Probot - My Tortured Soul Lyrics

There are times when the road gets dark
Seem to have lost my way
Sophisticated abuse of reason
Day after day

Oh no please come for me
For me and my tortured soul

Haunted by ill angels only
I'm so very pained to say
Secrets of mind change reality
Are the things they said today

Oh no please come for me
For me and my tortured sou

Words could never explain
I know it might sound strange
But i wish it would rain

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Probot My Tortured Soul Comments
  1. vonsmink1

    How Long?

  2. MultiSenhor

    Reminds me of Denim and Leather from Saxon. Good song.

  3. tillybumbilly

    Fucking loved this song

  4. ZacMetal99

    I love Wagner's vocals

  5. Scott Destan

    I totally think that Dave is a good drummer and plays guitar pretty decently but I just couldn't get into Nirvana or the Foo fighters but this album is smoking so excellent job David.

  6. Susan Tribble

    Awesome track

  7. another clone

    Love to listen probot when it's raining...storms

  8. another clone

    Best album of all time!!

  9. eradeziel

    Yeah man, probably my fave on the album.  Dave Grohl's Probot!  Good old project.


    @eradeziel Yeah, this is definitely my favorite track as well.

  10. Freezknotable/Metal Bunny Records

    This song can be found on the Stoner Rock collection "Smoke Her Out" by Freezknotable on freezknotable channel.

  11. Anthony Stone Murphy

    there's a milf in the url 

  12. Jimi Hendrix

    Dave Grohl States on the cd liner.He wanted to make music with these cats and he could DIE a happy man.He did not need to make anyone already famous. Enjoy the tunes MAN.......

  13. Arschfistgrindblunt Official

    isnt that riff saxon's denim and leather?

    chedar munkey

    strikingly similar.

    Mitja Rupel

    Similar?? It seems actually sampled!

  14. kFenrir

    I never said he doesn't deserve it. In fact, I love this song. I'm just pointing out that the musicians he's working with are very well known, even though you might not know them.

  15. kFenrir

    No, he's not helping less known bands. All the vocalists on this album are vocalists he loves. In his own words: "I came up with my wish list of all of my favorite singers from this era which is '82 to '89 underground metal, and all the bands I listened to at the time: Eric Wagner from Trouble, Snake from Voivod, Cronos [from Venom], Lemmy and Wino. We started making phone calls trying to find all these people."

  16. Autodidact

    A fame whore who could collaborate with vastly more well known musicians and doesn't, who chooses to work with relatively obscure bands and personalities. wat.

  17. SkynetToaster

    I feel like Dave Grohl is kind of a fame whore who jumps on underground band waggons but I did appreciate this album.

  18. andrew shoyer

    Check out Eric's son's band, The Projectionists.
    Their EP was produced by Eric himself.
    Search: Faded Youth - The Projectionists

  19. Arschfistgrindblunt Official

    the riff reminds me of denim and leather from saxon

  20. Brian Brady

    Actually it's Animal from the Muppets on the skins! =p

  21. Proto

    I know it might sound strange, but I wish it would rain.

  22. Spine dusT

    i had this song on head bangers ball vol 2....since i was in highschool shit that was 6-7 years ago and i still rock it ...good on ya

  23. 7PsycoMantis7

    He absolutely destroyed my will to live by forming Foo Fighters...

    Michael ford

    7PsycoMantis7 naw man originally dave was the singer of nirvana and Kurt played drums but fate took a different turn... just think if circumstances were different you know... still Foo fighters and actually a couple of songs Foo fighters dave grohl put on albums Kurt wrote himself but WAS afraid they would be rejected...hence!!... Foo fighters. still probot kicks ass cause dave loves playing the drums and he dies it with who ever inspires him and just like lemmy on probot he flat out said dave is a fuckin crazy drummer!!... have you seen motor head live???? the drummer does a solo drinking a beer from one hand and blows your mind...but still having a awesome drummer he tips his hat to dave... not againts your or trying to stir up shit..but you have to admit dave grohl is a bad ass musician period...

  24. DilutedHero

    listen to this song while its raining, fuckin awesome

  25. Steel4

    @filename84 Imagine if Dave made another Probot album, well, I can dream anyway.

  26. Shawn Gayrhart

    seems u grew up with iron man alb. little harder would put u on the map, try and i bet success!

  27. prayforminez

    I don't particullaly like Nirvana or the foo fighters. But Dave Grohl is the coolest guy for doing this.

  28. Max Nichol

    Holy crap this is just too cool.

  29. filename84

    Imagine if Dave would have had the balls to make foofighter songs like this

  30. Killer73505

    @mikeyblob yeah i know

  31. Killer73505

    @mikeyblob true infact the song "2 minutes to midnight" by iron maiden is a ripoff song of "swords & tequila" by riot

  32. Axellson

    one of the best tracks on a pretty amazing record. the ones with wino and the king are also primo...

