Priscilla Ahn - Empty House Lyrics

Empty house, my old friend
We meet again
I have been gone for so long
But here I am

It's been a long time since I laid on this bed

Dusty shelves, stains in the rug
Broken door to mend
Here is where they used to lie
And wanted it all to end

It's been a long time since I laid on this bed

Old memories
Haunt me
Haunt me
Haunt me
Haunt me

I can't stay for too long
I must be gone

Empty house, my old friend
We'll meet again
And again

It's been a long time since I laid on this bed

It's been a long time since I laid on this bed

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Priscilla Ahn Empty House Comments
  1. siacor quality

    Thank you so much priscilla.... All your music is may inspiration

  2. Moises Leaño

    Why she say "Haunt me"?

    kayla marissa

    she's talking about the memories haunting her so i'm assuming it's implying that the past she had at the house wasn't pleasant, so going there after a long time is bringing everything back. the memories are what's haunting her

    Moises Leaño

    Thanks! But anyway, to say "Haunt me" with this melodie, it sounds very creepy D:

    kayla marissa

    +Moises “Republicain de loin” Leaño yeah, the song itself is a bit creepy but that's why i like it. it's really mysterious

    Moises Leaño

    Sorry a question: ¿Can you mention me some artist similar to priscilla ahn? thanks c: I like too much this kind of music. But i'm very hard when i search artists to select music. Do you known some artist similar to priscilla ahn? I know Mindy Gledhill, it's great. You have to hear "Finding home" "Anchor" and "Honey" :D. Well, that was just a note. So can you help me?

  3. עמית עציץ

    this song is amazing...
    my grendma died before a year (im now 22) and all my childhood was in her house, and today happend that i was in her house (the house still for sale and pretty empty with some furniture) and I turned the lights on... its was really nostalgic and full of emotions.
    I look on her bed that all my brothers and cusins use to fill... and look on the wall where all our pictures used to be, those simple and humble life realy shape us to what we are now, and this song really speak to me about this aspect of life, that we need to aprreciate
    I realy miss these days... but i guss we need to move on, life its beautifull after all


    I'm sorry for your loss. Your comment really got me thinking man and it's true. Time just passes by so fast, but those memories always remain (sorta bittersweet). Thanks for sharing your story and have a nice day!

    עמית עציץ

    Thanks, have a nice day you too

    Haute Swan

    When those we love move on, it is time for us to become the primary people our families are inspired and who love our families...we become the new destiny of our own life....It is never easy. I too loved my grandmother so and after she was gone our family was torn into oblivion. But I am the glue that holds my new family together and I try to help them have stronger relationships so when I am gone they will stay close.

    עמית עציץ

    +Haute Swan you are pretty aweasome, its really hard to keep the families togather and not beacuse we are not love one another, its beacuse our grandmother was the "glue" and now it pretty hard but we make it and we not need to take it so hard

  4. MissLunnya

    Her voice is really beautifull <3

    kayla marissa

    it really is. she's so talented

  5. MrLimeMaster

    so chilling. I love it when Priscilla makes music like this. Her ability to hold a really high note suits this style so well.

  6. Soffía Panther

    One Love man*