Price, Ray - I Wish I Was Eighteen Again Lyrics

At a bar down in Dallas an old man chimed in
And they thought he was out of his head
And all being a young man they just laughed it off
When they heard what this old man he said

He said I'll never again turn the young ladies headds
Or go running off in to the wind
I'm three quarters home from the start to the end
And I wish I was eighteen again

Oh I wish I was eighteen again and going where I've never been
Now old folks and old oaks standing tall just pretend
I wish I was eighteen again

Time turns the pages and life goes so fast
The years turn the black hair all grey
I talk to some young folks but they don't understand
The words this old man got to say

Oh I wish I was eighteen again...
Oh I wish I was eighteen again

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Price, Ray I Wish I Was Eighteen Again Comments
  1. Gerend Angkawijaya

    At a bar down in Dallas an old man chimed in
    And they thought he was out of his head
    And all being a young man they just laughed it off
    When they heard what this old man he said

    He said, "I'll never again turn the young ladies heads
    Or go running off in to the wind
    I'm three quarters home from the start to the end
    And I wish I was eighteen again"

    Oh I wish, I was eighteen again
    And going where I've never been
    Now old folks and old oaks standing tall just pretend
    I wish I was eighteen again

    Time turns the pages and life goes so fast
    The years turn the black hair all gray
    I talk to some young folks but they don't understand
    The words this old man got to say

    Oh I wish, I was eighteen again
    And going where I've never been
    Now old folks and old oaks standing tall just pretend
    I wish I was eighteen again
    Oh I wish I was eighteen again

  2. Brenda Wright

    Hank and Ray %%%

  3. Michael Hopcroft

    This is so compelling, and true. Nobody really understands being old and full of regrets until it happens to them. I have a lot of regrets in my life, and things that could have gone very differently had I made better decisions. Perhaps I have more regrets than most because of the way my life has gone (which I would never wish upon anyone). There is a sorrow here. What I am looking for is hope.

  4. Emmanuel Pimentel

    Um grande cantor !!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. Mary P Hickey

    He had a way of making you feel like his songs were what you felt, great singer!

  6. Ron Stopfer

    Ray Price...the Rembrandt of country music. A true legend. Farewell, Ray.

  7. Antonio Fernandes de Queiroga

    I can't hold my tears by listening that touching song.

  8. Mike Eldridge

    thanks U Tube for giving us great memories once again

  9. navydoll

    "For the Good Times" gave us!

  10. janis jop


  11. bigearlcify

    I'm 66, and I've loved this song for 30 years! Ray price was so great!!!

  12. Richard Ryan

    I`m 86 and this song sure rings true. Well done by one of the country greats. I do the song a lot and thought it needed a 4th verse at the end so I wrote the following: All of my old friends have long passed away, their memory has moved in to stay; dining and dancing are now at an end, I wish I was eighteen again. RIP Mr.Price. You`re greatly missed.

  13. Richard R.

    Beautiful song !!

  14. Lonnie Beavers

    As the years slip away I understand this song more each day . Thank you Ray R.I.P.

  15. Barbara crim

    15 would be better

  16. Campbell Fowler

    I have enjoyed your songs since I was 18.  I am now 75.  You are among my top 5 country and western singers.  I attended one of your last concert tours and got a picture of you signing my 8-track tape with the title song of your opening number.  The date was April 21, 2007 and the opening number was "Ray Price sings San Antonio Rose".  Your songs are timeless.

  17. John Herb

    This song really hits deep. May you forever rest in peace Ray Price.

  18. kystars

    Also I wanted to say thank you for this upload. It was truly beautiful the way you inserted the wonderful photos of him with the music playing. I have shared this video with many across the world. They all liked it.

  19. kystars

    Wow Ray still had it even at his elderly age here. He was really an underrated singer of country music. He was one of the BEST. Miss you Ray.

  20. Terri Manuri

    Love this Mans voice,l think his songs are Magnificently Sung,just Beautiful,if he never touched your Heart or brought a tear to your eye,then Honey your listening to the Wrong Music.Ray was about 40 yrs older than Me,but l remembered My Parents listening to his Music and l was pulled in when l was a very young teen.l love the words to everyone of his famous and not famous Songs♥️Thanks Big Guy,You left your Beautiful Voice in the minds of us forever more♥️

  21. Gerry Vanderzeypen

    and at 75 now, YES, kind of wish I was that age again "18" and YES, I would do EVERYTHING different all over again,(not hurting so many along the way in my reckless journey in life).....

  22. Lonnie Beavers

    To be 18 again . To change the mistakes and wrongs I've done . To love once again .

  23. Loren Robertson

    My daddy loves Ray Price's music best of all. He passed that love to me, and the Night Life Album is my all time favorite album, as it is also my dad's, and my mother's father's too. Dad still listens to it. It takes him back to a time when he and my mother were in love. Me was the album I always picked out to go to sleep with on summer nights and I was very young. It comforted me. My dad and uncle used to sing these songs and it brings back so many good memories.

