Probot - Sweet Dreams Lyrics

Let me into your sweet dreams
Let me in
Let me into your sweet dreams

I'm watching you, go to sleep
I'm watching you but you can't see me
Dream on, sweet dreams
Dream on, let me into your sweet dreams

I am the pain in your brain when you dream
I am the tears you cry, when you're asleep
I'm the slimy demon hanging on your wall
Touching you, watching you dream of me falling on you

Let me in
Let me into your dreams
Let me in let me in let me in
Let me in
Let me into your sweet dreams

I'm clawing at your skin, you gotta let me in
You'll never know my friend
Why i've come to steal your soul
Oh yeah! but your soul has turned to gold

Keep on dreaming as i feed on your soul
Keep on dreaming as your soul it turns to gold

Let me in
Let me into your sweet dreams
Let me in let me in let me in...into your dreams
Let me in let me in let me in...sweet dreams

I need your soul
I need your soul to pay my way out of here
Let me in!
Let me into your dreams...sweet dreams
I'm burning up, you gotta let me in
I'm burning up, you gotta let me into your soul
You gotta get me out of this fire, i'm burning up
Get me out get me out get me out

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Probot Sweet Dreams Comments
  1. Corey Mason

    king diamond of mercyful fate, dave grohl of nirvana and kim thayil of soundgarden? sweet!

  2. Otubrokse 96

    Esto es un buen Black Metal,🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Justin Flynn

    No hablah, English por favor.

  3. Steph Rouss

    one of the best king songs

  4. Theo Wargo

    Grohl really put a great record together. still don't like FF, but he gets a pass because of this record

  5. León Rock

    666 ¡¡¡MMMEROOOOOOL!!! 666
    \,,/ (◣_◢) \,,/

  6. Rilis Eka Perkasa

    i think probot is great. but this piece... it's beyond awesome. for me, it's the best track of the album.

  7. PsYK0pAth0_oF WizzDoo\m/

    first time i heard that track, i found the record at my local library. and its a fuckin gem lml

    Benjamin Franklin

    PsYK0pAth0_oF WizzDoo\m/ your library has good taste.

  8. João Paulo

    Remenber chords of Superunknown Soundgarden's album....

  9. Bendtsen Magnifico

    I'm a bit embarrassad to say, that this is the first time I hear this one. I've been a King Diamond fan since '86(when I was 11 ha ha), and to me this is the the ultimate tribute from Dave, as a fan, to King  and Mercyfull Fate. Black Sabbath is obviuosly also present :)


    Yup, thank YouTube and the uploader, hahahahhh.

    Filipe Furtado

    totally agree! my first time listening to this was now, always great to hear the king, i'm his fan since 88 when i was 14.

  10. DenOfWhasps

    Kim Thayil is a genius 

  11. Sara Blackett

    Love the King

  12. ecabernet

    i love this song

  13. sabbathaddict69

    King diamond is metals best singer

  14. Paula Amero

    I love King Diamond and that's what attracted me to this song, and it's a pretty cool collaboration.......

  15. defconor13

    dont forget kim thayill

  16. Jim Libert

    I agree. Long Live the King.....

    Justin Flynn

    Elvis is dead. There's one king.

  17. Mathijs Ignoul

    King Diamond's singing is like some sick guitar solo.

  18. fhaquuu

    Classic Kim that il arpeggio. Totally hear the black hole sun influence on the into. Just missing his chorus tone

  19. Mrsewj

    kim bendix peterson or kim thayil? for the first one is in fact the KING


    Mrsewj Kim Bendix Peterson, KING.

  20. RiCK420333

    Click Like, if you only listened to this song because King Diamond was in it!

  21. Bettozzy

    man wanna an advice?
    Blood Ceremony- Alia O'Brian

  22. SkynetToaster

    Female rockers are just cliché gimmicks for bands to say hey look we got a chick in our band! Everyone knows it, but nobody wants to say it.

    Frank Gile

    I don't think that's true for all bands with female members, it's definitely true for some of them, but not all IMHO...

  23. SpinalAlloy

    King Diamond is definately the one stealing the spotlight...I don't care if this is Dave Grohl's band or not!

