Probot - (Bonus Track) Lyrics

I'm going to fuck your life up
I'm going to crush your soul
Two demons stand beside me
And now i'm takin' control

I never sleep
I got a sinister plan
Your world is weak
And i'm overtakin' command

Because i am the warlock
I am the warlock

I'm going to fuck your mind up
And you'll be writhing in pain
Stare deep into my scepter
Now you're goin' insane

You try to run and hide
I'm gonna slice you in half
You try to gather up your army
Now you're making me laugh

I whisper the ancient scriptures
I drink the blood of the lamb
And as i begin to levitate
This is the day of the damned

I am the warlock
I am the warlock

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Probot (Bonus Track) Comments
  1. Raul Fortunato

    The guitarrist in this song is Kim Thayil from Soundgarden

  2. codybroken

    Dave Grohl and Jack Black should make more music together.

  3. codybroken

    This track rips.

  4. 6Rock6God6

    jack black is a very talented vocalist

  5. Scott Hunter

    Charlie Sheens soundtrack

  6. Janzig Skylarker

    hats off to jackk!!good shittt!!

  7. ScaRy'z AuDioAsYLuM

    Alwayz thought this was Gwar's Oderus singing. Jack Black though iz just a bad. LOL

  8. CounterfeitDogz


    Doom metal

  10. Ryan Embry

    It is a mixture of Dave Grohl's favorite bands and there styles so yes there is thrash and heavy and so on!

  11. Steel4

    So, you can still buy this album right?

  12. Steel4

    @7878rich9898 I don't really think Probot has a genre. "I Am The Warlock" has a very doom metal feel to it though

  13. 7878rich9898

    Good band ! what's genre?
    heavy or thrash?

  14. Manuel Calavera

    the hidden track is the best of the album in my opinion! anyone discovered by chance waiting the end of the last song weet Dreams of the album?

  15. MrBullantz

    what does FTW mean

  16. DilutedHero

    i play this while i'm playing as my mage on skyrim

  17. Gore Bag

    I am the table!

  18. KevinR1138

    I had never heard of PROBOT before, I was looking up the metal band Trouble and they mentioned this experimental album of Dave's that Eric Wagner had sung on...then they mentioned Black on I Am The Warlock. Fucking great heavy song man! I MUST get this album.

  19. Patrick Rodgers

    @Bassbait Could you imagine? Him and Chris Valagao from Zimmers Hole, now that would be something.

  20. Samuel Sanchez


  21. Radsicles

    I wonder if Dave and Jack play WoW?(They played at Blizzcon!) They should totally roll Warlock's :P

  22. AngryKoala Insane

    I am the Walrus :)

  23. sickpoola

    @scartissue94 :))

  24. RampagingSoul

    @PerennialLucidity He meant Jack Black, I'm pretty sure. JB is his initials also.

  25. ggINcs

    Jack Black is my hero.

  26. Marvin Veith

    @Phenrihr ok Dave Grol hat das lied geschrieben aber ok^^

  27. xDIStructorx


  28. Fritz Tomsky

    FUCK YEAH! i didnt know jack black is singin there! its freakin awesome
    JACK BLACK FTW!!!!!!!

  29. Frambusjt

    @Mandil: omgzorz 1 PWN u LMAO wh3n 1 backstab u w1th my rogu3 ROFL!

  30. warlock923

    now that's the warlock theme song

  31. inthefade27

    I'll bet you do.

  32. Carlton Gannett

    i pvp with my warlock in wow to this.