Pretty Ricky - Intro Lyrics

[Baby Blue]
Pretty Ricky
Diamond Blue, Lingerie, Slick'em Delifate
And last but not least Spectacular
Bout to but that thang on all those ladies out there
So turn those radios down thats right not up
And grab your handcuffs and get ready for the show

My sex drive is times a million trillion
My sex drive is times a million trillion
My sex drive is times a zillion
My sex drive is times a ga zillion

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Pretty Ricky Intro Comments
  1. Mario Kbron

    Jim Lampley + Max Kellerman= Pure Boxing!..I miss those HBO commentary Days!

  2. Ayomide KUYE

    tell them dont waste my time


  3. time iscrucial

    Just came here to say that i just 'loved' the character of 'Ricky balboa'.
    He is just too much to be considered a side character

  4. Jared Singleton

    0:45 sounded like the crowd was doing the “LADIDA DA DA DA DA DA”

  5. רועי כהן

    Boss conlan

  6. Destan Serindag

    Song- Tupac:Hail Mary

    Also in description

  7. whips8

    Love how he came out to 2pac. I went crazy in the theaters

  8. The Giant Killers

    They Actually wrote Conlan as a Liverpool fan with the fight at Anfield but as soon as they cast Bellew he insisted they change him to an Evertonian and stage the fight at Goodison Park instead.


    Too bad Tony Bellew entrances aren’t like this in real life 🤣🤣🤣

  10. Brutally Honest Basketball

    Watch his entrance with headphones and no care for your phones "too high" audio warnings. Its insane

  11. ny_kia31

    I dunno what it is but I love the freeze frame on Conlan's bio at 3:22. It's just bad ass.

  12. Stuart Tulloch

    I always love the fact that there are 2 liverpool fans cheering him on while all the everton fans are booing him.

  13. Sarada Haruno Of The Sharingan

    Even in the year 2020, Conlan's entrance is the best entrance I've EVER seen!

  14. Brandon Khan

    Conan entrance #GreatBritan #England

  15. Adrian Ovalle

    Music 00:54

  16. 2tone Holguin

    Tell em dont waste my time😂😂

  17. Никита Фалько


  18. Armando Carreon

    Pac lives forever

  19. 3 Blades Dojo

    I think it woild be great for the 3rd movie if Conlan and Creed had a rematch...if he gets out of prison

  20. LASLAY13

    Sick ass entrance!!

  21. Peter Griffin

    damn...if I was a boxer I’d adore that rinkwalk


    So cool

  23. billygowhoop

    I really love the fact that they got Stitch to be Adonis's cutman.

  24. Arxtiz

    If you listen closely near the end of the clip you can hear the Everton fans singing “red and white shite red and white shite ello ello” just barely

  25. eastsidefilmer

    Everything everybody was so perfect in this scene. One of the most amazing scene I have ever viewed. Deserves an Oscar for that short clip !

  26. CocoCandii

    Question is; who’s entrance was better? Pretty Ricky Conlan’s in Creed or Donny’s rematch entrance in Creed 2?

  27. Ian Worley

    Watching this movie alone with no one around for the first time and just listening to it makes it a better movie

  28. dmoney668

    Damn that's good. Too bad they blew the entrance in Creed 2 with that GARBAGE bs WHOO rap.

  29. pukeylukey199

    Better than his actual entrances.


    What the crowd chanting at 0:38??

  31. RYVALITY_ Skyzy

    What song ricky conlan

  32. Enzo Brun

    C’est quoi la musique de entrer de
    Tony Bellew ?

    RYVALITY_ Skyzy

    G demander en anglais en croyant que tout le monde l’a parlé anglais

  33. გიორგი პაპუნაშვილი

    music name?

  34. J B

    😂 that dude in a Liverpool jersey at goodison wouldn’t leave breathing

  35. Paulo Oliveira

    Melhor filme de boxe que já assisti na minha vida!

  36. Luiz Martinelli

    Tupac king

  37. Varun Kumar

    if I was creed... I would have given up just by his entrance 😂😂😂😂😂

  38. Lmusingmods FN

    Wish ksi would redo conlans entrance for his fight

  39. Paragonix

    They are jealous creed had tupac

  40. Francisco Gonzalez

    Rest in peace 2Pac. He's probably singing Hail Mary in heaven...

  41. That one guy

    It’s like when mike Tyson would come out to ambitions as a rida


    I remember in the theatre after I saw pretty Ricky entrance I was like ...”yeah he’s #1” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Strawberry Bubblegum

    This made me want to turn on my wii sports and box against Matt, still lost to him though.

  44. Brian

    I use the same intro music every time I walk into the bathroom to take s dump.

  45. iReddKenny

    Adonis looked like a boxer..... Pretty Ricky looked like a soul collector coming to claim his next prize.

  46. Hazza Brown

    Loved the hail Mary but..... watching the brit walk down with the titles raised....that some gangster shit

  47. Michael Vy Films

    ricky conlan entrance so cool

  48. PackfreshCards

    Powerful scene. The walk in is amazing. Makes you feel like your there

  49. Guppy Garcia

    Conlans song?