  33. ThatMetalGirl

    Wagner's voice sounds really great on this track. ;)

  34. Sk8Nature

    When i hear about this proyect of Dave Ghrol was
    "He is going to call al the Popular Musicians lIke Slash,Hetfeild,Dickinson Etc."
    But he surprised me and i relised that he got the same Influences as me

  35. ProjektNordmark

    Trouble sound 100%

    Mike Saucedo

    This could fit nicely on ANY Trouble album!!!

  36. XLVIetII

    R.I.P. Dave Grohl's drum kit. He absolutely DESTROYS the drums on this song.

  37. JTisGOD

    Eric sounds a lot like Dave.

  38. Akhin


    And you would appreciate it even more if you could speak portuguese, because thats not spanish ... tisk tisk

  39. NEWFER76

    Eric Wagner kicks ass!!!!\m/

  40. Gobi Pup


  41. Colin Sherritt

    @Luckzzz I thought you'd appreciate that. Exactly.

  42. AngryKoala Insane

    @colico14 Hahahah Thanks man.. Nice seein' you translation it.. Now let's here some fucking music without blah blah blah ;)

  43. Colin Sherritt

    @Luckzzz Desculpe a ser demasiado severa, mas que foi um comentário muito ignorante, insultando você fez e eu tenho um pouco mordaz em minha refutação, eu concordo. Eu não estou acostumada com as pessoas falando comigo desse jeito. Não há nenhuma razão para que um homem de 40 anos de idade devem ser jogando fora infantil, imaturo observações como essa. Suas observações anteriores, não obstante, estamos bem. Obrigado pelo pedido de desculpas. Tome cuidado e seja sábio.

  44. AngryKoala Insane

    @colico14 "Anyone with half a brain could figure that out, language barrier or not." -> It was logically a point of language barrier only ok? If I speak in Portuguese you won't understand a shit :) LOL.. Unless I try to speak other language, while americans will lose their jobs to the world (who speaks 2 languages, not only english). But you are right! Sorry for the mistake

  45. AngryKoala Insane

    @colico14 Get a taste u. That's not plant. And you're not a real rocker faggot.

  46. helterskelterette

    Good song, only I'd like to point out that the riff at the beginning of the song is just like Saxon's Denim and Leather. Shame!

  47. Colin Sherritt


  48. Colin Sherritt

    @tizubythefizo Nice plug.

  49. Jonathan Priest


    He failed epically. LULZ!

  50. MrFubar33

    @TheSinner1975 he sounds lilke plant when he sings like this though. i like his voice like this better than troubles

  51. Horace The Clown

    limewire baby!

  52. 11ty6

    Where can I get a download for this that is compatible with the iTouch?

  53. geepbee

    @PooPoo2U must claim stupidity there. do they really yell freebird at diddy concerts? if so thats funny.

  54. geepbee

    maybe to the old men on the jobsite who tune the radio to the classic rock station. i get the pleasure of hearing the same core of 20 or so tired songs over & over. when the"witty" dj proclaims "its time to get the led out", it makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little.

  55. geepbee

    @PooPoo2U i agree. led zep is annoying in general.

  56. Beth Vianes

    thanx 4 upload!

  57. tizubythefizo

    I really gotta trace my family name and find out if I'm related to any musical Wagner's, considering a play guitar myself and have sung for a local detroit band Damage(before I went in the army) Music just seems to be in all Wagner's genes,lol

  58. TheSinner1975

    That's NOT Plant! It's Eric Wagner from TROUBLE! SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!!

  59. pepemordor

    Plant is one of the best rock singers ever

  60. acfdclxvi

    My fave' song from the album. Thanx Dave!

  61. José Daniel Cruz Guzmán

    Esta poca madre la cancion!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Pablo Valdés

    Seco probot :D, seco dave grohl, maestro

  63. Niclas Mattsson

    they rock^^

  64. IronSoldier02

    great percussion + cords + vocals = great song

  65. zazin zinza

    any idea where i can download this OOP album bros?

  66. uriangatobataclan

    It certainly sounds like so, I guess the old-school style Dave put together so brilliantly is what makes the album such a master piece. Some times life seems worth only because we've got ROCK, right?

  67. semitar6

    Actually his band Trouble does sound a bit like Led Zepp..That is Led Zepp, fired out of a shotgun...

  68. Jonathan Priest

    No, it makes your opinion idiotic, thus making you an idiot! LOL

  69. Jonathan Priest


    Not at all, idiot!

  70. SHAenima

    a little bit, yeah/

  71. Joah1991

    I think he sounds more like Chris Cornell than Robert Plant, especially during the chorus.

  72. endlich1984

    This song is amazing, love it.

  73. Greg Keating

    kinda sound like sabbath or led zepp. this is badass. dave grohl is god.

  74. eradeziel

    Great song.

  75. cultoay0utube

    First Commen yeiii!!!! great song