Police, The - I Burn For You Lyrics

Now that I have found you
In the coolth of your evening smile
The shade of your parasol
And your love flows through me
Though I drink at your pool
I burn for you, I burn for

You and I are lovers
When nighttime folds around our bed
In peace we sleep entwined
And your love flows through me
Though an ocean soothes my head
I burn for you, I burn for

Stars will fall from dark skies
As ancient rocks are turning
Quiet fills the room
And your love flows through me
Though I lie here so still
I burn for you, I burn for you
I burn

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Police, The I Burn For You Comments
  1. Carl Parker

    Thank you! I love this one. Liked n' subbed, cheers.

  2. deeceetee

    Adore this, and this version in particular. So very beautiful.

  3. Aja

    Sting has newer versions of this great song on Spotify, but they miss Stewart's great drumming. Why isn't this original version on Spotify? Coolth is a great word! They were the best band of their era... a supergroup indeed...

  4. Hoki

    Who did he write this song about?

  5. Vexille The Pretzel

    If the group is called The Police is Sting The Sheriff? And did Bob Marley shoot him?

  6. Beth Riches

    This song still gives me chills!

  7. Helen Walsh

    Brimstone and Treacle.😍😍😍☝️☝️☝️

  8. RodgertheNegotiator

    I always love the unique bass of The Police.

  9. KB1523

    The dreadful scene...Was he the devil or just a very deranged young man...?

  10. Juani Ortelli

    my girlfriend said she hated the police, she's alone now

    Pasqualino Imbemba

    Way to go


    Oh no she's not ...

    Vladimir Medvedev

    Maybe she was talking about the local police at her town not the band.



  12. thecomfortstation

    i believe Sting wrote this during a lesson while he was a school teacher...

  13. BIG Joe Eagl

    Make a great Rite to Freyr background music

  14. sting the police

    Uo uoo o o o

  15. Jay Cutts

    If this was an Elton John song it would have been released every five years, less is more

  16. Pete Lacy

    Now that I have found you!!!
    I burn for you

  17. BrazilianTVHD

    This one and Someone to Talk To are really underrated songs.

  18. MerkinMuffly

    I remember sending the lyrics of this song to my future wife as a poem, still together 21 year later, I guess they worked pretty out pretty well.



  19. sting the police

    Que bonita es esta canción ,mi favorita era every little thing she does is Magic pero después de escuchar esta se me a puesto los pelos de punta de lo buena que es.

  20. Keyboard Corrector


  21. spinalcrackerbox

    I remember buying that soundtrack LP just to get this one and the other two Police songs. IBFY was the only one that stood the test of time out of the three but what a great song it is!

  22. Ben Daniel

    This isn't very black metal

  23. Laura Idini

    Non c'è niente da fare, questa canzone mi sconvolge nel profondo

  24. Mitshu Marner

    This song really highlights the individual genius of the musicians of this group.

  25. ProfessorChernobyl

    Dhough I džrink æť yōūr pōōl
    I bœrn før you

  26. Ken Gibbens

    Always one of my favorite Police songs

  27. Raffaele Costanzo


  28. Kirk Barnhart

    Omar rushed the outro.

  29. Mischa Roberts

    I believe this song is from Sting's movie "Brimstone And Treacle." 😉

    sting the police


  30. ajdbatfan

    Greatest group EVER! Fell in love with them in 1978 and they've been my band ever since. How this was never released as a single I will never know...

  31. Earl Brackett

    thx Carrie, a shame The Police quit when they started making true masterpieces like this version...

  32. thumblister

    I burn for her

  33. The Uncouth Youth

    Still got that Brimstone & Treacle soundtrack LP

  34. Marc Weissman

    Just an incredible song. And if not for the stipulation that Andy and Stewart each have at least ONE song of their own on Ghost in the Machine and Synchronicity, I Burn For You very well could've and should've landed on one of those 2 albums (instead of "Mother", for example.) Thankfully it was included as part of the B & T Soundtrack and, of course, on Sting's solo "Bring on the Night" CD.

