Prettyman, Tristan - Who We Are Lyrics

I would grant all your wishes
If you promised me a thousand kisses
I will never, love another, like you
So give me all your secrets
your fear and doubts, honey you don’t need them
I will never, find another, like you
And the airs getting thin
Where the wings meet the wind
We see it, we can feel it and we know this
I believe in something more
all the days that came before
led us right to where we are
right to where we are
it’s all written in the stars
we’ve already come so far
and we can’t change who we are
ah ah who we are
ohhhhhhhh who we are
ohhhhhhhh who we are
I don’t have all the answers
but right now is all the matters
I could never, love another, like I loved you
And we don’t have to understand
fate always has the upper hand
and fate choose me and you

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Prettyman, Tristan Who We Are Comments
  1. Emmental Cheese

    “I would grant all your wishes
    If you promised me a thousand kisses
    I will never, love another, like you
    So give me all your secrets
    your fear and doubts, honey you don’t need them
    I will never, find another, like you
    And the airs getting thin
    Where the wings meet the wind
    We see it, we can feel it and we know this
    I believe in something more
    all the days that came before
    led us right to where we are
    right to where we are
    it’s all written in the stars
    we’ve already come so far”
    “fate always has the upper hand
    and fate choose me and you”

  2. Eliezer Pashanael


  3. Ghsdhff JgsdvBb

    what i feel is the sky is going to say hayyyy me ??i dont know how

  4. Guyong K

    Van and Summer
    I missed you ;(

  5. Danny Meyer

    I really love this and you. 💗

  6. Chio Chan

    Love this 😇

  7. Rachael

    Good songwriting

  8. Zivago SZ


  9. Eric Collard


  10. Lorena ll.


  11. Danny Meyer

    I love these lyrics great song.☺️♥️

  12. Zeenat Ullah

    This is such an amazing song 💯🔥😍

  13. Whenthestarssettle

    To whoever I may love one day, I’ll send you this song. 💕

  14. karlo diango

    Looking forward to hear more of your uploaded songs.

  15. Alex Alvarez

    Life isn't about what we do, it's about who we are..I made that..quote myself...or..idk if it had already been made..but..idk..I thought it would be nice to add it to this comment section, god bless you all, be yourself, love who you are, you are beautiful, and I'm sure that, you will find the person for you, everyone does eventually, be patient, stay strong💖

  16. Parite Kumari

    Thanks for this lyrics.I'm listening to your all song's KHB.thank you .you make a new and great songs.all the best...👍👍👍👍💐💐💐💐 pritee

  17. Patiently Waiting

    I wish I could give you all my secretS

  18. Hebi Hebi

    I'm not giving up on my twinflame connection.

  19. Zeenat Ullah

    This is a truly amazing song 😍🎶❤️

  20. Smarties Aredelicioso

    This song helps me access the depths of love that I hold for you without the fear of restrictions or the resentment of lack of understanding of the larger picture only comprehensible to divinity 💜💜💜💖💖💖💜💜💜💛💛💛

  21. Abigail Vassar

    Does anyone think that this song would be a good one to show to the person whom you like? Please let me know if you do💜💜💜.

  22. Cho G.S

    All the songs your uploading are wonderful! So inspiring! So good. Thank you for bringing us great musics and songs. I really love your channel.

  23. Emily Flaherty

    Thousands of kisses 😘 lovely!<3

  24. Emily Flaherty

    I wouldn’t ever deny you a kiss you didn’t deserve.... my lips were always yours... it’s who we became that came between us like a wedge and neither one of us saw the chance to change it.... fast enough. I love both versions of u even with your flaws because you’re flawless to me. Today is how I’m saying goodbye. Good luck. N I love you.

  25. Emily Flaherty

    Thousands of kisses KHB ... fate has chosen by now

  26. Haldarion Winged

    We travel on a different road since we broke, I can't see you now, I'm feeling lost in all that fog. I miss your voice, miss your arms, miss your kiss, I loved you, and I still Love you. Miss you #A Come back...

