Pretty Ricky - Tipsy (In Dis Club) Lyrics

Yeah, This your boy Diamond Blue
Woah Pretty Ricky, Let's Go

We gone Get Tipsy [x8]

We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter

We gone Get Tipsy [x4]
We gone Get

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, we don't drink cups we pop bottles
Fuckin' bad chicks next top models
All white linen with Gucci loafers
She say she cum a hundred times looking at my posters
Now she on my sofa then she gettin' closer
So I beat it down like a G supposed to
Say she fantasize bout Spectac
I fucked a week ago she still got her back (back)

We gone Get Tipsy [x4]

We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, she keep on callin' me
Oh she be sweatin' me
Girl you look even better when I'm tipsy
She say she busy
This a Music Royal track, feel the beat
You gotta feel the beat, Yeeaahh

Ooh I know y'all feel this beat
You gotta feel the beat, gotta feel the beat
Ooooo hahaha

[Verse 3:]
Huh, Last call for alcohol
Last chance to slow dance
Baby girl I'm the man, put ya g-string to the side girl let me take a glance
Enhance your?
We sippin on that Henny
Your inny minny miny mo
I'm dickin' it down and she screamin' mo
Feenin' mo
Bitch this it, take this dick
I'm from the pound, dickin' it down and throw you around,
I'm bout that life I'll hold it down
Let me off in the club pop bottles
Lil shawty on the left wanna holla
Buddy with her lookin' like he got a problem
I hit his ass across the head with a bottle

Pussy ass nigga
Bitch ass nigga
Hoe ass nigga
Pussy ass nigga
Bitch ass nigga
Hoe ass Bitch ass pussy ass nigga

We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter
We gone get tipsy in this club (tipsy in this club)
Cause I heard the sex be 10 times wetter

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Pretty Ricky Tipsy (In Dis Club) Comments
  1. Damien Woody Looks Like My Profile Picture

    Lingerie looks like Jeremih

  2. Bullit Cake

    Nah no way that nigga name Lingerie

  3. Portia Walker

    Man this just took me all the back

  4. New Mom 2018

    Did anyone realize this song is about rape

  5. Cutie Queen

    Slick'Em was My Fav

  6. Tanesha Anderson

    I just remembered that I was only a sophomore in HS when this shit came out and my lil hot ahh had it as my ringtone!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Bryt- tney

    Honestly slickem was the cutest to me. Second would be spectacular

  8. Travis James

    Wasn't that the girl from power lol

  9. N.A Jewel

    Sexy ass party

  10. Jennifer Goodwin

    Makes me wanna be a stripper! Damn 😍

  11. Purtisha Wood

    No money fa what

  12. Jada Shipman

    Still alive in 2k19 !


    Who tf is Lingerie even lol ?! Must be the guy they kicked out who tried to replace Pleasure P

  14. lamiracle bailey

    My jam omg ouuuu shit damn Yass

  15. ComeliaO7

    I looked this song and knockin boots. Was hoping they’d sing these songs. But their performance was still life!
    They sung JUICY!!! If you have their first album you know that song!

  16. Truu Edition

    Here in 2019 where tf is Lingerie 👀

  17. K Trigs

    At 1:17
    They explicit af on here!!

  18. Chichi gurl Johnson

    Oooohhhh spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Jaa Show

    Damn spec 😂🤣🤣🤣 if ya danc like yu fuk

  20. MyaRay Gavensbert

    2019 on MLK day 😅😅

  21. Fernando Rios

    Ilove this song il dance with u guys an ytime

  22. Toa Kasi

    Are they still active this group 😎

  23. Shalea Jenkins

    I love this song missed pleasure voice tho

  24. Missy Missy

    I love me some slick....

  25. Jhalen Miller

    2018 anyone?

  26. Laniyah Buchanan

    Spectacular hot body ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Rachel Vasquez

    Beat goes hard lol

  28. MyLaan Slickk

    My shitttttt 😂💯🔥

  29. king Manning

    I'm listening music 2018 👍

  30. Samra Bekele

    love this song so much

  31. JacRay Gmc

    Slick em hound boy a beast with the bars

  32. Ta'Asia Thomas

    that is my song

  33. Tonnikia La’Shawn

    2018 anybody?

  34. LaMiracle Bailey


  35. michael bickerstaff

    They probably nearest of the Chopped and Screwed.

  36. michael bickerstaff

    Migos befor the migos

  37. Asah Spades

    Man this take me back to high school

  38. Terenzo Brown

    what happen to dude who sang the hook?

  39. ExoticGirly BB


  40. Denise Grear


  41. myheart71308

    Spectacular dancing do something to me. 2018 lls

  42. celebritymishap

    Awww I miss this group =(

  43. Slick Gudda

    Slick really went the fuck in

  44. Denise Grear


  45. Keisha Guillory

    Still listening 2017 😍

  46. Brandie Fountaine

    This is my favorite song and video I love pretty Ricky and so glad that I met them including pleasure p.

