P.O.D. - This Time Lyrics

And is this, where we need to be?
Or are we tired of looking?
Searching for more than eyes can see,
For something to believe in.
It slipped away, fell away, tried to play yourself
No turning back, all alone and there's nobody else,
Who even knows I'm missing.

And I will run
But this time,
It's worth more than the chance we're taking.
And I will run
But this time,
Wanting more has got me waiting
This time for love.

And I have done this all before,
And nothing ever changes.
Waiting gets harder everytime,
I don't know how to stay still.
And nothing more left to lose, throw it all away
Maybe the last chance i get to see your face
I can't afford to leave here

And I will run
But this time,
It's worth more than the chance we're taking.
And I will run
But this time,
Wanting more has got me waiting
And I will run
But this time,
I can't believe the chance we're taking
And I will run
But this time,
I need to know so I'll be waiting
This time for love.

And I will run
But this time,
It's worth more than the chance we're taking.
And I will run
But this time,
Wanting more has got me waiting
And I will run
But this time,
I can't believe the chance we're taking
And I will run
And I will run
This time for love.

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P.O.D. This Time Comments
  1. cion mf

    espectacular tema, gracias por el aporte

  2. Iara Will


  3. SunDiegoRockStar

    Something about this song, always one of my favs from the album

  4. Jeferson Salviano

    Adoro P.O.D. melhores álbuns deles . Esse agora não gostei muito .

  5. Antônio Cláudio de Souza Braga Júnior

    Esse disco faz parte da minha história, que saudades dos anos de 2006,2007 e 2008

  6. VilleGardian

    They really stand out among all those boring gospel bands. They offer music not just plain worship!

  7. visiclimacus

    Sincerely this is one of 2 songs that I say are both best song in the world. Ever.

  8. Júnior Miranda

    Viajo nesse som... Escutar ele de olhos fechados é uma sensação gostosa

  9. Taylor Kelly

    This time for love!!!

  10. Allysson Anacleto

    Still listening in 2018!!

  11. Andres Eduardo Pe?a Gutierrez

    2018 Colombia.excelente cancion

  12. Fighters 18

    Qué temazo me encanta !!!

  13. Pedro Alvess

    P.O.D é a melhor banda de rock cristão, um dia vou ver eles

    Forever Nascimento

    Já fui em um show deles....LOUCURAAA

  14. Andrei Matheus

    Amazing song!

  15. jean 666

    🤘Beautiful 🤘

  16. Александр Резниченко

    Who knows ll understand .

  17. Eric Williams

    2018 right here!!!

  18. Dominick

    Man, I think this is the best song out of all of the songs in every album!

  19. Joaquin Zamora

    this might be the last time I see you're face..that part though..

  20. Pablo Párraga Pastor

    2017 (near to 2018) and I can't stop listening this awesome band, tons of feelings!

  21. s c


  22. jose arimateia do nascimento junior

    na minha opinião, o melhor álbum!

    Forever Nascimento

    Esse tá foda msm.. kkkkk

  23. SupermotoFlow

    R.I.P Chester:(

    Connor Edmunds

    1 year today

  24. TorHawk

    Still here, on the strength of a song I live on. No second guessing on what I stood for/ I was good for

  25. Klemen Bagarič

    Greatness 2017!

  26. Chuy Cordoba

    what's meaning The first picture?

  27. Jean Dailair666


  28. Jonathan Goyens

    Payable on death for life and the afterlife in heaven!!! JESUS is REAL!!

    stephen sherman

    Amen he is real, and he is so humbling

    stephen sherman

    He will always catch you when you fall

  29. Erik Veles


  30. Carie/Brian Berg

    All heart! Priceless and timeless!

  31. Tamy Antonian


  32. samuel carlos

    ouvirei ate 2100 se estiver vivo hahahaha

    Louco Autêntico

    até 3440 se possivel hue

  33. Hernan Zerna

    Muy Bueno P.O.D lo mejor saludos desde Argentina my friends.

  34. Ron Dunbar

    thanks for posting the lyrics!

  35. Radek Svrcina

    Jedna z nej skladeb, s přítelkyní ji milujem oba....

  36. williams gomes

    great song!

  37. Miso Oravec

    still listening in 2016!! :)

    Raushaun Rigsby

    "2019" until infinity, P.O.D. 4 Life, I'll be jammin them if I reach 80 becuz I've been jammin since I was 21 and am now 39.

  38. Giovanni Ares

    I'm still here, I'll not go away...

  39. xennex

    thid is great song, thanks
    such a shame they didn't brought this song when i was watching them live last year

  40. Michael Anthony Pagsibigan

    Songs these old remind me of the old youtube lay out for some reason. Better than today.

  41. Silentmay Robert

    amazing band  - no doubt

  42. JezzeBoy

    I can't even understand what he's singing during the chorus of this song???... It's sounds really good though...


    And I and I won't run this time, it's worth more than the chance we're taking, and I and I won't run this time, wanting more has got me waiting.

  43. Low Light


    As I have understood so is P.O.D a "christian band", right?

    I know there is a lot of symbolism out there, not only in music but everywhere. Sort of to mock God or to just confirm that satan is the prince of "this world" until the final day when Jesus comes back. Anyway...

    As a "Christian" and a believer in J.C., I found it interesting (without judging) to see, what I have understood it to be; an occult sign together with P.O.D., in their videos or elsewhere. Can any body plz explain? Here below is the explanation of the symbol to begin with. Plz analyse yourselves.

