Price, Ray - City Lights Lyrics

A bright array of city lights as far as I can see
The great white way shines through the night for lonely guys like me
The cabarets and honky tonks their flashing signs invite
A broken heart to lose itself in the glow of city lights
Lights that say forget her name in a glass of cherry wine
Lights that offer other girls for empty hearts like mine
They paint a pretty picture of a world that's gay and bright
But it's just a mask for loneliness behind those city lights

The world was dark and God made stars to brighten up the night
The God who put the stars above I don't believe made those lights
Oh it's just a place for men to cry when things don't turn out right
Just a place to run away and hide behind those city lights
Lights that say forget her love in a different atmosphere
Lights that lure are nothing but a masquerade for tears
They paint a pretty picture but my arms can't hold them tight
And I just can't say I love you to a street of city lights

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Price, Ray City Lights Comments
  1. Greg Harms

    Is that Dickey Overby?

  2. Stephanie

    To me, he is like the male counterpart to Patsy Cline, from their early days (Loved and Lost Again/City Lights) up to her death too few years later (Sweet Dreams/Night Life)

  3. Greg Harms

    I saw an interview about Bill Anderson writing this. This is a masterpiece by he and Ray Price.

  4. Ed Evins

    That's my Uncle Jack at 1:18. And btw, the last name is spelled Evins. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jackie Kozakovsky

    My dad's song .

  6. Just Me FL

    Yep, there really was a time when there was such a thing as "Country Music"...

  7. Keith Farrar

    probably the best voice ever....

  8. Broken Nose Garage

    And I STILL LOVE RAY PRICE. A Country Great!!!

  9. Broken Nose Garage

    I have loved Ray Price since I was 10 yrs. old 63 yrs.. ago. Had a stereo that only played LP’s and this as on one of his albums I listened to every day. My Mother also loved him and she finally got to meet him and have her picture taken with him. She was downright giddy. YMy Brother was a great vocalist, and in later years sang a lot of Ray Price Songs. He also got To meet Ray. HE was so nice and so friendly,just like an ordinary great guy. I still love his music.

  10. Glen Drewry

    What memories,, just wonderfull!

  11. holtridge

    They don't make music like this anymore.

  12. Mychael Pierce

    Ray Price was probably the most versatile country singer ever! He was very respected by his peers and the music industry. With all his success he remained a very humble and modest man.

  13. John Herb

    Ray Price had an amazing voice.

  14. timacosby

    always liked roger miller. sammy Pruitt? i think Hank fired him a few times

  15. Bob Grilli

    Roger Miller...!!!

  16. tfs4499


  17. Charles Taylor

    Ray was the best!!! Gosh I miss him and his wonderful classic country music. Thank God Whispering Bill Anderson came along at the same time as Ray. Ray knew just how to interpret Bill’s compositions. Talk about a “win-win” relationship!!!! 😃👍❤️

  18. mac26x98

    In my 1950s time in Nashville, I was able to walk into the Ryman and watched many of these guys and gals perform on the stage. This could have been one performance of Ray I actually saw. Roy Acuff was another that we saw plenty of. He was one heck of a nice guy and when we saw him at his place in Clarksville he was just of the "guys"..

  19. William Linington

    Written by Bill Anderson. Bill Phillips did a great job in this song as well

  20. Irene Mccann

    Love them all but have to say the two best at this great song is Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gulley.

  21. Savoy209

    So great

  22. Savoy209

    So great

  23. Robert Godby

    Willie called him the world's greatest saloon singer, who am I to argue with Willie.

  24. terry fitzlaff

    I was brought up on country music and I'm sure happy I was.I got to see Ray Price he was great.I have always loved his voice.I hate to see the old greats leave us know one will never take there place

  25. David Higginbotham

    He took over from Hank...THANK GOD.

  26. Martyn Mcenroe

    Reminds me of my grandpa nate 👌👌🍻

  27. Izk68

    Awesome. This song/vid has made its way into my regular YouTube selection over the last few months, and I never get tired of it. I listen to a wide variety of music, including some stuff that would probably make some of the other listeners here cringe, but I love this! Lonesome and sad, yet full of heart and spirit.

