Probot - Dictatorsaurus Lyrics

All set
Systems on and ready
Move forward
Level reads ok
Click, drive
Prepare to break away
One target
Today is d-day

Soaked in lies and fears
After all these years
When the sun will rise
The monster's gonna die

From now on
Things are gonna change
Coz we know why and how
Who you really are
From now on,
Things won't be the same
Coz we know what you're doing
And we know where you're hiding
We know everything

Next step
Engage all procedures
Code, enter
Signal loud and clear
Sparkling high in the sky
All together
We'll make this dream come true

Raised in blood and tears
After all these years
As teh sun goes down
A new world comes along

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Probot Dictatorsaurus Comments
  1. Jay Seelan

    Troll satan no more free music 👺

  2. Agostino Gallo

    All set, systems on and ready
    Move forward, level reads okay
    Click, drive, prepare to break away
    One target, today is D-day

    Soaked in lies and fears after all these years
    When the sun will rise, the monster's gonna die

    From now on, things are gonna change
    'Coz we know why and how who you really are
    From now on, things won't be the same
    'Coz we know what you're doing and we know
    Where you're hiding, we know everything

    Next step, engage all procedures
    Code, enter, signal loud and clear
    Star-shell sparkling high in the sky
    All together we'll make this dream come true

    Raised in blood and tears after all these years
    As the sun goes down a new world comes along

  3. jesdaniels

    Legends...Voivod forever.

  4. Gretgor

    That god damn album cover is so awesome it gives me a boner. Michel Langevin's a kickasss cover artist.

  5. Kevin W

    As a Voivod fan from the beginning, this is great work. Thanks to Dave for pulling this off with Snake.

  6. ragosreel

    holly shit, just that.

  7. SermonFapple

    Voivody awesomeness in a bombshell.....smashing your crummy neibors house....135% awesome!

  8. Ghoul Gonzalez

    holy fuck this is badass wasn't expecting that O.o

  9. Bernie Ecclescake

    Holy fuck! Dave Grohl has done what I thought was impossible, written a song in the style of the incomparable Voivod. That guitar is so much like Piggy (RIP) it's incredible. The drum patterns, the signature changes, wow. Just wow.



  10. Vincent Turner


  11. TheHawkdaddy

    Dictatorsaurus would make an awesome band name.

  12. kix7711therealone

    @jbrannon01 just dave and who ever is singing

  13. Dizzle Berry

    This song reminds me of Ziltoid the Omniscient.

  14. Underground Vibrations

    with Snake in voice,cool ^^

  15. Jake Star

    never been much of a foo fighter or david grohl fan but by some one as popular and famous as him to got out of their way to work with snake from my all time favorite band voivod my respect for him has sky rocketed and I think he's the coolest dude ever.

  16. metalboto

    @ketzer1964 every song has it's specific dedication to that band wich david groll loved ! you have venom,sepultura,motorhead,celtic frost,voivod etc.etc. ............for me the best thing that dave ever did to make an album like this !!

  17. HateSince88

    @TheMusicThrasher Hahahahahaha!!!!!!

  18. Do not look down

    i was talkin to a 20 year old the other night.and he slagged of grohl over and over for about 10mins. then i asked him.had he heard this album? ofc he hadnt.stupid dick.
    awesome body of work.

  19. ketzer1964

    Sounds little bit like voivod


    It should.

  20. ADeadHeaDz

    Favorite song on the album.

  21. stoner12008

    you can enrich uranium with this drum intro. Take note Iran.

  22. claude bawls

    grohl ids no piggy but still, not bad

  23. claude bawls

    one of the best tracks on a great album.

  24. lauger08

    bite my ass

  25. Bruce Kent

    whiny kids... that's what BOTH of you sound like.

  26. Toolsquatch

    That's because the drummer of Voivod did the cover artwork for this album (he also handles the artwork for all of the Voivod albums).

  27. Christofer Andersson

    Watch it. Your mommy is here beside me reading the comment you wrote.

    Don't want her to stop spoiling you do you?

  28. volandbg

    Love the voivod-style cover art.

  29. Martin Erstrand

    This one's the only probot song that could imagine being a Foo Fighters song too

  30. lemonsquishy

    what band is snake from?

    Simon R

    ten years after you'll get a piece of answer, I think it's the singer of whitesnakes...

    Simon R

    oh non it's from voivod (sure this time)


    Boy Bod

  31. Christofer Andersson

    Isn't this song called Dictatosaurus?

  32. Carlton Gannett

    im chargin mah lazr.

    i give this 5 shoop-da-woops out of 5.

  33. Cereal Killer

    super duper! love this song dude!

  34. ravenchildxxx

    Friggin Excellent !

  35. GripTightThin

    My personal favorite song on the album.

  36. Teuvo Bro

    Whoa. This was a surprise.

  37. Martin Erstrand

    This album is so cool!
    I'm not normally into metal at all, or foo fighters for that matter, bu this prooves what an amazingly good musician Grohl is! Thanx for posting these songs FoolxlFightersxl!