  27. Siya Nawaz


  28. Shiela Jabon

    i really like your background.. all of your videos has its beautiful impact because of the beautiful songs plus the backgrounds are so addictive

  29. Rita Obermeier

    Wunderschöner Song

  30. Hadjer Benaiche14

    I can't stop crying 😢 , good song 🖤

  31. Samantha Plott

    I love this. It's absolutely beautiful! It brings me hope, hope for my now nonexistent love life. Love it tho! <3 :)

  32. Annabella M Parisi

    I found the love of my life in 1940, we fell in love quickly. but i was just a poor country boy and she was a rich city girl. our economic statuses tore us apart as her parents forbid us of being together. then WWII began and i was a participant. while i was off in war, she found another man and got engaged. but then we frickle frackled and lived happily together until she got senile dementia and then we died together. this is not the notebook


    "...and then we died together"
    Yeah sure, buddy.


    ok but like G note

  34. • Caroline •

    She sounds like P!nk

  35. Sabrina Hocke

    Can somebody talk with me😔🥺I need somebody to talk with me and maybe help me😞

    Javeria Malik

    Dont worry, everything will be alright. You can give me your Instagram ID.

  36. Alexs Bascuña

    Today wasn't just any other day. This day felt like salt was added to my wounds, suicidal thoughts and tendencies just keeps popping up all over again... all because I can't even push myself to be better. My professors and past teachers said I was smart but I guess it came with a price... a heavy one because I always doubted myself even tho i know i can do my best in school i just seem to neglect it all and skip it cause every waking moment of my life just felt heavy. Even if I was a child i was always absent, i had friends but i wasn't any other child who was all excited to go to school and all throughout high school i pass my classes without reviewing and putting effort into my work, i just couldn't see the point and it was as if happiness was never an option in my life. I was diagnosed with anxiety and my heart problem wasn't any help to it either and now I'm in college I'm just crawling my way out to survive. My professor just dropped me in two of her subjects even tho i was giving out the requirements she gave us and I pushed myself to the point where my heart almost gave in just so i can keep up. But it was useless, I disappointed my parents once again and everything just feels too much to bear especially the thought of being useless.

    Gabriel Fahling

    I know what it's like to feel useless. I know what it's like to doubt yourself and to be filled with anxiety constantly over school and life. I've even experienced, like you, suicidal thoughts. Sometimes life is just much more than we can handle, but as cliche as it may sound, there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't know if you're religious or not, but what helped me get through depression and anxiety was prayer. I'd simply say to Christ, "Your will be done," and leave everything in His hands. It's amazing what happens when you let go of all your worries, just letting everything happen while doing what you know for sure that you can do. Cuz we're all only capable of doing so much, so don't expect much of yourself. Set little goals each day that you know you can achieve and leave the bigger goals for later. You can even try doing little things each day for someone, like washing the dishes or doing their laundry or bringing them food. This won't just help them but it will also help you become more joyful. Don't worry about the future, just take the best out of what you have right now and each day will take care of itself. Some days will be harder than others, but you will make it through. Prayer is really helpful because Christ takes all of our worries from us, but if you're not comfortable with this, try just surrendering to the situation. Don't think too hard, just act. And remember to take care of yourself too. You're worth so much more than you know. You'll be in my prayers.

  37. ferus habitus

    We are who we are and we can never change that. I love you for who you are. I just love you.

  38. yeng vang

    I wish I could have a girl like that

  39. Oreo Wolf

    I found a song that finally defines people (and myself) to be proud of who you are and do not change it because it's the only one of you out there in the world and I see that as beautiful.

  40. Alter_Chaos

    And for a second I was g-noted

  41. hind queenie

    Just a beautiful piece ❤

  42. hamid3137

    i want hear this song without talking only soundtrack please

  43. Astronomical

    I would love an instrumental of tjiz-

  44. Cnayan Ruvio

    Sass's asi

  45. Cnayan Ruvio

    Orita etoy kaydo pero pronto me levantare ay loveran ete soldado kaydo selevatara depi

  46. katelynn woodard

    Shh... just let me be numb for awhile..

