Probot - Access Babylon Lyrics

We're going out on a limb
Our people are about to disown us now

Incrementally cahnge mentality
Speak of values miss the irony
What you once shunned
Is now what you seek
Three hundred sixty
And never miss a beat

Your people call my people
What's this? i'm skeptical
Success come knockin'
And we're dabblin'
See the circles that we travel in
Access babylon, access babylon

All access, yeah, but not quite
Your cast goes left but not allowed right
Force field limbo caught in mid strata
Funds evaporate so called friends scatter

Your people call my people
What's this? i'm skeptical
Success come knockin'
And we're dabblin'

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Probot Access Babylon Comments
  1. Josh Pelton

    The credits are wrong on here, Wino doesn't play guitar on this song, he was in the video but that was it.

  2. Jimmy Jimbo


  3. zutan0

    At first, lyrics and vocals were provided by Alec Empire. That original version was called "Tear It Out".

  4. Luna (mana sama)

    my favourite song in this Album \m/

  5. Plexpara

    the original is better

  6. SkynetToaster


  7. SupFrig

    came here to check the link between the two songs, thank you sir for explanation

  8. Trương Thạch

    this is hardcore punk

  9. laconchatu

    what a rifff... simple but amazing

  10. Killer73505

    @boibad12 it's the Mike Dean from Corrosion Of Conformity

  11. Vuoto Pneumatico Non Non

    Is it possible no one ever noticed this track sound EXACTLY like Alec Empire's 'Tear It Out'?

  12. M Johnson

    Mike Dean on Vocals FTW! \m/

  13. Killer73505

    Mike Dean fucking rules

  14. Misael Koltrane

    Dave Grohl is the best.

  15. svds

    Dave wrote the song for Alec, then he used it for Probot.

  16. svds

    @moustiquevert No, no, Alec Empire made a sample of this, Dave Grohl created it all.

  17. coptzr231

    @moustiquevert No, "Tear It Out" (Remix) is an alternate version of a track originally intended for Dave Grohl's Probot project. When Probot was finally released, Empire's contribution was not used. Instead, the track was re-recorded with new lyrics and vocals by Mike Dean of Corrosion of Conformity and it became known as "Access Babylon"." (wiki/Intelligence_and_Sacrifice yes, this is terrible citation, but it's something at least). Do ur homework before postin slander!

  18. chinese peasant

    @FirstCrookedVulture 1st of all i never said anything to you i never insulted anyone im just saying what i'm getting out of the lyrics 2nd of all how do you link my opinion to being illiterate i never said that iraqs evil or that they all need to die for our freedom im just saying the songs about accessing babylon (iraq) through our war and the 3rd and final no one ever asked you to "defend america" as you might call it if thats not what its about then tell me what it is about and give me proof

  19. chinese peasant

    this is a song about the U.S.'s war against iraq which used to be known as babylon

  20. Jonathan Salazar

    yeah, if your not too poor to take a drive to a record store, just buy the damn album.

  21. Sky Silcox

    Being that it's Mike from C.O.C. on vocals and mimicking their style, it's actually kind of long!

  22. Al Lewis


  23. lemonsquishy

    dude.... thank you........... for putting all of these amazing songs onto youtube