    Frank Gile

    Not sure if it's Kim Thayil, or the King himself (unrelated, but I can imagine this as Joker's theme song in a properly grim version of Batman for some reason, too)...

    Lucifer's Tail

    @Frank Gile the king himself obviously

  24. Virgilivs87

    Unmistakable, unmatched!

  25. Sause HH


  26. DJ Clark

    1:41 There's that evil fucking King Diamond laugh!

  27. Killer73505

    Not really a big King Diamond fan, but this is alright in my book.

  28. CounterfeitDogz

    YES YES YES.......

  29. INsert COIN


  30. jcjane

    Wow wah uha 83#

  31. ThatMetalGirl

    Dear Dave,
    Please make another Probot album. Maybe you can use some female rockers this time i.e. Lita Ford, Doro Pesch, etc.

  32. Caio Simões


  33. puteri kayangan

    classic album of 2000's

  34. Ryan Embry

    Kim Bendix Petersen rocks my soul!!

  35. billias 1

    come into my dream king...............

  36. Anton H

    I like King Diamond and Mercyful Fate, but this song is really kinda dull :/

  37. Hakuna Matata

    sick song, but i like it a lot!

  38. samboy1288

    man i am not gonna have sweet dreams if i try to fall asleep to THIS. but damn its good!

  39. gonzasabbath

    @CBrusich DOUCHE ALERT!

  40. PIZZA

    This song sucks yeasty horse clits on a hot day. This is what happens when talentless grunge pukes try to attempt metal music. but with that being said, I love king diamond, but I wish Dave grohl was taking a looong dirt nap with his friend kurt.

  41. beaffteki

    Lol :D You are new to king diamond huh?

  42. ThatMetalGirl

    This would be so awesome live...

  43. RadictheHuman

    @kelmyrocker its Thayil i mean if it wasn't a retorical question

  44. MaelSechlinn

    King Diamond all the way on this album.

  45. MikeParadox121

    3 people were sucked into the vortex created by king diamond and dave grohl collaborating and destroyed by jack black, also known as THE WARLOCK!

  46. Mark G.

    @kelmyrocker no, not really....

  47. Farctow

    Send chills down my spine.

  48. ADeadHeaDz

    @judaspriestyourself It's a song.

  49. Megafayce


    they're not sick, they're great

  50. Domino1309

    @kelmyrocker Kim Thayil from Soundgarden is a actually playing one of the guitar parts in this song.

  51. varg vikerne


  52. CoolmNL

    Sick vocals!!!! YEAAHH

  53. longliverocknroll5

    @DenOfWhasps yeah he can only sing, play guitar well, play the drums amazingly, and wherever he goes the bands are amazing. so i'm sure he doesn't wish for anything cause he's got it all

  54. oldirtymagic

    fuck, the king gives me chills

  55. DenOfWhasps

    "Music by Dave Grohl"

    yea, except it's by Kim Thayil. Grohl wishes he could play guitar like that

  56. Steven

    wouldn't be too surprising considering soundgarden's guitarist played this

  57. abraham soprano

    no se q tiene en la cabeza esas tres personas a las q no les gusta esta maravilla de cancion esta genial

  58. NeroAnxiety68


  59. RugerRedHawk25

    kim thayil is my God

  60. thepezmetal

    @kelmyrocker lol nevermind xD

  61. thepezmetal

    @kelmyrocker that's because Kim Thayil plays some of the guitar in it

  62. JRabes

    @MersteRRRLampEEE You sir, deserve to die a horrible death then get sent to mine coal in an empty abyss with no one watching except the devil himself.

  63. Mas Tun

    @blackmagick455- Metallica's debut was 83, not 82. If you're talking about their demos, like Power Metal or Hit The Lights, MF had demos and bootlegs long before their s/t came out, which Metallica (as well as Mustaine) took a lot of influence from. Just listen to Metallica's cover of Satan's Fall and Evil. Those were of older versions, not the ones which appeared on Melissa. Dave's foray into metal was undeniably forged by Mercyful fate, along with other late 70's, early 80's metal.

