Post Malone - Lonely Lyrics

[Jaden Smith & Teo:]
Oh... (oh)
Oh... (nah, nah, nah)
Oh... (oh)
I just...
Can I...
I just...
I just, can I...
I just...
Can I...
I just, I just
Can I, I just
I just want to see you (Damn)
Something I can see through baby (Man)
You make my dreams come true
Can I...
Can I (Aw Yeah), I just

[Post Malone:]
I just
Baby can I come and see you
I just, I just
Girl you seem always on the move
I just cannot, uh, figure out what to do
And I just, I just, uh, cannot let you go on your own
Eh, why you got to be so inconsiderate wit' it
Know that you mean more than any one of these bitches
Its like you wanna see me go and hop off some bridges
Emo pussy woulda' gone and cut up ones wrists
Instead I'm going to drop a hundred bands on a whip
Only way I know to get my brain off of shit, eh
I just want to see you, maybe talk about shit
I just want to see ya, you might feel for the kid
It's you that I have been searchin' for
Just let me know what's good with y'all
Can't keep on going back and forth
Won't let you, won't let you

[Jaden Smith:]
I just...
I just...
I just want to see you (Damn)
Something I can see through baby (Man)
You're making my dreams come true (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)
Can I...
Can I...
Cause I just want to see you (Hey)
Something I can see through baby
You make my dreams come true (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)

I just, can I
I just...
I just...
Can I come and see you
I just, something I can see through baby, I just
Make my dreams come true (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)
You're walking alone, you're walking alone
I hate when you walk, at least talk on the phone
There's some creeps in this zone, you said joker shut up I should know how to walk
I come from the bronx, I said baby its cool you know I like your talk
We keepin' it cool, we keepin it, keep it

I just...
I just, I just want to see you (Damn)
Something I can see through baby (Man)
You're making my dreams come true (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)
Can I...
Can I...
Cause I just want to see you (Hey)
Something I can see through baby
You make my dreams come true (Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah)

[Teo & Post Malone:]
Imma' never be alone
Imma' never be alone
When you're walkin' down the road

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Post Malone Lonely Comments
  1. Adaeze Ezekwere

    Funny ad-libs
    Great song.
    Trap @ it’s best.

  2. Rb RB

    Bro someone needs to get these trash ass rappers off of Post Malone record man, they make this sound like shit he could have done this shi* by himself and made it sound better.

    Rb RB

    Must've sold out like every one else

  3. Not All.there

    Rest in peace piperBoo❤

  4. Nate one

    Damn I always needed a girl to dedicate to this song but fuck those high school hoes I see different now. Even though Jadens gay ass (not hatin y'all)haha this shit bumps few songs I'll replay as a guy like this but post and beat are great and vocals

  5. KDoeBeatz

    2020 and its still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Tre Turner

    Why is this not a Spotify anymore? This hoe slaps

  7. Darrius Cole


  8. Carl Johnson

    WhO iS LisTEniNg iN 2020?

  9. Tab Bowekaty

    SOUTHERN COLORADO 2020 Bumping ya H8rz

  10. wazha khuwa

    when Bruce Lee hops on i go crazy 🔥🔥

  11. Changing2bhappy Inchaaallah


  12. Tezza Alvaro

    The best Jaden Smith song ever No Cap

  13. Tab Bowekaty

    This songs sick !! Gotta turn SONY sterio n bass them 18 inch whooferz

  14. BG GG

    This was my brother’s favourite song before he died😞this ones for you✨

  15. hinrich bühring

    2020 Anyone??!!

  16. NiceBoyKC


    Jon Sk

    Bad boys

    Brandon Rashad

    I just found out about this song and I fucking love it lol

    Itumeleng Stimela

    World Wide

  17. Emanuel Zimmerman

    Jan 2 2020 still on it 💪🏾💪🏾

  18. Melody Ralph

    2020 still listening 🥺

  19. Leighton Bell

    2020 anybody?


    Leighton Bell 🤙

  20. Tiffanibb

    Gonna be listening this for forever 😭

  21. StezeEnt Entertainment

    One of my favorites. From Dallas With 💘

  22. Corlin B.

    who’s listening in 2019

  23. Narh-saam Desmond

    I love the skrrt❤❤❤

  24. Roderick Chapman

    And yes... That’s definitely Willow Smith back there. Just Nasty smh

  25. Roderick Chapman

    It’s December 2019 and I’m just now finding out about this. Now I’m pissed that it isn’t on ITunes smh

  26. Wilson Stephen Kaw

    Dec 2019?

