Prince - Partyman Lyrics

"Gentlemen, let's broaden our minds!

(oh, yeah)

All hail - the new king in town
Young and old, gather 'round (yeah)
Black and white, red and green (funky)
The funkiest man U've ever seen

Tell U what his name is
Partyman, partyman
Rock a party like nobody can
Rules and regulations - no place in his nation
Partyman, partyman

Party people - say it now: YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!
Somebody holler if U wanna party

"Ladies and gentlemen, no pictures, please!"

Get it up, oh yeah
Partyman, partyman
Get it up, get it up

"Ooh, I love purple"

I rock the party, I rock the house
I rock the whole world, north, east and south
In the west - 17 horns blowin'

Partyman, partyman
(Lose me now boy)
Get it up
All hail the new king in town

Ain't nothin' but a muffin
We gotta lotta butter 2 go
(Y'say aye, an' I like ya 'way, but don't come now)
And if it break when it bend
U better not put it in - uh

Giddy up
(Ride 'em boy)
Partyman, partyman
Partyman, partyman

Young and old, gather 'round
Everybody hail the new king in town

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Prince Partyman Comments

    I want a suit like the dudes who entered before prince

  2. Alnilam82

    "Gentlemen, let's broaden our minds! LAWRENCE!"

  3. Rakshasa

    Hubba hubba hubba! Money money money! Who do you trust?!

  4. bnp777

    Prince won guys. #GOAT

  5. Mike Weber

    Saw Prince’s Joker costume at Paisley Park today!

  6. Natasha Carruth

    that laugh at the end

  7. Charles De Rosas

    Natural beauty woman I miss dearly.

  8. the man

    wow....watching partyman was the most fun i have had all week.

  9. Aaron king of YouTube and woodruff

    He act like Michael Jackson and I think he's gay

    Mrs Catastropha

    Aaron king of YouTube and woodruff WTF?? what kind of drug did you use before writing this comment?

  10. Wiekert Blaak

    I just love CANDY..., she's like BOUNTY - "een stukje paradijs op aarde", on this side of the world we surely do know who is Candy Dulfer, we always say "we might not be much, but keep in touch with the Dutch" you never know what kind of candy we have in store :)

  11. Mesa Muda

    When Harvey dent become LGBT :v

  12. Kobe N1

    We still rocking this in 2020!😎🔥

  13. MavenDeo

    WHY HAVE I NEVER WATCHED THIS BEFORE?!? And why haven't they made this into an official (if alternate universe) Joker???

  14. Lovisa Andersson

    He poisoned the water supply, like only a true batman villan can

  15. Michaela Jurčová


  16. Aaron Evans

    I think the Joker hates this song now.

  17. Aлексей Иванов



    They both portrayed great jokers Phoenix showed what started the crazy clown Ledger showed us what the clown became after Time

  19. Annette migale Fisher

    Lmao sweet

  20. Kawaii Onee-chan

    For some reason I have a idea that when this lady kissed at 2:34 kissed Prince cheek, she had to have the cleanest lips for that

  21. Cole OLS

    So he’s the joker and Michael Jackson

  22. Héctor León

    ¿Que le pasó a Michael Jackson? 😕

  23. Esteban DBZEditor

    "Joker Was Here"

  24. HPMcQueen

    The kids will never know how hot Batman was that Summer.

  25. Nash Shaffer

    Kinda makes you forget that Joker is a murdering psychotic...

  26. Damian Chamberlin

    The One Dollar Bill ...

  27. Aaron Smith

    Lol I was thinking two face and joker at once lol great work lads

  28. Sean Ryan

    Jack Nicholson had to have played the joker the best.

  29. Calvin Doek

    They should have done this with the new Joker...

  30. clhound

    What's with that stupid grin.

  31. Sylvie Kurvers

    Nice clip

  32. Tony Wijaya

    This old era Joker is so "gokil" than the newest Joker.

  33. Sean Patterson

    A genius...👍

  34. طارق ابدل

    0:38 Beginn

  35. Jackie Chan

    He was literally the prince clown of crime.

  36. Eduardo Martinez

    Una copia entre jocker y Michael Jacson jajaja

  37. gg allin

    theres a certain eyes wide shut about this video, i wonder if prince attended any of these elite partys

  38. Lillian Savage

    That's very Michaelish dancing, Prince 😂


    I get sooooo ROCK HARD when hearing this absolutely wonderful Song. Prince I would SUCK him CLEAN. 👍 👍

  40. Gabreya Bradley

    I came here after “Joker” had FINALLY made $1 billion worldwide! Do my dance on the steps, do my dance on the steps.

  41. JoeJoeRunya

    Man I had no idea he had a video for this lol

  42. Великий Мент

    0:39 That's where it starts.

  43. Andre Buntons animation

    Michael Jackson: all you need is love Prince: all you need is sex

  44. Samuel Ortiz

    There are 4 jokers, jack nocholson, heath ledger, joaquin pheonix, and prince!

  45. Searb reath

    this makes me wanna spray paint paintings.

  46. Mookie

    This is more like Harvey Dent version of Joker but the song is a classic!

