Prince - TIME Lyrics

This song about time
Say its about time
About time that u
R around

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u

Alone with u

I think I'm running out of patience
I think I'm running out of lies
I think its 'bout time I tell the truth
Instead of these alibi's

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u
Cuz ure so fine
When I get mine
Baby u can too

No more peace and quiet
I wonder why
A party full of drunken fools
I betcha some will b the rushing tide
Splashin all over u

I don't wanna work another day baby
No no stay with me
I wish u coulda stay with me
Stay with me
I don't think it matters anyway
It don't matter girl
For u I'm as rich as I could be
Baby baby

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u
I know u know
Cuz ure so fine
When I get mine
Baby u can too
Sho 'nuff

Sugar well I'm thinking
That u really need 2 b my pet
And let me put u in my little cage
Im sick and tired of playing hard to get
With an animal that's half my age
Sugar well well
My heads a little dizzy
My heads spinning 'round and 'round
Another dirty hotel room
Another lonely town

I need some time to rest?
I need some time with u

This is what it feels like

I know what I wanna do

This is what it feels like

Gonna lemme tell u one time

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u
Cuz ure so fine
When I get mine
Baby u can too

Oh oh I think I need u 2 b my girl
Travel with me around the world
Baby baby
So no paper
This works out fine
But not half as fine
As when I get time
With u

Sugar have u heard

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u
Cuz ure so fine
When I get mine
Baby u can too

Keep breakin u down.

Down down down

I think its 'bout time
That I got time
Alone with u
Cuz ure so fine
When I get mine
Baby u can too

U, u, u, u

Baby baby u can to!

Ooh ooh oh...

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Prince TIME Comments
  1. Eero Kekäläinen

    Is this just another cover of the Harry Styles classic?

  2. Lauren Jackson

    He tried to get his soul back after being duped by the devil. RIP

  3. Claude BERNHARD

    Great video 👏👏

  4. Claude BERNHARD

    Prince ,you’re The 🤴 King

  5. Eamon Os

    So its Christmas day and my wife complains that this isn't very Christmassy music : D

  6. Patrick Clayton

    Superb. Magnum Opus

  7. Domingos domenico

    Na frança um cara magrinho morreu

    De uma grande doença com nome pequeno

    Por acaso, sua namorada deu de cara com uma agulha

    E logo fez o mesmo

    Aqui em casa, há garotos de dezessete anos

    Cuja idéia de diversão é fazer parte de uma gangue

    Chamada "os discípulos"

    Chapados de crack e empunhando uma metralhadora



    Furacão annie arrancou o telhado de uma igreja

    E matou todo mundo lá dentro

    Voce liga a tv e toda reportagem

    Vem contar que alguém morreu

    Uma irmã matou seu bebe

    Por que não tinha condições de alimentá-lo

    E nós estamos mandando gente para a lua

    Em setembro, meu primo experimentou baseado

    Pela primeira vez na vida

    Agora ele está tomando heroína, estamos em junho



    É besta, não?

    Quando uma nave espacial explode

    E todo mundo continua querendo voar

    Tem gente que diz que um homem não é feliz

    Enquanto não estiver totalmente morto

    Oh por que



    Baby, faça um discurso, o "guerra nas estrelas" voa

    Os vizinhos só jogam a luz em cima

    Mas e se uma noite cair E uma bomba cair?

    Alguém verá o sol nascer?



  8. Carole Whittaker

    December 23 🎶💜

  9. Gregory Campbell

    Rest in peace Prince 🙏

  10. lukassssi

    He was music,as young mj❤️

  11. Jeffrey Richardson

    laurie takes a shit
    william benett mister pitt
    scott please laugh admit


    It was music videos like this that raised me when I was 2.

  13. austin thomas

    This shit right here,,,,,

  14. Jay jay Ramaru

    TIMES OF CRISIS!!!😨😨😨😨😵

  15. Jupiter Eye

    Best music video ever.

  16. aimeemacdn

    Prince apparently died from fentanyl poisoning. Creative people struggle with life.

  17. Steven Cooper

    I'm a white dude if that matters. But this fucking song is a kick-ass song. I've always been a prince fan but not sure I've heard this. Excellent song

  18. Moshé Soudry

    The music was invented for this song.

  19. Lubetube Shinoda

    Wish this song got more airplay. It went to number 3 back in 87 but is kind of forgotten by radio in terms of prince hits. Would rather head this than 1999 or purple rain for the 193993 time.

