Problem - Heartbreak Hotel (On God) Lyrics

Yeah, every project needs a moment like this
This is art

Talking shit and still smiling in my face makes you a hood nigga
Some tweeting about the chas nigga only works if I gave a fuck to look nigga
It's term shit I wrote the book nigga
Ask the bay ask the light nigga
One of the main reason that shit connecting is cause of me nigga
Where the function at
Shout out these boys what what what
What a time to be alive my goal is to elevate my mind [?]
One joint at a time
Shit if you ain't rolling then that's fine
Cry out my success till you fill a bucket
Still grind like I'm in a bucket
I'm done tryna please mother fuckers
On God on God
Cause they gon hate you regardless
Rich, middle class the starving
Like receding hairline bout to take it back
To rapping in apartments dirty braids white Tees
Way before label talks and hidden fees
Back to when mother fuckers said something bout me niggas had to bleed
On God on God
Fo real nigga

When niggas go realize problems never gonna leave
Imy be here forever diamond lane forever
Loaded as my young boy beretta
Midnight your bitch still have her slipper
But she fall from a cinderella

On God on God
This rap game like disney to me
Bunch of animated characters
Created by crackers that ain't what [?] to entertain em
Shit is hilarious on God yeah
Though I respect your intentions
My diamond lane OGs taught me never trade respect for intentions
So niggas getting no mentions from me
But this game imy play like a symphony
I love to ball out but niggas love to move simpler than me
On God on God
I'm just laying all the facts out
Must develop a framework for your survival strap up that belt and max out
On God here the cha here spoken on God
If you broke you not broken on God
Anyday shit can change on God
The perfect God is for the frame on God
Thank God for the energy
But ya'll better find a mirror quick and look at who's your worse enemy
On God, don't confuse my confusion
My nigga young cha is a happy mess
I chase money for survival nigga
Not no mother fucking happiness
On God my cutie just came in with James
Few of them got waxing good
We gon smoke em all up
Imy fuck on that puss till she cries like a [?]
Why am I edible animal give it till she throw it back like lateral
Red light and horsepower no saddle though
From the back while I grab on her clavicle
On God I dropped them jabs and got bigger
You realize my biz more man than ya'll niggas
Starving down before I fish before ya'll niggas
Wavy as a ocean still drinking that potion
Nigga at the focus start working with emotions
Realize that one of the reasons that the coast is where it is
Either good or bad niggas got rich or split up
Is that good or bad shit why did M.O.B split up
Shit these illegal stars ain't rocking no more shit
Tired of the created left far future in the past I predicted
This live future this where niggas get funny shit changed
On God, shit can't front I'm a victim in the strings
On God but now I'm in this hotel room
Just me and my thots celebrating wins and analyzing losses
Know who walking and just who talking
My nigga was mother fucking bosses
Sit back he cold, strategize then move
On God all you hear is voice right now
Bad luck where you at sone D where you at
Shit about to go down in the one six
Niggas get with yo team cause these niggas low down in the one six
Man these bitches low down in the one six
Hit the club wasn't one six with me
I ain't go lie I'm feeling like the new age ice T
Cause I'm good in the hood but cleaning up
For the mother fucking TV ha ha ha

On God

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