Price, Ray - Heart Over Mind Lyrics

I love you so much that I can't leave you
Even though my mind tells me I should
Then you make me think you really want me
And all my thoughts of leaving do no good
You've got me heart over mind worried all the time
Knowing you will always be the same
You keep hurting me I know but I just can't let you go
Cause my heart won't let my love for you change
Friends tell me they see you out with others
And in my heart I try hard to forget
But you come home and tell me you still love me
And I still hope there's some chance for us yet
You've got me heart over mind...
You've got me heart over mind...
You've got me heart over mind heart over mind heart over mind

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Price, Ray Heart Over Mind Comments
  1. Grover Lavender

    24 dislikes...well some people don't know nothing and some don't even suspect you gator

  2. Bob Lee

    Buddy Emmons - on a Sho~Bud!

  3. Fee Fee

    Shorty Lavender is sooooo cool!! What a fiddle player!

  4. Mr Richie Kaye

    He was the best!

  5. Shannon Burns

    Little Shannon Burns has been paralized by massive stroke after hip operation. Her life has stopped. No more comments of her knowledge will grace the annuls of YT anymore. Her gracious beauty and kindness of all that knew her are in shock. And her family is heartbroken. God rest her soul.

  6. Pat Coleman

    LOVE !!!!! now that is REAL COUNTRY MUSIC !!!

  7. William Kelly

    Ray kicks new country's ass!!

  8. Shannon Burns

    Shorty leading it off. Pete Wade, Buddy Gene on steel. Great stuff from a much better time.


    talent , they had it

  9. james black

    how does it get better than ray

  10. Ian Board

    Is that Van Howard singling with him?


    No. Pete Wade is playing guitar and singing high harmony with Ray on this clip.

  11. Mary Plaidy

    Pure country! I can hear Bob Wills Texas Swing all the way through this song.

  12. Mary Plaidy

    GatorRock788 Who is the harmony singer with Ray and who's the guy killing it on the steel?

    D Shellhouse

    Buddy Emmons on steel.

    D Shellhouse

    Pete Wade on harmony

  13. Raymond Faron

    Damn good harmony, these two ought to have made a ton of records together.

  14. Tommy Herbert

    This is real country music at its best. Ray Price will always be the next Hank Williams. His songs are some of the best you will ever hear.

    McCurtain County

    He could sing better than most other singers could breathe

  15. Gloria Lornay

    This is a chirpy version of this Ray Price song that has a good/hopeful feeling.

  16. Winston Tucker

    Thank you, Ray for that walking 4/4 shuffle beat from Crazy Arms. You forever changed country music. In a good way!

  17. James Dunn

    This old country is the only country I like.

  18. austin teutsch

    THIS is real country music. And Ray Price does it better than anyone!

  19. Melvin Bradley

    I've been playing music for 52 year now, and if you want to get the dance floor filled up just kick off a Ray Price song. Thanmk you Mel Tills for all the wonderful songs you have written.

    Pat Coleman

    that's the truth !!! any one of his songs :)

  20. graham bull

    Peerless Price! 💜

  21. Bobby O'Williams

    Was this the old "Barn Dance" show?


    Bobby O-Williams no ... the syndicated Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry show from Nashville.

    Bobby O'Williams

    Thank you for the answer and for posting such an awesome performance.
    That is real Country AND Western :)

  22. 高英男越路吹雪

    My favorite song!!

  23. Mike Agnew

    Didn't Johnny Paycheck play a lot of those innovative shuffle/walking bass lines for Ray Price early in his career??  I might be wrong..didn't know if anybody knew for sure...  Thanks..

    ratso zellie11

    Yes, he did.He might have been credited as Donnie Young, before he became Johnny Paycheck. He was a "Cherokee Cowboy" the same time Willy Nelson played Bass with Ray.

  24. Bob H

    I think that's Charlie Harris singing harmony with Ray. Charlie died way too young with cancer.


    Bob H that's Pete Wade singing harmony

    Bob H

    Thanks. Charlie Harris was one of Ray's first lead guitarist and harmony guy.