  20. KEO

    Total Masterpiece!

  21. msbusiness1st

    Man this is a great Message

  22. Jeffrey Richardson

    alicias father
    scotts buddy sonny barger
    bank accounts larger

  23. Dawn Graves

    Dude will forever be my style icon ❤❤

  24. Nick Talbot

    Before I read the comments, I thought the video was just made by the user who uploaded it.

  25. Aimee Thomson

    ...dont lever

    Aimee Thomson


    Aimee Thomson

    ...we're being poisoned by aldi

    Aimee Thomson

    ......that your idea of being a provider while were out of town

  26. Minerva Carrizo

    The lyrics were so real, they had to be the center of the video. Too bad theses words are still so true today. Let´s all continue working for a better world.

  27. Paz Bento

    A ouvir desde que nasci

  28. Kim Bergeron

    I Love this song.

  29. Mike Downend

    I was trying to search for this classic, only to find Harry styles has a song call sign of the times! What's your next song Harry...when doves fly? Imbecile.

  30. biggasbiggas


  31. Elżbieta Stojecka

    Answer for all is Time.

  32. TRUMP Colwell


  33. SuperSpaceMan 230

    How is this demo'ish?

  34. Debra Simms

    Now Let the Healing Power of MUSIC Bring

  35. Debra Simms

    If we all used our courage to take that first step into our Dreams the possibilities are infinite!
    Thank you Prince for your curiousity and courage🌎🌏🌍🎼🎼🎼🚴🎶

  36. Chuck McMicheal

    Harry styles coppyin this. Can u believe this shit? Wtf. Somebody, his sis fans or friends wtf? Somebody plagiarizing the 1 n only. U dont copy others shit n call it yours. Especially a dead artist. It is not well w my soul!

  37. Jeffrey Richardson

    jodi welch brechts hate
    right here is the bastard nate
    isnt cape cod great

  38. Truth King

    The Heavenly family sent a musical Excellence, PRINCE visited earth plain, jealousy murder - SAFE JOURNEY IN THE AFTER LIFE MY BROTHER.

  39. Robert Burns

    This song is even more Relevant Today..!!!

  40. Tim Sollén

    Not a prince - a Emperor.

  41. Miss Londa

    Ring tone anyone ?

  42. Shazad Hussain

    He is the best singer

  43. Shazad Hussain

    Im 9 years old and me and my family all listend to prince when we were 2🐉🐉

  44. Franaflyby

    Prince was trying to tell y'all what was coming down in the last days.
    We are living in great and terrible times.
    The sign of the times are all around us.
    Natural disasters are happening almost every day and they are getting worse.
    The Bible refers to it as labor pains getting closer and closer and more intense.
    If you haven't given your life to so and be saved from what's ahead.
    God bless.

  45. Stéphanie Couderc

    In 200 years Prince will be regarded as we regard Mozart now. Cliché but true (imo).

  46. Farge gate

    Absolute class 🎸!!!

  47. Airik Luna

    Damn this song is still relevant in 2019.

  48. Milutin Krajcinovic

    He s dancing being so amazing l am generation of the 80s....😆😆😆

  49. Gor Ber

    A great song from one of his best albums

  50. Ruthie Anderson

    A classic!

  51. sebas hess

    LOVE YN AN ELEVATOR,....................

  52. Modern Aire

    Prince may have refused to make an official video, I think it may have been due to WB Records cutting down the original Crystal Ball triple album down to a double album. But, alas, the Prince Estate and any other Prince associates, managers, WBR execs, former, can verify if this is true and or accurate. I mean, really, this is just WB with a Video Toaster creating a video out of the words, it has NOTHING to do with the SOTT era or style. It's odd. Why? Prince always had great first single videos.

  53. muddy pool mcqueen

    these words are so right

  54. Alicia Causley

    People, my dad Nate Causley, Jr. Is in the song. Go to my channel Alicia Causley, subscribe, listen to the song, and read the lyrics. They met in 1985 in Minneapolis at the club called Riverview when he was in Law School. 😱😨

  55. Bert Smert

    It's Time baby 😎


    This is one of the greatest songs ever.

  57. Steve Daly

    @2019 xxx yo oh why :-)

  58. InnerCityGirl1

    still one of the greatest....