  24. Francis Alan Wormald

    BEST LINE? I'M 3/4 HOME FROM THE START TO THE END...AT 82 not just a turn of a phrase...U git my drift?

  25. Helen Edmonds

    His voice is magic! Just love this song!

  26. Nancy Moreno

    What a beautiful but true song! As I just turned "61" and I know the true meaning of this song, wish this woman was "18" again!!

  27. N/A N/A

    I was 16 yrs old 40ft down a hole water coming in from all directions breaking into a drainage chamber with my father and a friend who worked for us.
    My father turned around to me with a wry expression on his face and said enjoy life in goes so quick. I looked at my dad and pj who made everything look so easy. And thought to my self, I've got to do this for another 50yrs christ I'll never survive it. My dad was 50yrs old pj 42yrs old. Iam approaching 60 I wish I was 18 yrs old again and working with those two great men who are gone now.. Thanks Ray you nailed it man

  28. David Yarnall

    Such style.

  29. Roger Anderson

    Lizzbut Warren old crowface. How long have you been total UGLY and full OF ship sorry I missed spell the word.But you KNOW what I mean. UPPS MISSED SPELLED ANLTHER WURD. WELL ON HER IGNORANCE SHE SHOULD UPPER STAND. DARN. THETR I GO AGAYN.

  30. Wayne Worley

    I was born in 1960 in Detroit Michigan but I can relate to this song Ray Price had a great voice and was a great man in the 70s I dropped a many Quarters into the jukebox to hear For the Good times The bartenders name was Ray and I'd say give me another one Ray for the Good Times Those were the days !
    RIP Mr Ray Price and thanks for the Good Times 🍺🎶🎵🎶

  31. Charlie Gonzales

    No.. thank you mr. price.. you’ll be forever missed

  32. paul catch

    Bless you Ray................

  33. Dawn Jacobs

    Where is the Love Button? I grew up with Mr.Ray Price..My Grandparents love for each other shined when they danced to your music.I Thank you Sir..And I love your music to this day.<3

  34. Lloyd Black

    We all fight farther time and most of the time, we all lose the fight for more time

  35. Michael Ford

    One thing about Ray Price you can sure do a country song he can play with an orchestra you resist an awesome all around singer he's up there with Dean Martin Frank Sinatra and the rest of the boys back to you Ray Price

  36. Mary Smith


  37. EnlargedPenis

    Life truly does end after college, and by 30 it's almost always over. If you are young (<20) and reading this - enjoy your youth. Once you start working full time (and let's face it, you'll probably have to) - it's all downhill from there.

  38. Ali

    George Burns did it much better

  39. molly wickham

    I first heard Ray when I was living in Los Angeles-He was 46 and I was 35; Now 82 and this hits home -loved his voice ever since

  40. Sandra Bates

    Ray Price , the best singer of all time .

  41. Mandy Simmons

    I would only be 18 again if I knew what I know now. Otherwise, I'd make all the same mistakes again. I'd invest in early Starbucks too. I had a chance to do that in the early 90's and I laughed it off. LOL I'd do that over this time. Yikes...oh and learn.

  42. Laura Cobb

    Lord, I wish I was 18 again. I'm 89 now and appreciate this kind of country music. WHERE did it all go. Not many left, Looks like it's up to Willie & Kris to keep it goin'

  43. apple

    I’m 13 and I wish I was young again, when I was 4 years old. Nothing mattered. And I hadn’t been diagnosed with celiac disease yet so I could eat whatever I wanted. I was so confident and innocent I had so many friends
    I wish I could start my life over again but knowing all I do now so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes as I did before

    Jeannine & Jerry Landry

    apple trust me when I say that you’re at a perfect age. From this point on you can do anything your heart desires. I understand that you’re living with celiacs diseases and that sucks, however it is manageable and there’s so many great foods you can eat. Take all the energy you’re using feeling down and focus it on you and your likes, take life day by day and live in the moment, make small achievable goals to help build your confidence and then make bigger goals. Get out of your comfort zone and forget about what everyone else thinks or says. I’m not trying to sell you bull, I am telling you the truth when I say you truly can do anything, now get out there and show the world how amazing you are.

  44. opie1956

    Great song ! Hello type in "Ron Howard cover" listen to Opie sing "The Dance"! To all of us who have lost loved ones "Life goes that fast, and we will see them again that soon"! R.I.P. Ray

  45. paul catch

    I don't know if I want to be 18 again !!

  46. paul catch

    Bliss !!

  47. Hannah C

    Bout make you cry! But it is so beautiful and makes you think...

  48. Gary Marquis

    Ray and his like are now a thing of the past, due to the shallow minded attitudes of todays youth. RP and the many artists of that generation created real songs from the heart, mind and soul. The crap coming out of Nashville today is just that....CRAP. The last great batch of country music, was cut in the 1980 and 90's.

