Powderfinger - I Don't Remember Lyrics

Tonight my heart well it broke like glass
I made a mistake that i'll never surpass
I'm floating in space unattached to the world
I cast off the memory of the spell of that girl
Whatever I get I guess its what I deserve

I don't remember
Just what made it so hard before
I know you needed someone to take the fall
I know you needed someone to blame it on

I smashed the mirror just to look whats behind
Picked through the pieces just to see what i'd find
I found my heart and it broke like glass
I made that mistake that i'll never surpass
I let go of my grip on the past

I don't remember
Just what made it so hard before
I know you needed someone to take the fall
I know you needed someone to blame it on

Hey, hey don't you look away
Hey, hey I've got something to say

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Powderfinger I Don't Remember Comments
  1. foot Hancock

    11 years it took me too find this song, thankyou Reddit

  2. Miss Tery

    I get too shy for autographs cant look in the eyes 👀

  3. Shannon Curtis

    concert for the kids

  4. Sam Ward

    Go straight to 2:05 if you're just here for the whizz fizz


    haha "The Little Day Out"

  6. Robin Wells

    that's for your familys

  7. Charli Stafford

    Good times. Missing the Samford days

  8. 31Unlimited

    samford state school i go there

  9. Lilah Pep

    I can't believe this was almost 10 years ago... It was so much to be apart of.

  10. liam wicks

    Just fucken bring them back together

  11. Wander Lust


  12. Sonoftoenails93

    reminds me of me going to school..

  13. Klownov Society

    This songs brings back old memories Love this song.

  14. mike mikovich

    yeah they should have been saw them in atlanta and became a huge fan just on their performance at the music festival

  15. paul canavan

    i always loved this clip - real aussie and very clever

  16. Guidonator181

    That kid on the guitar is seriously rockin!

  17. Guidonator181

    I do remember this being played on the radio a fair bit...

  18. DoubleTroubleFudge

    That moment when I found out my boyfriend was in this.

    Sub Zero

    DoubleTroubleFudge :0

  19. MsLeigh65

    What a cool clip, I LOVE IT!!! :-D

  20. Izzy Kit

    I have a sudden craving for milo

  21. Lachy Ryan

    It's funny how this was filmed at Samford State Primary School where Powderfinger live

  22. Declan

    the guy at 3:14 is my friend and goes to school with me x)


    How is he now?

  23. Guitar4Eva100

    lol, highchair and wolfmummy.... brilliant! XD

  24. IloveRAPE

    this was at my primary school

  25. UltimateSteevil

    yes. you can't HEAR shit because it's not a recording OF shit. i'm so funny. sigh. :)

  26. 2012Queenslander

    apparently they didnt sign a 16th fans etcha sketch

  27. gigabotan

    children always make music videos pleasant to watch

  28. RootedHat

    he's eating a marshmallow like you take acid !!! (tablets of acids) haha wtf!

  29. RootedHat

    you're probably death to beautiful music

  30. John S B

    @1jackiea, yeah go Australia!!!

  31. Alexander Sanchez

    @13swiftfan13 im the chubby bouncer lol

  32. 1jackiea

    so cool us aussies .

  33. wtf601

    oh the good old iPod nano, miss ya buddy

  34. Matt Baldwin

    Smoking Fads, and snorting Whizz Fizzers. the high life

  35. MickyyisMick

    @hazbrofly she's like 12

  36. Guitar4Eva100

    that kid in the bus with an ipod is the younger, guy version of me :)

  37. goateesailor

    this is good but the live versions way better

  38. William O'Hare

    dean is in this lol sweet bro

  39. Kempii

    thats my old school

  40. Sammy Soden


  41. Jumungie

    i like the kid thats like 3!! milos jeeeezz

  42. Andrew Pullin

    @fkngtwat its fixed now

  43. Jenna Goy

    i know the main kid! yehhhh jake!!!!!!

  44. usagimaiden

    Im in this video clip... i was suposed to be yumi stines

  45. Tony Hayes

    @mattijs20 wrk for me dude

  46. christinedaae101

    I know the girl at 1:24 XD

  47. Kmak 91

    One of the best Aussie bands hands down!!

  48. SonyCamry


  49. FinallyANickNotTaken

    Sounds working ok now, great clip, so funny!!

  50. Oliver Yeh

    haha i know the kid at 0:50...the one in sunnys :D

  51. clooky04

    a butthole farts in the u.s. every .00341 seconds

  52. paztopaz

    i love this song

  53. MDC1919

    To quote " Been trying to find this clip. Here it is, NO BLOODY SOUND "...please someone figure it out as the film clip is one of the best ever.......

  54. TardisCraze939

    I think someone didn't rememer.. the sound that is!!!!

  55. MickyyisMick

    @MaggieS63 it probably got done for copyright infringement

  56. MaggieS63

    Been trying to find this clip. Here it is, NO BLOODY SOUND.

  57. blake10001

    hahah bouncer

  58. xiphocostal

    sound would be good

  59. godtheonyt

    isnt this supposed to be a song?

  60. richdog89

    great song, no effing sound though

  61. mattijs jansen

    whats a song without music!!!!!!
    delete it!!

  62. GeoAuziePoetry

    i want a hi chair shirt