  59. A.LaVerne Filan

    Sick, twisted, obsessed with drug's, sex and 💀 death 💀, and a man isn't truely happy until he die's??? Prince 🤴 should now be happier then any man alive today. So how many have chosen or will choose the moment of their own death because of this sick twisted demonic machine gun fired message imprinted into the mind's of multiplied million's of young impressionable's who will one day use the same exit plan as this little mind altering Satanic ditty espouses??? So be like the three 🐒 monkey's 🐒 and cover your 👂 ear's, cover your 👀 eye's and cover your 👄 mouth so that you will hear no 😈 evil, see no 😈 evil and speak no 😈 evil and don't try and use the lame excuse, the 😈 Devil made me do it because you and you alone plot your own course to your final destination unless you assign that task to someone else.

  60. Coletta Hughes

    My childhood awoke to adult reality to this song.

  61. Thomas Burns

    This might be the first time I've seen that symbol used correctly. It's original meaning is "despair" signifying a man with arms down in despair. Turned upside down it would mean "hope" signifying a man with joyful raised arms. Dumb people used the wrong symbol for the peace symbol, or at least if not wrong they chose the "despair" symbol. Most people use them interchangeably, which isn't right. In this video Prince uses "despair" to show the mood of the times. He was very smart so I'd say he knew the history of the symbols.

  62. Arsen Jaho

    I rate this song in Prince's top ten hits! I think only kiss, cream and purple rain are better than this one!

  63. Warren Mayes

    Fun Fact: His reference to a rocket ship exploding is to the January 28th, 1986 Space Shuttle disaster.

  64. Michael Dennis Tooley

    One of the greatest song's period , it's a pleasure to listen to it ☮️



  66. maurizzisilvia


  67. мангуст

    Спасибо большое.

  68. XBR4Da

    1:47 when the pads come in ...😍😍

  69. Darius Beaumont

    1:00 i think windows back in the early 90s had a screensaver where you could make a scrollable text message like that.

  70. Jeffrey Kent

    compared to the problems we have today ....concerns about gangs and drugs and disease seem almost quaint .....USA as we know it will be like mad max in less than a decade prepared will not be long now

  71. BabyDee1

    Click bait

  72. Native American

    It'll be hard if they play this when you're getting a CAT scan. LOL

  73. Max Shade

    This is without doubt the best piece of social commentary that Prince made about modern inner city violence. He was totally bang on the nail. Rest in Heaven Alex Nevermind. You will never be forgotten 😪

  74. Liliane Beeckman

    Nog zo'n kanjer...

  75. Sheldon Cooper81

    I love the Line to death. When a Rocket Ship Explodes and Everybody Still wants to Fly
    That Line ALONE pretty much summs up the stupidity of Humanity.

  76. Tom Bradford

    Been to Tesco and like the pork but now I'm trying horse. Time.

  77. Dancing Dakini

    Say what you may but Prince was woke when he sang this song

  78. DntGshot 12

    This is the hardest pop song I've ever heard in my life lol

  79. Matthew Slimm

    YEP!!! ;-);-O ;->

  80. Madison Scott

    Right here! We still jammin on the one! RIP Prince! Whose with me!
    ~ J

  81. Dino Legovich

    Heard in 1983.

  82. Shirley alison forsyth

    this is a classic


    OH YEAH !

  84. Jessica Can

    The birth of emojis so much ahead of his Time! ❤️

  85. rebel python

    I have never been a Prince fan but the lyrics to this song blew me away the first time I heard it in the radio.

  86. SnookerWither

    W-we'll call him Nate. If it's a boy

  87. Orlando Coombs

    Prince is speaking so much truth to power on this song.

  88. giacomina dingeo

    It seems written this year, music and lyrics. Prince was ahead for His times!

  89. Carlos Valencia

    Prince forget his revolution and fix in his evolution. Rock 101.

  90. Bustygirl 1970

    Song is amazing

  91. Slamina Ytrap

    sign of the times is what killed him, his music reached in deep and grasped your soul though

  92. Bo BALLY


  93. Gabrielle Dicierson

    We all are...We had a community pool as kids and would play the loud music while watching the cool water fall and spa on it...Great voice truthful!!!!

  94. drebadguy

    This is not the official video

  95. harry kingdig

    Well away good song

  96. Br oman

    Here for Paper Girls


    Excellente chanson...

  98. Venu337

    Stripped down...Just melody... awesome