    Winston Tucker

    I think Pete Wade is still alive. Last time I asked Wayne Moss he said he was.

  25. Raphael Bernard

    Does anyone know who the support singer is?

    Barbara Lavender

    Pete Wadw

    D Shellhouse

    Pete Wade

  26. Raymondfaron

    Only in America could we find a "Ray Price",

  27. Michael wolfenbarger

    What the hell happened to country music? LIsten to this wonderful music...thank you YouTube!!!

    dave bob

    The liberals took it over with all their britches with holes in em, their long hair, stupid ear rings and rock and roll guitars. This so called new country music aint nothing but bad head banging racket.


    You are most likely more interested in just politicizing and blaming liberals for whatever you can than actually knowing the truth but I"m going to give it to you anyway. Liberals had nothing to do with changing country music. It was money that changed it. Corporate greed by the "suits" upstairs. In the mid-70's the big label execs were tired of seeing Top-40/Pop music being the biggest moneymaker and decided the way to make country music more popular and therefore a bigger moneymaker was to "modernize" it by making it sound more like Top-40. THEY, not "liberals with britches with holes in em", hired young producers of pop and rock music to craft the so-called "New Country" sound, and you know the rest. It was done for MONEY, but a bunch of guys in SUITS. How would I know? I have worked with many of the old country stars, as well as pop music, and, if you'd do a little research, you can find many interviews saying exactly what I've just said.

    Bobby O'Williams

    I listen to all genres of music except newest stuff so I'll quote Adam Ant in my distain for those record exec's, "The devil take his stereo out of your record collection" or better yet, salute them as Johnny Cash did... with his middle finger! They've ruined everything today with their corporate greed "for the love of money (GREED) is the root of all evil.

  28. howard gooding

    what a fantastic song with great vocals, mel tillis sure wrote whole bunch of goodies

  29. Lee Cadillac

    It don't get much better than this.

  30. oden hakansson

    Interesting to hear can hear the influence that he must have made on Donny hang on Johnny lytle.😀

    Pat Coleman

    love Johnny Paycheck and his "real" country music .. .. and Ray Price

  31. Jeffery Fannon

    That's the late Buddy "Big E" Emmons on the steel.

    Winston Tucker

    Pete Wade on guitar, Shorty Lavender on fiddle.


    Jeffery Fannon

    AND , although you can't see them, Johnny Bush on drums, & Willie Nelson on bass.

  32. Mrvegasmax777

    Who's the steel player? Looking for a clip with Bob Tuttle on the steel.

    D Shellhouse

    Buddy Emmons

  33. Tom Hermes

    Great song written by Mel Tillis. Tillis' version in early 1961 had a steel guitar intro, Shorty Lavender wrote the "fiddle" intro for Ray, recorded later in 1961 released in early 1962.

    Ga McDo

    Always wondered who came up with the famous fiddle part. Tommy Jackson seems to get credit for this style of intros, but Lavender seems to have been playing this way from way back. Example: Invitation to the Blues which apparently pre-dated this.

    thomas .lavender

    thank you GaMcDo it was Shorty who came up with it and he also played it on Tillis cut of this as well. Tommy gets credit for alot of things when he wasnt even at the session. I loved Tommy but whats right is right



    You are so right. Shorty & Tommy were both great. Their styles AND sound were so alike. 🎻🎸👍

  34. webbjr37

    Love all styles of Ray Price music,However this is his best in my opinion

    Bernie Burris

    webbjr37 v

  35. Baron Pressley

    Greatness. RIP Ray.

  36. Russ Thomason

    RIP Ray!! You will be missed, but your music will live forever!

    Grady Bledsoe

    That is a fact!!

  37. thomas .lavender

    The fiddle player would be Shorty Lavender.

  38. DDFiddler

    Who's not how's

    Thomas Lavender

    That would be Shorty Lavender on the fiddle

  39. DDFiddler

    How's the fiddle player?

  40. thomas .lavender

    Gattorock your powerful. This rocks. Love Ray and Buddy and especially the fiddle player who by the way came up with that kick off.