  49. Elly Winterquist

    One day everyone passes the way we go... Like one of these comments went when they get older they will understand.

  50. John Coyle

    The older he got he got the better he got , if that were possible .

  51. james wells

    Man did this song speak to anyone else! So true...I myself am an old man! This was a Real Song!

  52. joe dirt

    This man is a of the greatest to ever grace the stage. RIP Ray and God bless.

  53. Trouble Frye

    can't wait till I turn 43 nitty, I dread the years to come ,folks are getting older and that's sad to see

  54. Neil Booth

    Just the best

  55. Neil Booth

    What an absolutely outstanding voice

  56. Francis Alan Wormald


  57. Donald McIntoshDonaldmcintosh39

    Is this a George Burns cover?

  58. sdw3355

    One of the best, classic, and a gentleman. It doesn't matter what age you are if you have respect, empathy, and can feel the heart break of timing closing in. I spend a lot of time in recording family history. Seeing old memories of my grandparents, their parents, and so on. Watching them pass and going through memories of what was. As we grow older with hardships, medical, could'a, should'a, would'as, it hits anyone's heart that cares. We are all wish were younger at some point or another.

  59. Donald McIntoshDonaldmcintosh39

    I wish you were 18 again too. Thank you. RIP and God bless.

  60. John Coyle

    The senior singers have an advantage . They have great memories .

  61. Sally Swanes

    i wish I was 18 again

  62. Trevor Graham Welch

    The Most Respectable Man In Country Music . What An Incredible Sensitive Voice , Like Know One Today .

  63. Phyllis Palazzola

    18 again? Man guy, the first time around about killed me and the hell that came with iț! So once around is plenty. Hey enjoy the time left

  64. RD Ogg

    Ray Price

  65. Bill Brown

    I'm in my 80s and when I was 18 it was sure different then good music and I think times were better

    Trouble Frye

    Bill Brown yea bill sure was ww1 must have been hell

  66. jeff hewitt

    I agree but rather be 21 again legal drinking age

  67. John Coyle

    When listening to these classics , who wouldn't wish for the impossible ?

  68. Jason Burdette

    I cry thinking about how fast years have gone.

  69. Kenny guitar Allen

    brilliant song,we will all get to this memory,fingers crossed

  70. Andrew Simmons

    Born in 1969 and just discovered this amazing singer and song, just fantastic, Makes me think of dad.

  71. Shy Insomniac

    Songs like this make me lose my fear of death.

  72. Lonnie Beavers

    The years have slipped by and this song by Ray Price tells it all ! Thanks Ray .

  73. bluenote824 jones


  74. Carlos Hernandez

    💝💝💝💝💝💝😍thanks..RIP.kindred spirit.we miss you.

  75. Kenny guitar Allen

    great singer

  76. Abe Gibron

    I was at Gruene Hall his next to last show ever and he was on top of his game. Ray is a Texas legend that did it his way

  77. ontourwtk

    His Voice Neverr Failed Him

  78. Jackiedion

    We miss him and we miss Glen Campbell ♥️😭

  79. Bob Nunn

    He is the best

  80. Trish Schmidt

    I wish he were 18 again, then I could still have all of his music and any new recordings. I love this man, his humble being, the way he genuinely seems surprised when he get the standing O. Never be another

  81. william gable

    Give Ray Price the phone book to sing and he would turn it into a memorable ballad!

  82. John Coyle

    There are so many who never heard this man sing. Sad

  83. liberty Ann

    Nashville's Sinatra🎵

  84. Gordon Belle

    Anyone know the story behind this performance. Where and when? How long after did he die?

  85. Richard Feehan

    great song Ray Price one of my favorites

  86. G H

    I wish I was 21 again, because at 18 I was going into the US Army

  87. Kim McDermott

    I won’t mention it again

  88. Deb burley

    How true love this song

  89. Lloyd Black

    Sad to say but there’s a lot of truth to this old song Wish it wasn’t so

  90. Abe Gibron

    If anyone ever wants to see the description of a artist doing it his way Ray Price would be that person.

  91. ilrmbru2b

    Great song, Great Artist, Great upload! Many Thanks

  92. Dennis Marthaler

    Ray Price puts such great love and heart into this song. One day we all feel that way, as only Ray Price the legend can put that feeling in this wonderful song! Thank you Ray!

  93. Harry Burke

    What a blessing

  94. rebsarge

    Well..... crap. Where'd all this dust come from?

  95. Roy Cullum

    Jill if you see this. I just wanted to say . That I will love to the I die. I LOVE YOU

  96. Marilyn Cooper

    Just ❤️ this song it is so true. 🌹🌹🌹🌟

  97. al manook

    Before he died, he told his admirers to not be sad, because he was going to meet Jesus Christ; and he once again publicly declared his love for Jesus.

  98. Mister Knight Owl & Co.

    I love my wife and kid but to feel the rush of everything being new again... Man... What a great song...