Prettyman, Tristan - Come Clean Lyrics

Not the way you planned it
You didn't mean to happen
Could have been anyone
You should stop do what you started
Say goodbye and dearly parted
You're right back where you came from

Come clean when lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna scream
At some point we all have to
Come clean

Promises get broken
Details go unspoken
I never say too much
Spend too much time thinking
And the weeks lead up to leaving
Summer's gonna get crushed

Come clean when lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna scream
At some point we all have to
Forgive the regrets
When it comes, let it pass
Let the first rain of the season
Wash away our past
I know, I know that we can

Come clean
When the lines get blurry
Come clean
When the dawn gets dirty
It's easy to see,
Now that you can breathe
At some point we all have to

Come clean
When lines get blurry
Come clean when the dawn gets dirty
Holding your breath
When you just wanna scream
At some point we all have to
At some point we all have to
Come clean, come clean.

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Prettyman, Tristan Come Clean Comments
  1. Lumira

    I feel as if this deserves more views after all these years... Sad.

  2. Hercules -The Son Of Zeus

    Why you are not singing now. I love your songs.

  3. aniccame

    It's brilliant she came up with the "and someone's gonna get crushed" phrasing.  One of my favorites from this album.

  4. Carlos Gray

    This album is awesome.

  5. Gully2234

    Heard this on Parenthood last night. Love this song

  6. star.kid

    As a devoted Tristan Prettyman fan, I have to say this is my favorite song from her. I have never understood why she is not famous. She has the voice of an angel and she is stunningly beautiful, and if anyone thinks differently, they are either stupid, blind, or just haters.

    F San Jose

    she had a really great blog in her tumblr about this. I love the underdogs. 

    Hercules -The Son Of Zeus

    10000% right

  7. Krislen Masupil

    it's pretty man!

  8. Thumper Yorkie

    It's called Rebound. :) & I love that song

  9. Tempah Seale

    actually i have heard her on the radio before "my oh my" was on but i dont know about any of her others - sad, though...

  10. Kaeley Leung

    you so pretty man !!

  11. Elma Murchona

    beautifully said p.s. me too :)

  12. Hannah Fah

    Me too!! I had never heard her before, and now I love her! :)

  13. PotatoesfortheWorld

    She sounds WAAAAAAAAY better live. I saw her as the opening act for a Script concert and shes genuinly funny, pretty and her voice is like an angels lulaby.

  14. kybluerose

    I saw where someone asked why she wasn't on the radio.. actually I heard My Oh My on the radio, it's how I "discovered" her. I love this album.. I can't believe she isn't huge already. This is her third album.

  15. Elma Murchona

    why is she not on the radio????????????

  16. Elma Murchona

    my feelings exactly

  17. Kelsey Bollig

    I got the pleasure of seeing this amazing person perform last night in denver, She is Simply amazing.

  18. Jaclyn Ruettinger

    this song is simply perfect.

  19. kaywynn

    beautiful tristan!

  20. Noemi Rodriguez

    This song is exactly what I need....My life is so chaotic right now and all I want to do is scream!
    Life sucks sometimes...

  21. Louvor e Adoração

    watch :Miriam Lima preciso de ti jesus


  22. Chris Savell

    I missed her at Bite of LV but got a free singel which makes me want to buy her CD! She is awsome.

  23. yantee braithwaite

    i love your sounds

  24. Maria S

    i came here because of jason mraz and I will be staying because of tristan prettyman. :)

  25. Kim Johnson

    I am really looking forward to the new album. This song really resonates. Beautiful.

  26. addicted2musiconly

    Anyway, great song!

  27. addicted2musiconly

    Is she laughing at 0:30? Weird...

  28. Debra Sartwell

    What I was trying to say was this song reminds me of the way you feel when you finally find your voice and you dig deep inside to find the courage to say what you really f

  29. Debra Sartwell

    Tristan You

  30. Ashley Murphy

    Soooo looking forward to the new album. It's been too long!

  31. no budget productions

    Such a beautiful song...full of heartache and grace. I find myself listening to it over and over again too. I'm not in that space but love the melody and lyrics.

  32. Mrassion P

    This album is going to kick some asses!!! BELIEVE ME

  33. pegeen1

    This woman is going to be so big, what a talent. Sorry for the heartbreak that inspired these songs, but it put her back on the path she was meant to be on.

  34. Meredith C

    I love this song! I cannot wait for Cedar + Gold

  35. Alexandra Ludwig Personal Training

    Wow-love this song!

  36. Anne Nicoud

    that's really great.
    Hope to see her more often with her guitar on accoustic versions, which are always ... expetionnelle with Tristan. She's good at it !

  37. Marri Grace

    thought it was sept 25th

  38. Kim Johnson

    Absolutely wonderful.

  39. leucadialisa


  40. Rồng Rồng.

    Can't believe no one knows her!

  41. SheLovesWinter

    The great thing about the past's over. Life just keeps the new music!

  42. Allison Geddie

    Love it! And that image is stunning :-)