  28. Joan Ellis

    I sang this song with my brother in law while we travelled from Quebec , Canada to Ontario, Canada. My brother in law Stan was driving and my sister Ruth (his wife) was sleep-ing. Stan commited suicide that night.

  29. Kelly Cox

    My mom absolutely loved every Ray Price song.

  30. Hank Logsdon

    Thanks for this awesome!

  31. Robin Henderson

    You know, I thank God above that Dad and Mom instilled in me a love and respect for country music. Lord I wish they were here so I could just talk with them. But Dad and Mom were both born again Christians who both loved their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as I am and do. won't be long.....but back to the music...I do apologize for rambling. Have you noticed something? How Ray and his band members are dressed? Respectfully...nothing trashy, no one is drunk or staggering around on the stage. It was just a whole different world then. You young people take notice of this. This is how it used to be. Once again....young people....if you ate lucky enough to still have your parents with you...tell them you love could be the last words you ever say to them this side of Heaven. Respect yourselves young people....once again I apologize for going so far off course on my comments....but love life....take each day like it was your last day on this earth. Take care and God Bless!

  32. badbob1946

    Roger Miller on fiddle!!!


    Roger did play fiddle for Ray sometimes, but not here. At 1:18 you can see Roger (second to left) playing rhythm guitar. Shorty Lavender plays fiddle in this video. The other band members are listed in the video description.


    You're correct. I watched a little closer.

  33. Mary Plaidy

    Who was the steel man? He looks familiar.


    Jack "Curly" Evans - Steel Guitar (see description for all band members)

  34. leonard peters

    Best voice in country music. Great loss. RIP

  35. Audrey King

    Rays good singer

  36. Joan Ellis

    My brother-in-law James Stanley “Stan” Renwick loved this song . He committed suicide in 1964 at age 27.I was 18 years old and he and I had a close relationship. Part of me died with him, my most favored brother-in-law.

  37. oldie146

    Putting a big capitol W in country and western!

    Jim Adams

    Western music is Marty Robbins, Chris LeDoux, Sons of the pioneers, Etc. This is Country music.


    @Jim Adams The fiddles make it western just dig Bob Wills to be sure.

  38. Charles Bennett

    Ray Price was not just a singer he was a great singer. Bill Anderson may have wrote this song but Ray did a great job on covering it

    Robert Powers

    When Ray Price sang a song, it was sung...

    Charles Bennett

    @Robert Powers yes it was never heard him sing a song that wasn't sung . You know what I mean . He always sang it like it owned

  39. Pagan Morph

    Excellent track great film many thanks.

  40. Audrey King

    Beautiful song

  41. AlphaCatholic

    Ray is the voice. He is the Roy Orbison of C & W

  42. Sue Alft

    I have the album on vinyl and have almost worn it out!!

  43. Ian Board

    I came here after listening to Sarah Jory's version (what a great pedal steel player). Nice to hear the original.

  44. Carole Kohlschmidt

    We miss our Cherokee cowboy.

  45. Doug Cook

    Thank you Bill Anderson!

  46. Linda Abbott

    Night life, Burning Memories , Heartaches by the number favorites

  47. Linda Abbott

    Glass of Cherry wine. City Lights em em/// Stars to brighten up the night,,,’m .. Different atmosphere

  48. Mary Plaidy

    Bill Anderson wrote this song, I think.


    Mary Plaidy you are correct! It was Bill’s first big break.

    Mary Plaidy

    @GatorRock I remember hearing Ray Price sing that song back around 1959. I was a little kid but I remember hearing it played on WSM on and off all day. It was a monster hit.

  49. ConservativeAnthem

    Wow...what a voice

  50. Lyn Ballard

    This is good old country music

  51. Keith Wanhaaho

    Simply outstanding; almost unheard of today.

  52. Charlotte Hendershot

    Love his singing!!

  53. Greg Harms

    His best? Anybody's best. The steel player looks familiar.

  54. Robert DeMilo

    I love it... takes me back to my younger days. His voice... wow

  55. Tempey cooper

    love Ray Price 2018!! this is county

  56. Tommy Herbert

    A country legend just like Hank Williams. His music will live on for ages.

  57. Louise Trapp

    Ray Price is/was one of the All time country singers.

