

    over & dune way

    first name last name

    Vic Conners fuck you

  56. James Fletcher

    - walks into corner and shoves song up his bum-


    This is the song about when I lost my vaginaty

    Ben Captain Nut Nut

    eeeeeeer........unless you're a girl, I think you mean your virginity dude lol!

  57. Zoolbar's Magic Star Cave

    _* Drags this song back to his filthy hoard for later feeding *_

  58. King Wizard x


  59. Meatwood Flac

    Andy man!

    z ⸒

    andy boy

  60. Jonathan Randol

    500 miles was played at my wedding 12 years ago. This played as I got in my car for the last time after divorce court. it's over and done with. ...a small sample of the soundtrack which is my life...

    The Dregs

    willis475 best comment I've ever read 😂


    willis475 A wedding without 500 Miles isn't a wedding in Scotland.

    alistair mackinnon

    Exactly mate :) go your own way now!!!!!!! She is over and done with....

    alistair mackinnon

    lol, 14 years ago in 2004, if you can do the arithmetic, same-sex marriage was not a legal vehicle everywhere.

    John Beaton

    ...and then came 'Trailer for sale or rent'!

  61. William O'Toole

    This is not licensed for uk ,is it ?

  62. William O'Toole

    Is this the storey about losing their virginity ?

  63. urbanracoonable

    I jus washed ma hands and went for ma dinnuuuh

  64. kkd 6

    it is good

  65. kirk cavenaugh

    Scots wa hay

  66. Stephanie Olson

    loved these guys since I was little! can't get enough

    Adebayo Akinfenwa

    since i was wee ;)

  67. Paul Carter

    he flew the coop while we were sleeping

  68. Annika Barth

    I just love that song.

  69. Ellis Robson

    better than the film version!!!!!!!!

  70. Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

    The melody sounds like The Passenger, that is why I like it!

    Aleph Null

    +Stephen Lindsay Satterfield i thought the same exact thing! first time im listening to this song though so i dont know its probably fair use right?

    Stephen Lindsay Satterfield

    I assume you are correct. If I were a songwriter, I would write more commercial versions of songs my heroes wrote. 

    Teddy Cush

    Stephen Lindsay Satterfield link to the song ???

    The Based God Max

    @Teddy Cush surely you dont need a link to the passenger by iggy pop

  71. Lewis Joseph Cranston

    Rocky - "Tell Anthony I love him".

    Jake Gotcher

    Lewis Joseph Cranston “all right, man. Okay.” 😏

  72. Jorge Garza

    "Tengo una situation mi familia !!!"

  73. Ka Zak


  74. The number one Young thug

    they remind me of hank green...

  75. kuno pjK


    Girmons Productions

    i came here coz mac and andy

    jerry cornelius

    Pcinderellie, thank u!!!

    Corbins channel

    My guy Andy

    maia clara


    Logan Plourde

    @maia clara it was unreal

  76. Joshua Best

    Long live Bottle Rocket

  77. CBuM27

    After listening to this a few times, I've come to realize this song is flawless. I'm not even a Proclaimers fan.


    yes you are.

    will Gingell

    Ha, I was the same. Now just ordered 2 CDs, including the 1 pictured.

  78. Carrie Nelson

    I lovely this song

  79. Laura M

    Who else will be playing this after the vote?

    Iain Morrison

    Did you get what you wanted?

    Laura M

    @Iain Morrison Yup. You?

    Iain Morrison

    @Laura M Aye.  feel we may be the only ones on this page.

    Carthago Delenda Est

    @Laura M baby i"d never succeed from your union girl, ;) you swing girl

    Lewis Joseph Cranston

    Nah. Inequality not exactly what I wanted.

  80. Lewis Rafferty

    Along with deacon blue and Gerry Rafferty the greatest Scottish musicians Scotland's has produced. As David tenant said so uncool which makes them so brilliant. Sounds as good today as before.

  81. WMsandKFCisBackMOFOs

    Wes Anderson brought me here!

    Tom Ripley

    Yes! Bottlerocket brought me here too.

    Tereza Javůrková

    Wes always bring me to good music, quality in every detail (:

    lee shihad

    &me too

    Ryan Hires

    Bobs gone he stole his car!

  82. Liberz

    You're an idiot. Play a record.

  83. TheMckid5

    Let it wash!!!!

  84. Alexandra Gómez

    * Dignan walks slyly while eating an apple and looking for a car to steal *

  85. 55Mizzou

    Anthony: “Dignan, you know what’s gonna happen if you go back there.”
    Dignan: “No, I don’t. They’ll never catch me, man…‘coz I’m ****ing innocent!“

  86. matthias0479

    "It's over and fucking done with, corn boy!" -Jahova

  87. James Rossiter

    Reminds me of Rab Smith my mate who died in Dundee

    Rowan Mayes

    James Rossiter 💯

  88. Rab Mc

    People slagged these guys, this is scottish music to core, gets better loud and in company! Yaaaaas

  89. Shane Spivey

    It just does not get better than this. Absolutely the best Proclaimers song.

  90. That's Crazy

    This is music!

  91. Drunken Gorilla

    +1 for Bottle Rocket. "Bob, you're the zero out here in the car."

  92. olliemad

    I discovered yesterday that I Shazam'ed this on 18.12.14 no idea where (think it was in some film.), its been stuck in my head all today. Quality song. 


    Proof of time travel?


    Maybe it was from the film Bottle Rocket by Wes Anderson? Because this is in that film

    The Spot Healing Brush

    Sunshine on Leith


    Sunshine on Leith?


    @edjones1011 yeh it was Bottle Rocket, I'm gonna try and watch all the other films people have suggested though. love films with good music!

  93. Mdme Trippsy

    Thanks for sharing this. My original cassette was "Over and Done With" sometime in the early 90's from overplay.

  94. Dale McQueen

    Such a class song!!