Pride, Charley - Moody Woman Lyrics

Well, it's Saturday night and I'm ready to roll,
Sitting here wondering if she's gonna go,
When it comes to my baby you never can tell,
She takes me to heaven but, puts me through hell.

Moody woman,
What am I gonna do with you,
Moody woman,
The things you put me through.
Well, some times she loves me some times she don't,
Some day's she will and some day's she don't,
God, helps a man who has a moody woman.

She keeps my love on hold day's at a time,
The women is about to drive me out of my mind,
I think for a change that I know what's gonna come,
Sitting already until she get's done.


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Pride, Charley Moody Woman Comments
  1. Douglas Denney

    Charley pride got a very nice voice. He even has some gospel songs out

  2. It is so beautiful .Andrew Pernia Pernia

    Great song by Charley Pride .😀

  3. Andrea

    thanks for posting love it

  4. Tracy Oliver

    Love that song Charley along with all your earlier hits

  5. mroldmusic1

    I never saw this video and I see it's from the old CMT. glad you shared this one.

  6. Patches Thompson

    Thank you for posting. I have been looking all over for this video.  CMT no longer plays the earlier music videos.  Wish CMT would set a time block and play these videos. Is this available on VHS/DVD?

    Robbie Stewart

    CMT Plays The Earlier Country Music On Thursday Called Throwback Thursday