  47. Angelica Parker

    This song and video was hot! Reminds me of my college years. I like the music they were putting out even without pleasure p. But on the hotline was my shhhhhh

  48. james reed

    what I don't get is how a lot of people get anno about the typic of sex sex like it's a bad thing it's part of life omg grow up people Heather pastor

  49. Mariah Walker

    I like dimondblue because he so fine to me he will be my baby to and I will be his baby to

  50. Kendra BadAzz

    They shot this video in my hometown J-Ville Florida DUUUUUVVVVAAAAALLLLL at this club called PLUSH LOL ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾💯💯💯

  51. Boxeo MG20

    Slick Em what kinda verse?

  52. Quay Haim

    Lmao Slick verse though I am so dead

    New Mom 2018

    I use to hate his verse

  53. Heaven Townley

    pretty ricky yellaboy spectacular sex God mimal hotels blue star puddle oilbaby watershowers sex God mimal hotels November 17prettyricky tipsy clubs fans fantastic nice hotel people music video hotline fantastic November oilbaby watershowers sex God mimal hotels hotly blue star puddle oilbaby watershowers sex God mimal hotels 0

  54. Tiffany C.

    she took that ring off like what happens in dis club stays in dis club

  55. _%Wolf poetryTay

    BOY that nigga slick lmfaoooo 😂😂😂

  56. Carolyn Cornelius

    mannnn pretty ricky was the shit

  57. Danielle Scott

    I remember calling them and listening to their messages. I could never leave a message because the box always full. And I had endless posters on my wall and floor. I got to meet pleasure p back in 2010. I use to listen to this album until I fell asleep.

  58. Chaz Lee

    Lmao slick em at the end of his verse kills me 😂😂😂😂😂

    K Trigs

    What he do?


    3:11 he started to slur his words lol 😂 he gets drunk in the studio

  59. LJGTV

    this when they had that new singing nigga in the group 😑 He was nothing like Pleasure P

    The Serpentine Diva

    Right!!! Lol! This song still banged though but it was like the only decent song they had with that new dude

  60. Sonya Savannah

    Man this my shitt 😍💕💕👌

  61. A.K.A G

    Sucks they broke up, but still one of the greatest of all time

  62. CocoButter

    I can't believe I forgot this song!

  63. young Da

    Made my first boy to the song

  64. Kelly Cristina

    till gud

  65. Lola B

    still listening to this in 2016 😍😍

  66. Lyndell Chambers

    This mans name is lingerie. Used to trip me out. Shoulda had my pleasure on the hook.

  67. Valerie Thrash

    that beat

  68. Valerie Thrash

    at the end doe

  69. Candy Sweetpie

    The shit!!

  70. Willie Russell

    ppl was sleep on this joint tho & dude can sing slept on album

    Torey Akers

    shit it went gold tho

  71. FashionablyLate

    Pleasure made and broke this group.

    Smoking like a chimney

    Sheree Gunn they aren’t all blood brothers. Spec and blue are blood brothers, slick is their cousin. And pleasure was just a good family friend. Please get your facts straight. Girl bye ✋🏽

    Job Done Right

    @RicRokkka that was a lie you dumb bitch


    They touring the world now. Pleasure P and all lol

    Damien Woody Looks Like My Profile Picture

    @Smoking like a chimney in her defense when they originally came out they were marketed as brothers (Baby and Spec's dad was "everyone's dad) lol...but yeah everything you said 100% true

  72. Aubrea Brown

    that dance tho... Lol

  73. Kiantee Shiver

    back when everybody use to drink nuvo

    Ashley Williams

    Kiantee Shiver man that stuff is overrated 😣😣😂😂😂

  74. Dnario

    slick was a coke head

    B. Rossi

    +Prod Jordan Beats 100 percent


    +Brandon Rossi listen to that verse lol

    Missy Missy

    Who gives af shid you'll get hi with him if ya could...😂😂😂

  75. Cali Ewing

    this my Shit

  76. Talbert Boston-El

    These r my dudes for sho, they got mad flow and everything, love all that PR.

  77. amber spivey

    This song been in my head for a month now

  78. Charlendrea Taylor

    ive been havong this song on my mind for the past two days....I SO LOVE IT!

  79. yuNGDeLaPhoNtE

    People probably still calling that number at the bottom....😹😹

    KIRSTIE Patterson

    yuNGDeLaPhoNtE heck yeah lol lmao

    Andrea Gibson

    I thought about it lol

  80. Shaymarie Reyes

    I love this song #guilty

  81. madelyn sheldon

    i liked the original group (yes sir)

  82. The floor Jungkook humped in Blood, Sweat, & Tears

    I just came for SlickEm's part XD

  83. Juan Dias

    lol i called the phone number on the screen and some chinese people picked up, like a hotline type thing.

  84. Theaja Billops

    The album dropped on my b day. November 17 baby

  85. LiyahDempsey

    Loved this song!!

  86. Belinda Vallard


  87. That Boy or m t b w or Matthew White

    we gone get tipsy in this club

  88. That Boy or m t b w or Matthew White

    this was the group i miss Pretty Ricky

  89. Justice Norton

    This song take me back

    Koriyanni Jackson

    Justice Norton sa

  90. Shquasha Wilson

    This take me back for real lol

  91. Jane May

    This is my song tipsey in dis club

  92. Tonio

    take all the way back to my freshman year in high school lol I used to laugh at this song it jams tho