  64. SleepingArtichoke

    It is a good song. It's sure as hell no Them or Abigail but King is still one of the best singers out there and just like every song he sings in this just helps prove it.
    LONG LIVE THE KING!!!! \m/

  65. Dt0x75

    @kelmyrocker Who do you think it is playing guitar on this track? =D

  66. masterofktulu11

    @blackmagick455 If you can't hear the obvious influence of King in Dave's singing you are deaf my friend. Listen to King Diamond when he is not singing falsetto and then listen to Mustaine again. Also if you listen to Mercyful Fate carefully you will notice there's a lot of MF in Megadeth's music as well.

  67. Victor Amaya


  68. Mista D

    @blackmagick455 Actually, Mustaine's singing style was influenced a little bit by King Diamonds, so he's not too crazy on this one.

  69. Dakota W

    @zososierp im on weed so fucking awesome

  70. m2pmd70

    Sounds a lot like if the King did guest vocals on a Cathedral song.

  71. Jonathan Priest

    I'm so high on coke as i listen to this awesome song!

  72. Lee_Van_Cleef

    @Bassbait King Diamond is the man. Chuck was the best. Death is one of my favorite bands. King Diamond and Mercyfull Fate are my 2 best bands though

  73. Jaesen Tamele

    @DenOfWhasps Fuck you man, the whole album is fucking awesome...

  74. DenOfWhasps

    This song and Ice Cold Man are their only good songs. Should have had Kim Thayil play on more songs

  75. DenOfWhasps

    @kelmyrocker nope

  76. Grungekid101

    @kelmyrocker No worries. I only knew because I've been searching hard to find any samples of Kim's newer work that I can. This is the only track on the internet, besides Ice Cold Man, that I've seen so far.

  77. Grungekid101

    Kim Thayil plays on this track. That's why.

  78. Thijs Huijbens

    @kelmyrocker yeah, it does really sounds like black hole sun indeed.

  79. Adam Szuszkiewicz

    @sTUPIfy308 you mean Dave Mustaine sounds like King Diamond

  80. mcostello

    how come King Diamond uses his Falsetto type singing in this so well, he hasn't sang like that since 1989, all his albums with "King Diamond"
    after that weren't as good.

  81. specialness16

    Kym Tahyll's an absolute legend :)

  82. zazin zinza

    hahaha.....da vocal is by KD bro!

  83. zazin zinza

    its juz a saying only bro!

  84. Symphony of Satan

    Why are you saying he's Satan of nightmares? He even says he's atheist.

  85. Symphony of Satan


  86. Martin Rasmussen

    Best song on the album \m/ yiiiarh!!

  87. i hate this guy

    Not even the full song.

  88. tuanonnasibuca

    jesus, what a wonderful song! a bit heavy, maybe....

  89. Stylefile007

    Grrr geil! :-)))

    Der text ist sowieso der hammer, diese Version ist einfach top!

  90. Kamikaze Keeg

    Aside from the classic King Diamond laughing, I guess alittle, but he doesn't have that signature snarl Dave has, heh.

  91. Pablo Peirone

    that may be mostly because dave mustaine has always cited mercyful fate as one of his major influences

  92. sTUPIfy308

    am i the only one that thinks that King Diamond sounds like Dave Mustaine in this song?

  93. noobydiablo

    his solos are just random noises in a crappy pattern

  94. ministryofsumthing

    i agree king diamonds solo work after the early 90's wasn't as good... it sounded a bit more contrived all the 80's stuff up to like early 90's was monumental
    who's this other band vsd ?

  95. Niclas Mattsson

    use youtube downloader if you want to get this in mp3.

    i can fix it if someone want. just send me a pm;)

  96. noobydiablo

    seriously dude, audioslave sucks. i love cornell but seriously, tom morello was just like "lets make noise with our guitars!" it just dosent sound good

  97. noobydiablo

    kim thayil is definately amazing

  98. zazin zinza

    hahaha......the king is the satan of nightmares!

  99. Mohamed Akhbar

    i love his laughter!!!!!!!!!!!! Kingdiamond is the shit!!!