  58. Roy Lee

    Look at the 50 son of bitches that do not like Ray. Why in hell do you son of bitches come to you tube if you do not like the music?

  59. Tommy Brill

    I wonder why Roger Miller did not sing the high harmony like on the record?


    Take a listen to the original recording again. There's no male high harmony. There are indeed back-up singers (possibly the Anita Kerr singers) including a woman singing soprano. Roger Miller plays guitar on the record.

  60. Larry Snyder

    My favorite country song from back in my childhood.

  61. Charlotte Hendershot

    Love his singing!!!

  62. Gerald Murray

    Ray the great!

  63. alan sullivan

    if you like this checkout farron young's songs-

    Louise Trapp

    Loved Farron Young too.

  64. hookalakah

    Word around the campfire is that Charlie Parker once jammed with the Cherokee Cowboys. THAT would have been worth hearing.

    Carter C

    hookalakah my lord, I never knew I wanted to hear something as much as that

  65. Jonnn Doe

    The instruments and voice makes Ray 100% country. Great songs he made. From Jerry Bast

  66. Bill Nodrog

    Another round of "red draws" for everyone.

  67. norman fossli

    What a voice .......................never again will you here this God given talent

  68. Jonathan Clark

    This idiot stole this song from my grandmother! What a jerk!

  69. Jessie Arabie

    Didn’t Sammy Pruitt play with Hank?


    Correct. Sammy Pruett was a member of the Drifting Cowboys.

  70. Frank Ramirez

    One of my fave Ray Price songd

  71. Tom Tapp

    Great voice

  72. Mason Contreras

    He is my cousin 👬

  73. william koebel

    I remember dancing to city lights in Germany in 1956. Oh what memorys in brings to mind

    william koebel

    Your right Buz it was late 58. But I'm in my eighty's now and memory is not that sharp. ha ha Thanks for the correction.

  74. Harry Harding

    This is real Country Music and one of the great performers.

  75. Jackie Allen

    The great Ray Price. The Cherokee cowboy look at that Nudie suit. True Country and Western and it's finest.

    Tom Riggsby

    Jackie Allen Webb perce

  76. Justin Best

    okay I am nineteen and I love this music I am definitely gonna open a classy club and have songs like this playing also there WILL be smoking cuz fucking tired of non smoking places

  77. tim smith

    I always scratch my head when I see a number of thumbs down votes on these country treasures. I say if you don't like this then you're not a C&W fan period, and should probably save that thumbs down for the garbage you are more accustomed to.


    Why do they even have that thumbs down, anyway? Don't like it? Move on. Life is too short for negativity.

    J L

    Jerry Lee

    Capt. Cowboy Ukyo

    Freedom of speech you goddamed anti-american socialist bastard. Go listen to Pete Seeger if you hate America so much.


    I agree 100 percent!!!!

    Dan Lilly

    Stinking commies!

  78. Gary Williams


  79. Patton MacLean


  80. Lynn Graham

    Heard Ray Price and Hank Williams were best friends. Anyone note how much they resemble?

    Zachary Welch

    Lynn Graham They lived together near the end of Hank's life. Hank was so depressed that all he ate were eggs and ketchup and after his passing, The Driftin' Cowboys backed Ray Price.

    Lynn Graham

    Thanks for that info Zachary. I guess the last days of Hanks life were  really miserable.

    Charles Bennett

    Lynn this is the story I heard back in the 50s . Hank was on the opry he brought Ray to the opry told them if they didn't put Ray on he wouldn't do his show. They put Ray on he got 5 standing ovation what a great singer he was .

  81. icecreamforcrowhurst

    Boy that was a really sweet pedal steel break there

  82. flint ferguson


    michael Davis

    i couldnt imagen my life without ray.

    Michael Martin

    flint ferguson.....don't get crazy dude. apples and oranges. Both tops ....ok

  83. James W

    Nearly the same tune as Charlie's Shoes by Billy Walker.