  50. Mario Kbron

    Conlin brought a Fire spitting midget to the game!...That ain't Fair!...

  51. SON TONA

    The songs please

  52. Mirage Mashod

    Sylvester Stallone in his favourite park Goodison Park

  53. KVEEZY

    Ricky Conlan got his ass slept by Usyk Oleksander

  54. G.Emanuel Lezcano

    Song the adonis plis...


    Pac took this scene to another level #FAX

  56. haroonfunny94

    This is the coolest Bellew has ever looked, FACT! lmao


    Great Music Great fire great Fog great opponent

  58. Timothy Sullivan

    This is so hype I’ve listened to that song like 200 times

  59. Yourmothers Left testicle

    That jay z bar in don't waste my time is still fucking quality

  60. Vedat Ozkaya

    0:38 wich music?


    2pac "Hail Mary"

    Vedat Ozkaya

    @LAVAR BALL thank you!

  61. Devin Walker

    West Coast Gangsta Rap vs British Grime. Excellent 👌🏿.

  62. Fred Man

    Tremenda pelicula, y lo mejor esta escena en el Goodison Park con todos los hinchas del everton de inglaterra y conlan con el escudo en el pecho. Creed con una cancion de Tupac. EL logo de HBO Boxing cuando comienza la pelea
    Simplemente una excelente pelicula, no me canso de verla 👍

  63. theeeyzup music


  64. Patrick's Crazy Place

    Ricky Conlan's entrance would make The Undertaker piss his pants.

  65. abdo brahimi

    Pac hail Mary Damm

  66. [First Name] Bennett

    lol the one liverpool fan at 1:14. i’d like to hope he was on creed’s side

  67. Devin Walker

    West Coast Rap and British Grime. Good choices 👌🏿.

  68. KamaKazi Krab

    What’s the song behind creed when he enters


    2pac "Hail Mary"

  69. Naasiruddiin Nankoo

    Fuck everton we are liverpool ✌

  70. Jed McKenzie

    I don't get the whole point of boxing, because if you did it in the real world, it is assault

  71. Dont Talk To Me

    It's funny the words they chose to mute in 2pac song.

  72. Josue Jurado

    Nombre del tema de la entrada de Adonis

  73. Josh

    This makes me proud as an evertonion

  74. Macauly Silva

    Alguém sabe o nome da segunda música que toca ?

  75. FENRIS


  76. Gaurav Sinha

    2 best entrance in world first is this and second in kgf movie garuda entrance..

  77. K.c. Keyton

    U guys dick ride to hard lol...what the fuck is the name of the English song? U got chills and it shocked u hahah u sound like one of the hoes my boy pimped when i was a child#NigggaGrowUp!

  78. Adam Gonzalez

    Honestly Conlan's might be one of the hardest entrance ever...

  79. Dave Brinyjof

    I think what worked in creed is that even tho its a story in the Rocky franchise it doesint feel like it is, it was structured and made diferently meanwhile simultaniously telling a parallel story with adonis and rocky...but another amazing thing is that the atmosphere is not of a rocky movie throughout and it builds up to the ultimate rocky ending which makes it feel epic...

  80. Cody Mathes

    The dude looks like Robert Whittaker if he were from Liverpool

  81. Farah

    I was trying to listen to Grind On Me and this pops up... Hmm I don't regret it 😊

  82. Qeafu

    Krept and Konans timeless

  83. Will Ferrell

    Dis is how I walk into the bedroom when it's time to love on my wife...dats right!!!

  84. chris berg

    When Conlans stats came up I felt like I was boutta fight the final boss

  85. DeShane Jones

    Bull came out to Hail Mary. Iconic.

  86. Charlie Jones

    This was filmed at goodison park

  87. Maciej Zajac

    Dobra walka była i cały film był dobry. Oglądliście film Creed 2

  88. abizit gill

    To me conlan’s entrance kinda tried to force the badassery,
    Whereas with creeds just the walkout the absolute menace of a Tupac track makes him much more intimidating

  89. alan Nussberger

    what is the name of the song that the crowds is singing?

  90. Vinícius Oliver

    best entrance ever!!!!!

  91. fatdepressedveg knight

    Tupac was made for boxing and boxing was made for Tupac

  92. James Wikman

    When the movie shows people beating the shit outta each other but they can’t have swearing on the music

  93. Robin Jordanson

    100,000 at Goodison Park 😂😂😂

  94. sasa ha

    conlans entrance made the theater go after the movie outside and fight the next person they saw.

  95. David Silva

    "I ain't a killa but don't push me!" as soon as Creed walk out was wavy.

  96. Chantl Mcclary

    Bosses in dark souls make entrances like ricky conlin XD

  97. Alex Fridlund

    Name of the music?

  98. Melvin Stackhouse

    Classic plus creed is more believable then rocky