    Alien Alibi

    Apparently prince was a big batman fan. First song he learned on piano was the Batman theme song. Favorite villain is two face

  47. Justin Ratcliffe

    "My face on the 1 dollar bill"
    "You must be joking!"
    "Do I look like Im joking?"

  48. prudent rodent

    “Phoenix played the best joker”

    Me, an intellectual:


    Someone please edit Partyman into Joker stairs scene, the first line is perfection " all hail, the new king in town".

  50. Lorenzo


  51. Kanyon Wilson

    Jack, you said I could watch you improve the paintings!

  52. Adam A

    Dude was a genius god I love the 80s era

  53. Max Lundqvist


  54. Leeto Nández

    How sad that even Prince does better than Jared Leto🤨 R.I.P. The Clown Prince Of Funk

  55. EBeze Bustamante


    Literally nobody:

    Prince: - You get what You fucking deserve -.

  56. Constantine Kladnick

    Prince shouldve been the joker in the tim Burton Batman movies

  57. Balls Mcfeely

    Songs straight as Richard Simmons

  58. Vesting Knight10

    Jesus, Prince slayed like a mothafucka.

  59. Toasted Smores

    Prince dancing and having a good time while hundreds of people die is the most joker shit I’ve ever seen

  60. Mariuccia Startari

    Prince mi manchi....troppo!!!😢😢😢

  61. Kayozz556

    0:02 when your constipated and you finally let er rip

  62. Francisco Shibata

    Is it the joker or two faces?

  63. Christi Hodge

    "Go go go with a smile!" I actually still have my original Batman soundtrack. LOL

  64. kurokoro 28

    So double face black joker? Harvey Fleck?

  65. Milos Kostovski

    Micheal jackson wannabe

  66. Fillywan Plays

    Then MJ did smooth criminal.
    Rival moment.

  67. David M

    Oh, yeah yeah!
    All hail the new king in town
    Young and old, gather 'round (Yeah)
    Black and white, red and green (Yeah, funky)
    The funkiest man U've ever seen
    Tell U what his name is

    Partyman, Partyman
    Rock a party like nobody can
    Rules and regulations, no place in this nation
    Partyman, Partyman

    Party people say it now (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
    Somebody holla if U wanna party {crowd noise}
    "Ladies and gentlemen, no pictures please"

    Get it up, oh yeah!
    Partyman, P-Partyman
    Get it up, g-get it up, yeah
    "Ohh, I love purple!"

    I rock the party, I rock the house
    I rock the whole world north, east and south
    In the west, 17 horns blowin'
    Partyman, Partyman (Lose me old boy)
    Get it up, sing!
    "All hail the new king in town!"

    Ain't nuthin but a muffin
    We got a lotta butter 2 go (Say I oughta knock U in, but don't come no)=
    If it break when it bend
    U better not put it in

    Get it up (Ride 'em, boy)
    Partyman, P-Partyman (P-P-Partyman, Partyman)
    Partyman, Partyman

    Young and old gather 'round
    Everybody hail the new king in town!

  68. Dana Hulon

    Great song ❤️😍 love it

  69. Angel Hill

    He was definitely gonna be another king

  70. S K G

    2 face joker

  71. The Joker

    "i like this one, bob"

  72. Bad Wolf movies

    He looks like the joker and two face

  73. cazluna100

    I love the sound of that album!

  74. Israel De la Rosa

    He is both Joker and 2 Face

  75. jamie foyers

    Was watching a bit of Michael Keaton in the Batman role and forgot how good Prince was on the soundtrack..time to dig this one out the archives for a spin..

  76. Arif Akyuz

    Damn, poisoning the drinking water while partying like an animal sounds like a very Joker thing.

  77. Optizy

    prince lives in a society

  78. Sio Westerlund


  79. Andrewnuva199

    Rian Johnson at the World Premiere party for The Last Jedi (2017, colorized)

  80. kouros

    The only one! Minneapolis genius ❤️🌹✨✨

  81. The ソordi Gonzalez

    C O R I N G A

  82. Marquis Ladner

    Part of my childhood watching batman

  83. Evan 29

    He looks like the joker in batman the killing joke

  84. Angel The Shiny Window

    Was he a cult leader who put sum in the koolaid

  85. lol_ lobster_dark

    Partyman vs smooth criminal

  86. Optimalillusion

    Joker plus Two Face equals Prince

  87. Samuel Cohen

    Why is there a naked asian woman in an aquarium?

  88. Elvice OS

    Two Face + Joker = Partyman

  89. Cameron Rashaud

    Awesome. But it had me wondering...did Joel Schumacher get the TWO-FACE idea from this video? Just a thought.


    Never rub another man's rhubarb

  91. tomrenjie

    If you had that much DMSR you would die too.

  92. Jamilton Correa Da Silva

    Michael Jackson

  93. Mr JK

    Gentlemen, let's broaden our minds.

  94. Sherla Sam

    Always loved this song

  95. Elvis E3

    😅😅😅 el agua de gamer ya existia en los 90's 😅😅😅

  96. iPenzel

    Aye where Lawrence at ? 😂😂😂👀

  97. Chowderhead


  98. Crash X

    Batman :) soundtrack

  99. oskey o

    No way he did that in heels