  35. Marisol Cortez

    to have lived the profound emotion of this song at any point in one's life is a great gift.

    d barna

    well said indeed

    chevy Dryden

    Pooky Bum I burn for you

    Thunder Chicken

    Sting wrote this track for the movie Brimstone & Treacle which he stared in....awesomely dark movie and tune.

    the womble

    @Thunder Chicken He actually wrote it back in Newcastle when he was a teacher by day and played in a local band at night. It's about his first wife, Frances Tomelty.

    Thunder Chicken

    @the wombleCool

  36. Demetrius Meriwether

    This song is hot makes the night right few drinks where are the 80s girls come out please 89 waiting for you

  37. alinn71

    hauntingly dark!

  38. Aldo Pereboom

    I used to sing/murmur this song to the love of my life, when she fell asleep next to me. She is still The One to me, but sadly she just broke up with me. I Burn For You, is my song for her.
    "You and I are lovers, the nighttime falls around our bed, in peace we sleep entwined and your love flows through me, though an ocean seems my head, I burn for you".... It's almost Shakesperian....

    Michael Martyn

    ...ocean "soothes" my head..."
    Even better.

    Pablo Lahey

    Aldo Pereboom " though I drink at your pool"

    the womble

    @Pablo Lahey naughty sting!

  39. Reginald Bigley

    Public comment

  40. TheEarlymtv

    good song, but it does tend to drag a little at the end

    Rob Mack

    @TheEarlymtv thanks for that.

  41. Joe Blow

    The world should've made the band stay on that island for a few more albums!

    Rob Mack

    @Michael Vanderford micheal the world does not tell us......we tell the world.


    They'd probably kill eachother on that island.

    Haha Pack

    Michael Vanderford yeah but it wasn't to be.They are my third favorite band after The Beatles and Pink Floyd.my 4th is Supertramp.

  42. Joe Blow

    I remember where I was exactly when I first heard this song.  Time stops.

    Rob Mack

    @Michael Vanderford me too...life goes on

  43. Simon Robeyns

    the version on bring on the night is as good as it gets, check it out

    John Thomas

    +Simon Robeyns - remember Omar's drum solo? Best in rock n roll EVER


    +Simon Robeyns indeed. Bring On The Night, the Live Sting concert with the best JAZZ band a pop musician will EVER be able to get, buries all other versions of the songs. Bring On The Night included.

  44. Melissa Fleming

    I love sting and the police this is a group I grew up with

    NS Steampunk

    @Melissa Fleming Sounds like near the end they were singing the aeolian or natural relative minor key of F major, D natural minor instead of the common harmonic minor. I am a music education major at Muskingum University.

    Nick Drake

    @Erich Diebold Yes it is, near the end and all through the song. The b6 is always present

    Jack Beddows

    Well, actually the natural minor is not only as common, but in most pop, way more common than the harmonic minor.....

  45. Harmony Wisdom

    I Love Stewart's drumming.  But I can't hear this song anymore without thinking of Omar Hakim's drum outro from that version.. :)


    @Harmony Wisdom Damn right ! For me, Omar Hakim's solo on the bring on the night is the greatest drum solo ever made.

    Just K

    +Laurent75017 Omar Hakim = All Time Great

    John Davies

    Stewart spoils this track.

    Eric Bolivar

    Harmony Wisdom Amen

  46. Aldo Pereboom

    Recorded during the Ghost In The Machine-period. Sting wrote it in 1976 for the band he then played in, Last Exit. He wrote it for his, then wife, Frances Tomelty. Not because someone in the band got gonorrhea, Liberty AboveAllElse! Do your homework properly, before making such stupid remarks!

  47. Storm Ryan

    Sounds more like a Sting solo career song than a Sting song.

    the womble

    In a sense it is. Most of the early Police material was really solo Sting songs.He's said so many times in interviews. He was writing songs (including this one) back in the mid seventies back in Newcastle. Check out Last Exit.


    This song was mostly Sting, yes. He originally wrote and performed it with Last Exit before The Police, and it was considered for many Police albums, but only ever made it to being a B-side. It was recorded with The Police when Sting was working on the movie Brimstone & Treacle, and also saw a release on that movie's soundtrack album. Most people who hear this version these days find it on the Message in a Box Police recordings boxset that came out in '93.