  27. kevin Romero

    could someone please upload it to spotify ❌⭕️

  28. onlylisse

    who listening rn tho???

  29. Raúl Brenner

    December and I come here everyday ...

  30. Linoxy

    This song is so underrated...

  31. The Davis Dimension

    My jam. Damn 3 years now..sad

  32. Bentley Gifford

    Why was this in one of Danny Duncan's playlist called eating challenges

  33. Tamiris Souza De Oliveira

    Essa é 10 só 😏🙌

  34. Vanessa Lopez

    underrated .

  35. Pisauce


  36. Matheus Wenicius

    meus zovoooooo (br aqui!!!!!!!)

  37. tomithepooh

    I miss these times dude

  38. AbysmalEnd

    people say this song is underrated but it has over 18 million views lol

  39. Vivi Almeida

    Algum br?💚💛

  40. Jaquan

    Classic remember playing this song on repeat 🔥 such a great song

  41. Nibiru Cult


  42. Luan Rodrigues

    Cadê isso no Spotify???? Meu Deus!!!!

  43. Arif

    When I went to Post Malone x Jadens concert, I really thought they might perform this :(

  44. Figo Handsome


    Lxcid_ Nana

    deuces up A town down

    Noah Heines

    Just wanna find this on Spotify but it’s not there 😭


    Ayyyy stay high

    Chanel Hawkins

    DECEMBER 2019

  45. Thomas E Whittemore Jr

    Who here in oct 2019💪

  46. 007

    When he said "going back and forth" he meant running in circles... He just didn't know it yet

    Prajwal Kulkarni

    good observation yo

  47. XsBlack19

    This really needs to be on Apple Music

  48. Prateik Sharma

    So I just came back to this song on sunday afternoon here and i paused the song!
    I havn't smoked a while, So I hop on my scooter went to score some grass, back again and resume my trip on this, went on terrace & contintued the trip... It feels divine now!

  49. Prateik Sharma

    this never gets old, it has unique afternoon vibes. many songs comes and go, but this never gets old. I'll love it till death!

  50. Cheyanne

    this is such a bop it’s a shame it’s not as appreciated as it should :(

    boss hog

    Cheyanne no cap fam. Industry big mad. Post shoot straight facts. They swervin.

  51. Nina Baeva

    I wanna see you too) and touch your face...

  52. Svetoch of the Galaxy

    Yes, you can) I am free...

  53. Alexis Oja

    Please put this on Apple Music!

  54. TheFnames

    Posty kills this as usual

  55. Nina Baeva

    I wanna see batman in my room...

  56. slimxchancez

    post saving

  57. EV Torrance

    Just found this when I couldn't add Posty's Goodbyes and Enemies to my playlist on Soundcloud. So good, and infectious.

  58. Ahmad Yehia

    Words can't describe how fabulous this song is

  59. Taylor Anderson

    :) knew about this years ago

  60. Caesey Delacroix

    I just wanna see you.... damn. Something I can see through baby

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    This song still hits so hard omgawd

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    Can someone put this on iTunes please!!

  64. Aurimas Koval

    I just, can I, I just want to see this on spotify. <3

  65. DuDil

    Wow, a song with Jaden Smith i actually like... Most of the time i believe he is something in music because of his dad... Cuz the songs i've heard with him is totally trash... To me... He's a kick ass actor, but his music is pure toxis...
    But this shit's dope as fuck 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  66. pxrtellv

    i'm lonely :(((((

  67. canal logan

    Love Love Love Love Love post

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    people dont even noe about this song ...........crazy yall hear willow on the hook

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    This should really be available ok Spotify. It's been years since i have to listen to It on YouTube.

  70. V Mad

    This song popped into my mind out of nowhere! LoL!

  71. Goon10ajz

    Still never understood why this wasn’t released and pushed hard


    It was released in his mixtape, August 26.

  72. Arika Gilmore

    Is this not on ITunes?

  73. Sabrina

    Its always the biggest bops that go unnoticed

  74. Mauss Beat DM

    Que recuerdos con esta canción, de las mejores!!

  75. Mckinley Thomas

    Willow's voice is really capitvating

  76. the baddest chick



    2019 🔥🔥🔥💯

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    Why was this song ahead of it’s time tbh🤦🏽‍♂️

    Joel JeeZ

    Perfect song btw

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    Listen to this song when I’m depressed & lonely

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    0:59 thought he said, "Baby can i cum into you."

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