Price, Ray - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Lyrics

In the twilight glow I see her
Blue eyes crying in the rain.
As we kissed good-bye and parted,
I knew we'd never meet again.

Love is like a dying ember.
Where only memories remain.
Through the ages I'll remember-
Blue eyes crying in the rain.

Now my hair has turned to silver.
All my life I've loved in vain.
I can see her star in heaven.
Blue eyes crying in the rain.

Someday when we meet up yonder,
We'll stroll hand in hand again.
In a land that knows no parting-
Blue eyes crying in the rain.

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Price, Ray Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Comments
  1. Jewel Dotson

    SEcond best version of this great song, Willie gets first place, Ray Price has the bead voice ever recorded.

  2. Alexander

    In the twilight glow I see them
    Blue eyes crying in the rain
    When we kissed goodbye and parted
    I knew we'd never meet again

    Love is like a dying ember
    only memories remain
    through the ages I'll remember
    Blue eyes crying in the rain

    Now my hair has turned to silver
    All my life I've loved in vain
    I can see her star in heaven
    Blue eyes crying in the rain

    Some day when we meet up yonder
    We'll stroll hand-in-hand again
    In a land that knows no parting
    Blue eyes crying in the rain

  3. Joan Shanholtz


  4. Daryl Lynn

    We lost a national treasure when we lost Ray Price

  5. T Nissa Neway

    I love it 💞

  6. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.

  7. Ian Simmons

    Simply one of the best. Simmons

  8. King_Kangaroo

    Best version of this classic song!

    Joan Shanholtz


  9. Cecil Brown

    I love to hear Crystal Gayle sing, she is so good River Road

  10. Raphael Bernard

    I love Marty Robbins but Ray Price is in the same league. Have a look at them together in the 70's on Marty's show and have a look at some of the old opreys with them in it from the 50's magnificant voices and performers

  11. Iswtván szücs

    Nagyon sok Előadótól hallottam, de Ő lenyűgöz!

  12. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a 73yo Aussie fan.


    I take it you liked this version, he does do a great job on it.

  13. Bud Maxwell

    This album is the best I've ever had ,with Ray's voice and the music it couldn't be nay better.

  14. Margit Reiner


  15. Cecil Brown

    [email protected] He is still great and he will be missed,


    Yes his widow is doing fine, trying to make sure Ray's only son get's nothing, it's a step mother thing.


    Greed I would say. Happens all the time.

  16. robert hart


  17. huguette debono

    Another great singer .I Will always remember him .

  18. gabriel murphy

    great song brilliant singer

  19. john kinsley

    RIP Ray you,re music will live on forever.Thankyou

  20. Ruby LaBelle

    I love country music and Ray you are one of my best singers...

  21. 鈴木宜雄

    色々聞き比べてみましたが Ray Priceさんが一番 いいでした。

    Edward Price Yoshio Suzuki
    3 years ago
    Ray Price was the best, although I tried to compare various listenings.

  22. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Csodálatos, nagyon tetszik.Köszönettel
    Klára Szépvölgyi

  23. Ann Byerly

    Theres no music today to compare to this legend of a musician!!!!

    Bob Byerly

    I certainly agree with that, Ann. And we share the last name I see! Byerly's know a good country singer's voice.

    Bob Byerly

    Robert Byerly... I have the name shortened on the profile.

    Dave Wolfe

    Ann Byerly r

  24. parrotman1940

    I agree w/ Betty. He could sing anything.  RIP Ray you will never be forgotton.

  25. Wendy Hall - Dueñez

    Yes I believe he could make the phone book sound good. Rest in peace Mr. Ray Price. Thank you for all your beautiful music.

  26. jeriw

    Glad you enjoyed it, have to admit Willie really did it justice but Ray was a very close 2nd.

    Wayne Brehaut

    I never did understand the popularity of Willie's version where he (as usual) pronounces "again" as "aggen", so it doesn't rhyme with "rain", and several phrases are slurred and too hurried, so, for example, it's "intherain" instead of "in-the-rain". There are many covers that are more true to the original, including this one and Slim Whitman's (47fJQpOD3bY) and Gene AUtry's (tUmPpBGo1oQ).

    Jewel Dotson

    @Wayne Brehaut The popularity of Willies version was the fact that he kept it simple, the record company wanted to add strings backup vocals but Willie refused , strings & vocal backup would have ruined it.Willie knew what Country Fans wanted .

  27. webbjr37

    Every body & his brother has recorded this one, the two best are Willie's and Ray's in that order, Love most all Ray Price music from early 50's to present

    Wayne Brehaut

    I agree that Ray's cover is at or near the top but disagree with the popular misconception that Willie's is somehow superior to all others. I suspect this is only because it was the first song that made Willie popular as a singer instead of as a songwriter (mainly for others) so he adopted it as his signature song. In the list of dozens who covered it I would place WN somewhere in the bottom half.

    Bernard Lawrence

    I think it's worth noting that Willie Nelson didn't write this song. It was written by Fred Rose and first recorded by Roy Acuff. Even Hank Williams recorded it. Why don't we hear their renditions of the song?

    Jewel Dotson

    Wayne Brehaut. Every one has their own taste for music and it seem's that more people had a taste for Willies version of this beautiful old song, Willie has a diferent style of singing that is why I have loved his music long before he became a super star, his writing & singing is so haunting, that is why he has lasted soooooo long

    Jewel Dotson

    Bernard Lawrence. I don't know why anyone would think Willie wrote this song, that is anyone who listens to music

    Norman wilkinson

    webbjr37 As much as I love Ray Price and have since 1958, the best version of this song is done by Billy “Crash” Craddock on his 1978 album

    “Billy “Crash” Craddock. God love Willie and his song writing, but that boy could’nt carry a tune in a bucket, if his momma helped him

  28. jeriw

    I must agree with you Betty, Ray could make the phone book sound great!

  29. Betty Jean Meyer

    I love all Ray's singing, I don't think there is a song he can't sing.