  47. Chris G.e

    My girlfriend had me listen to this song on Valentines Day and it made me tear up oml. I love you Ellie

  48. öyle ya napalım

    Who we are...

  49. Elda Silva Oliveira

    I lose my mind,man. This song is perfect🦋

  50. Doreen Chukwu

    i just love this song so much, it makes me feel good about myself :3

  51. Naiba Тahir

    Nourishes the soul✨🎶💎

  52. Chrissy

    It's all written in the stars ❤

  53. اميرة بجمالي

    Who we are 😍💗💗 I love this song so much

  54. Jhon Black

    We are 2 pearls hidden under the shell 😊

  55. Nendy Agus

    Indonesia here...

  56. Spotted Dog

    ⚡️💕“I will never love another like you” nor would I want to. 👑

  57. River Big


  58. Boo Boo

    Who we R - its written in the stars 😘

  59. LadyAnne

    Can't change who and what we are!! Loving you forever

  60. Marie Johnson

    Such a great song... I love it

  61. Jules Asamilor

    The visuals are always so ethereally beautiful ❤ the songs too❤❤❤

  62. pink pink




    Aww nice to see you here again pink pink <3

    pink pink

    @KHB Always fr u & ur great videos<3
    Thank you .. Always great to hear from u💛💕💛


  63. Chayenne Chua

    So emotional <|3

  64. Llys Dawg

    Remember and let go bc they need me...feel the hurt then your life will start

  65. Autumn Ebert

    always be you and i will always be me

  66. Roua Milescu

    I miss u J!

  67. Iconic Queens

    Hi please upload Lisa May songs like
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  68. anisz azhar

    This song starts at 0:40 .. u r welcome..have a nice day everyone

  69. Llys Dawg

    I won’t stop fighting my path leads hopefully leads to you two

  70. J Azar

    Love and kisses

  71. Dora P

    I promise you millions and millions of kisses , all my kisses are yours forever . 💖❤️💙‼️‼️‼️❤️

  72. Domenico MIGNONE

    bellissimaaaaaaa , ottimo sound

  73. maria jacobs

    That's so beautiful came so far.. ♥️

  74. Only by gods grace

    💛 - I’ll never love anyone like I love him

  75. Ruika Michiru



    Aww can't believe you're still here Ruika :") Thanks so so much for sticking around for so long! it meant a lot 💙

  76. Robert Mitchell

    I believe in something more Jo! I doubt either one of us could change at this stage of life but I am willing if you are!

  77. PhileoChin

    Hello, may i know where did you get all the pictures you used on your videos? It's beautiful.

  78. Asia Jankowiak

    so beautiful🌹💕🌹who we are ...???🌟💗🌟💗🌟💗

    Asia Jankowiak

    Es ist in den🌟🌟 Sternen🌟🌟 geschrieben .....I 🌟love 🌟you🌟 ❤❤❤❤😚😚😚😚

  79. honey hoes

    *why does this video doesn't have 1m views*

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    I like your channel!!


    Hii this channel loves you lubna loves 💙

    lubna loves

    @KHB omg!! thanks!!

  81. BlueNightmare Forever

    When I saw song’s name,I just clicked.

  82. اميرة بجمالي

    So beautiful ❤✌

  83. maisy worthington

    We can't change who we are I love this song

  84. Brian Antoni

    Full instrument.. Like this song <3

  85. Basya B

    This is now my favorite song....

  86. beatriz sander

    Es hermosa la cancion y hermoso lo que haces ❤

  87. Llys Dawg

    This is for my girls there is no end with us but change is good and sometimes hurts but I’m here for us

    Llys Dawg

    Feel yourself and your soul...

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  89. Leo Royal

    I love 💗 it
    Boy and girl is better

  90. J Azar

    With the wings

  91. Diana Duran

    Hope everyone has a good day , 💙 (:

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    Same for U


    *The same to you too* 💛

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    I never do 👌