  48. Liberty AboveAllElse

    This song apparently inspired by one of the band-members who came down with gonorrhea. 

  49. A MC Suffolk

    Just as interesting and atmospheric as live version which ended up on Sting's 'bring on the night' live album


    I love that version, the drummer really goes to town too.  Is it Omar Hakim?

    TK Imagine Studio

    No, it's Stewart Copeland.

    Michael Martyn

    yes, it is Omar Hakim on the live album

  50. featherinthewind333

    this should of been on synchronicity instead of mother

    A. S.

    I love "Mother!"

    Scott Murdock

    Was slated to be on Ghost In The Machine .. this and Once Upon A Daydream..

    Todd Jones

    Murder by Numbers was bumped out for Mother, not this. Just as much of a crime, though.


    I actually like Mother, but it just isn't in the same league, not even on the same continent, as I Burn For You. An incredible album would have been even better. Like leaving Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane off Sgt Pepper's (although the Beatles were obliged to due to regulations then in force about the number of singles on any one album) and putting on When I'm 64 instead.

  51. wolves76

    This song fits perfectly to the horror of the climatic scene of that very good film. Thanks for uploading. A great song written I think for his first wife. 


    Yes, one of the most disturbing scene in cinema history and one of the most underrated movie in cinema history.i ve got the 5 Police albums.i followed Sting' s solo career up to the soul cages album.From there,sting started producing really shit music and mixing with horrible musicians like this twat called Kanye West.






                                                              ~~*I BURN*~~(;)                  


    @Reigna K.M ALL THAT Bloody writing & all I get is an  *Awww! >   BOLLOCK I say unto thee my Indian Princess. ha ha(;)

    Goddess of Music

    I'm crazy in love with you. So there not much else to say


    @Reigna K.M YAY(:)

  53. Karen Catizone

    The Police have always been my favorite band. And this song is one of my favorite Police Songs. I gotta say, everyone should know what it's like to be with someone that loves you this much, and you love this much in return. 

    Rob Mack

    Karen you understand the essence of this song perfectly....yes to be in love and loved this intensely is truly a sweet madness.

  54. Ben Shulman

    This the most intensely dark romantic song I have ever heard. My all-time fav band since 1981

  55. TheRebuilt1

    beautiful song and awesome percussion arrangement, big ups to Stewart Copeland.

  56. Qequalshappiness

    This song is so amazing, I don't even care if Sting invented the word "coolth".


    I was burned. And I burned for you. hahahaha... I'm not funny.

    Celtic and Penobscot

    Qequalshappiness He didn't invent that word. It had falls into disuse over the last two centuries or so.

    the womble

    @Celtic and Penobscot He was an English teacher..................

    This Bird Has Flown

    Is there a credible source that the lyric is "coolth"? I have always heard it as "cool fire."

    the womble

    @This Bird Has Flown It's "the coolth of your evening smile"

  57. turbocamps

    Tuffo nel passato....quanti ricordi...tuttti belli

  58. Patricia Burgess

    this is passion for a lover - wow

  59. Duke Byron

    Happy 61st Birthday Stewart Copeland

  60. Valentina the Witch

    I've always loved this song! The movie is very, very haunting, too.

  61. JSuisMargaux


  62. AllisterCooper2008

    Despite using a TAMA drum set, he stated in an interview that his 'magic drum' was a Pearl :).

    Jorge Carretero

    AllisterCooper2008::The magic is that if you listen closely at the end there is TWO drum set playing,,two different tracks together.if you or anyone listen to the police music there are hidden sound and put quit deliberty .Example walking in the moon you'll hear bubble making machine sound or if you are drowning and you hear you own bubble?

  63. Qequalshappiness

    amen, brother.

  64. cosmetica529

    Best version ever - so hypnotic.

  65. featherinthewind333

    should of been on sychronicity instead of mother

  66. selcouth86

    I could listen to 2:35-4:51 on repeat all night. It's so cathartic it almost hurts.

