Probot - Centuries Of Sin Lyrics

Survivor - warrior prince
Psychopath - making difference
Archangel - bleed crimson skies
New danger - innocence lies

Falling calling - the diabolical
Open wide the gates and yell
Screaming dreaming - the dark and damnable
But you just never can tell
Feeding needing - the undestroyable
Roll up the show begins
Blinding grinding - the undeniable
The centuries of sin

Supplier - medical child
Sycophant - restless and wild
Illusions - a timeless place
Sadistic - right in your face

Expressionless faces in silhouette stance
Leading the way through the death of a dance
Howling in harmony hostile in key
Out on teh plains of indulgence we breed
Screams in the night from a chorus of fear
Hiding in corners the drunken one leers
Sepreate and down faking all in disgrace
Now is the time to ask questions of faith

The diabolical
The dark and damnable
The undestroyable
Centuries of sin

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Probot Centuries Of Sin Comments
  1. Devon Scope

    Literally stole the artwork from Voivod

  2. D8aTh CrUnCh

    Rock Feed sent me over and I have to say this fucking album is brutal! \m/

  3. Rick Brunet

    This is great. I think Dave should go back to this. The hell with foo fighters!

    Devon Scope

    This is ass. So generic.

  4. Jeffery Meredith

    Love Cronos in Venom, and I love this song!!!!!!!

  5. Thomas Davis

    Which warrior I think Ziggy Stardust dream warrior of the fall of goliath

  6. Jeffrey Merrell

    This is fucking gnarly

  7. Let It Be Known

    Cronos is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!

  8. TheMetalAndPunkA,B,C's

  9. Christopher Jones

    This track is killer.

    Jessica Mostrales

    Ahh yeah


    Perfect opening to the album.

  10. Evan Davidson

    this is ,sadly, so much better than venom ever was ,in my opinion,...even though I would have loved to see them live back in the day....cronos was always killer,...he deserved a better backup band...but they made their mark..!!!

    Devon Scope

    Wow you have horrible taste.

  11. ·d i s·i n f e c t a n t·

    The most complete track here.