    +James W..... On the verses I agree, but they're  totally different on the bridge-chorus part. City Lights written by Bill Anderson was released in1958, While Charlie's Shoes, written by Roy Baham was released in 1962

  84. Meehall 212

    Published on Jul 23, 2013
    Shorty Lavender - Fiddle; Roger Miller - Rhythm Guitar; Jack "Curly" Evans - Steel Guitar; Joe Zinkan - Bass; Sammy Pruitt - Electric guitar; Buddy Harman - Snare

    Bill Hamner

    Jack "curly" Evins on steel

  85. justlookin11

    Happy 90th Birthday Ray, I know you and all your friends are "Whooping it up" in Hillbilly Heaven today.

    Ronald Friar


  86. jawja100

    Roger Miller is so young there. And, Ray looked fantastic.

  87. Thomas Strand

    My number one Pandora station, Ray Price.

  88. Joyce Cole

    What a wonderful talented man we have lost.

  89. Gerald McGarrigle

    Ray Price and Hank Williams are a lot alike.


    +Gerald McGarrigle They were pals.

    Steve Endicott

    +Gerald McGarrigle That's because before Hank died he would let Ray front the band at times, then he actually let him take over the band; about a month before he passed away. So Ray literally acquired or inherited the Hank Williams sound from the source!


    My favorite Bill Anderson song!

    fish doctor

    +DIRKWORKS2 And it sold better than "peel me a naner, toss me a peanut", LOL.

    Joyce Thompson

    fish doctor ģ

  91. MsBeaver2011

    I remember his songs when I was young. I loved all his songs and his voice

  92. jules wins

    Quite possibly the greatest country song ever written sang by quite possibly the greatest country singer who ever sung, Hank Sr. not withstanding! Thanks a mil for posting GatorRock788.

  93. webbjr37

    Ray Price, The best voice ever in any kind of music,Loved Ray's singing in all the different styles over the years,altho the early sounds are my favorite,There were many great voices back in the day,Marty,Jim,Ferlin, Faron,ect None as good as Ray

    Darold Bannister

    Agree 100% back when this was known as hillbilly music. My God how great it was.

    Latachia _2

    I totally agree! He was the best ever!!!!!


    ray was a little bit of everywhere, and floted twards Tallent, every time !

  94. Pat Melton

    I will never forget listening to Ray Price sing this song and driving my 1955 Chevy.  What a wonderful time in my life, so carefree.  Thanks for posting.

    Chas Ptrs.

    Whaw .. I had a 59 Ford Galaxy with a 390cc engine &  a 64 Pontiac Parissien in late 60's. They were good cars, wish I still had them. The cars of today are made of potato peels. These days I travel in luxury with a driver at all hours; all I need to do is walk to the "bus" station around the corner.  [26.6.17]

  95. Donald Chappell

    Truly 'country'! It doesn't get any better!!!

  96. mosrite60

    man the sound on this vid is amazing. clear as a bell. yes, the song pretty well sums Ray price even back then. You just knew he;d be around for the next 50 years. R.I.P. mosrite60

  97. USRoute66Kingman

    Did a little research and verified that it is the one and only Buddy Harman on the snare.


    perfect. gracias.

  98. USRoute66Kingman

    Other musicians are:
    Joe Zinkan - bass fiddle
    Sammy Pruitt - electric guitar
    And sitting behind Mr. Pruitt is possibly Buddy Harman on the snare drum. 

  99. SpeedyNeutrino172

    Ray Price inproved with age..he got smoother and less abrasive...I mean BEFORE he began to think he was somebody like Frank Sinatra.  I call it his "interim" period.

    rulead legs

    Hey Speedy slow down Ray Price changed his style 3-5 times but to say that he thought he was somebody like frank Sinatra is a down right INSULT. Ray had his own style and was one of the best C & W singers along with a lot of them HW etc and many many more great singers the list is to long to write them all down but we know them all and won't forget 'um. God Bless them all as they are still in our Hearts and on our mind along with a lot of prayers and Thanks God we could Hear and dance to their Music.. God Bless them All....


    @GatorRock788 ...Never !!

    fish doctor

    +SpeedyNeutrino172 Frank only wished he had Ray's voice.


    +GatorRock788   Ok ok.....maybe "harsh" isn't the right word.    I'll accede to your statement..........I'll just say his voice became more "polished".  lol    Hope that pleases you.


    +fish doctor And his hair.