  67. LordGandor3

    His net worth is 80 mil & he is far from under-rated in the Rock world :D


    ok, en un par de minutos investigue :P


    este tema es de the police??? no es de Sting solista??? ¬¬

    sting the police

    No escucha bien el sonido de la guitarra y el de la batería se nota que es de the police ,está canción la hicieron para la película brimstone y treacle .

    Alexis De Grandmaison

    C'est bien le son du Power Trio : The Police

  70. Glorified Truth

    Hey, thanks for posting this version. It's a great memory.

  71. Glorified Truth

    Oh, jeez, I love the guy. The best ever, IMO. But actually he's very highly rated. Sigh. Nice to know he gets his props, though.

  72. Ramon Arrue

    Fue la canción del baile de novios en mi boda

    Jorge Carretero

    Ramon Arrue ::Muy bien echo

  73. castaway980

    You're in good company DG, seeing as how Keith Moon didn't much like drum solos either. Looking for a link, but I believe he used to wear a "I hate drum solos" shirt occasionally...

  74. Red Vynil

    That's because there's at least 2 drum tracks. That's right, he's playing with himself!

  75. Ricky Alvarez

    haunting tap[estry of jazz fusion and then the tribal beat kicks in ..expect nothing less from the sch. master

  76. Erick del Valle

    Brimstone & Treacle

    Gerardine Cizmar

    Great movie. I was 16 when it came out and just entranced by Sting.


    yes.great movie,dreaful scene when this song plays at the end.

  77. Makis

    Right !!! Epic fights between them :)

  78. MangMangie

    not just "one of" - this is THE finest of sting, no doubt about it

  79. prg vidiot

    Love Copeland, as much for his drumming as for his ability to piss Sting off.

  80. superloveablemusic

    Remember this movie!!! Really cool and interesting. The song of course is brilliant as always. This is an especially good one, in my opinion!

  81. KSmithism

    SO true!

  82. Flinh02

    My favourite song too, with Spirit in the material world, best band ever

  83. giuliopoli69

    @OralAgreement69 I know, Was Stewart idea of trio band, also the kind of music to do, the energy.. was all contribution of Stewart.. but Sting never reconize at that time, He felt superior as God

  84. simplemindsforever

    @OralAgreement69 yes!

  85. Katy T

    One of my favourite Police songs, and I can't for the life of me tell you why. It brings to mind images of a clan of pirates and the guy is sacrificing himself for a women, either being burnt at the stake or walking the plank... I love it.

  86. parasite god

    With great music comes great responsability.....

  87. JuTheHammer

    very great songs, this one was record in Montsserat

  88. Headwork

    All three of them are some of the best in their field. 3 Men massive sound! Top it id like to see it. Even The Jam would struggle!

  89. Luke Atkinson

    Has to be said I do prefer the version of this song with Omar Hakim, but this is still amazing.

  90. Bob Siefken

    So beautiful, so wrong

  91. worldwidehank

    this always has been, and always will be, one of my favorites.

  92. Lilo Emyoung


    Amen to That !!

  93. Iconlast

    @Metalicana182 just listen to the shit you want everybody has its own taste, if someone wants to listen to t-pain or some other artist let them be man..

  94. symphonicity

    There is something about this song that is just hypnotising.. I don't know what it is but I when it comes on I have to stop everything just to listen and be in that moment. I just love it.

  95. alinn71

    he is edgy, i mean especially his younger days are messier ..sexier..

  96. Mateus Freire

    You say Taylor Swift,I say Breaking Benjamin

    You say Lady Gaga,I say Evanescence

    You say Miley Cyrus,I say Slipknot

    You say T-Pain,I say Three Days Grace

    You say Eminem,I say Linkin Park

    You say Jonas Brother,I say Green Day

    You say Flowers,I say Puddle of Mudd

    92% of teens have turned to pop and hip-hop.If you are part of the 8% that still listens to real music, copy and paste this message to 5 other videos. DONT LET ROCK N ROLL DIE ! P.S Thumbs Up If You Agree

  97. marticus9

    The two hottest minutes in Rock and Roll of the 80's.

  98. Katy T

    The first time I heard this song, I was in paradise (still am). This is seriously my favourite song on this entire planet. It brings up so many emotions I didn't even know existed. Along with Secret Journey. I freakin' love Sting <3