    "The Triquetra is an ancient “Triple-Goddess” symbol, of triangulate form, made popular recently by the TV show "CHARMED."  The Triquetra, (from a Latin word meaning "three cornered") is a disguised interlocked trio of sixes and a graphic form of 666.  It is Celtic and symbolises amongst other things, the triple goddess of Wicca (three interlocked vesica Pisces together).  Commonly used for centuries in Catholic liturgical iconography, it has recently found it's way as the official logo of the New King James Bible.  A typical representation of its corrupt content – no doubt!

    It will be observed that there are 60 degrees in each corner of an equilateral triangle. Each angle, therefore, is the equivalent of the Heb. -Chaldee Samech – S; symbol of the devil and the serpent. We also observe that the Heb-Chaldee Vav is a V and 6 and that the Greek S - Stigma is the symbol for 6. Some secret societies frequently place SSS in each corner of a triangle.  Sorath, is spelt in Hebrew: Samech, Vau, Resh , Tau - having the numerical value 60 + 6 + 200 + 400 = 666.  The Sun-Demon, Sorath, is the inspirer of black magic."

    Luz Angelica Barraza Villadiego

    Always ........... For   Ever :)

  44. kherise

    very cool song, I love it!! superb!!

  45. Vilavain

    seriously this song really helps me to get through this hard time......

  46. rafael honorez

    I love so much this song......

  47. Sunless Rehtaf

    I was able to hand A portrait I did of band to his wife when I saw them in LA many years ago. I hope they were able to frame it or something.

  48. Jonathan Phillips


  49. jason hudson

    im a godsmack fan!

    Nick Randles

    jason hudson sorry for your luck

  50. Peaceful Lullaby

    On the contrary kevinerz, this is a love song.

  51. Paolo Muka

    mecchanikal neck in tecnopounder like my family smack by smirne

  52. Treelife

    you just lived in a wrong time lol POD is not that underrated before.. pff

  53. H'mza Cemlaly

    okaay :(

  54. Anthony Sotelo

    3 months... great progress!

  55. Alejandro Burgos

    10 persons will not run.

  56. jupiramaster

    Marcos+jason would be rad

  57. ItsAxiis

    well fuck its already mine

  58. K Moss

    This song got me through some rough times. Still my favorite song by them

  59. H'mza Cemlaly

    Godsmack's Fans ''Thumb Up''

  60. melody weiss

    pod very good i listen to pod over years

  61. melody weiss

    good good song

  62. Chris Cole

    i know right! ...well ,i guess truth is not very popular anymore.

    George Seeker 32

    Unfortunately in a world there's less truth and more lies, my friend.

  63. Biake22

    idk, i thought he did some acoustic album

  64. Louijuan

    Extremely underrated,just every content POD puts out there it's the best,if only it caught the ear of the youth these days :s freaking music industries controlling what they listen to,pure bullocks.

  65. First World Appetite

    Do you mean John 5 from Marilyn Manson?

  66. Albertro Dantas


  67. demetre tzikoradze

    Very underrated band. Seriously.

  68. Biake22

    What was the album where the guitarist left and did an instrumental thing?

  69. Rawk4Life

    @tenebriousbeauty And you know this for a fact? Paganism didn't exist until after Judaism, which pre-dated the first coming of Christ. Christianity existed long before paganism, it's just that the term Christian wasn't used until Christ came to Earth.

  70. Rawk4Life

    @wackjobnetwork He is incorrect. Katy Perry sang guest vocals for the band's song Goodbye for Now, but was never officially part of P.O.D.

  71. Azefn

    i wud prefer jason than marcos..his tone got more sentimental value..


    i never knew jason truby played with POD... :O
    first playing thrash/death metal and then POD.. lol :)

  73. wjveryzer7985

    def there best album. I take truby over marcos anyday.

  74. Keverninz

    @ZachDestroyer17 It's a song about the lord and Savior. Not a love song mate. "Searching, for more then eyes can see, For something to believe in !"

  75. Louijuan

    Favorite Band of all time,definitly hands down.

  76. Alex Maximoff

    Willst du uns verarschen? Das ist deutlich POD. Slipknot ist garnicht dieser style. o.o

  77. sk8freak51392

    man, i hope i meet a good girl who listens to p.o.d.... good music in general

  78. Aj De Alejandro

    I freaking love this song

  79. jaymiles81

    @sam18676 This song helped me get through some really tough times. It's one of my fav's as well.

  80. Ivan Morales

    Thats tight they frm San Ysidro jst like me gotta represent :D

  81. KayLyda

    Thank God for P.O.D and amazing music! I still listen to this in 2011!

  82. Llibuth1

    @serenityluvsgod I feel sorry for you... Be careful what you accuse to be wrong, remember what runs at the center of Christianity, and that is a feeling of love and acceptance, the fact Christ died for all of our sins, and how if we believe and trust in him we will have eternal life. If you want to see the bible as a set of rules feel free, however also remember other Christians in any form are part of a large family with God. I see no reason for you to cause deliberate issues and upset. xXx

  83. Fabulous SLOTH

    @OneOxone Yes it is a german army coat.

  84. OneOxone

    2:09.... a german flag?!

  85. OneOxone

    2.09.... a german flag?!

  86. tenebriousbeauty

    @tapoutbiker89 I don't want to get into a fight here, but do some research. The pagans existed long before the Christians did, and the trinity wasn't accepted until long after Jesus' death by the Catholic Church. However, it is, indeed, of celtic origin, but it was a rune used for protection. Later, when St. Patrick christianized the celtic peoples, they merged their symbols and turned the triquetra into a symbol for the trinity.

  87. San R

    I love P.O.D. :)

  88. ashnichole2162

    great song :)

  89. cmclaybird214

    first band i listend to after i got born agian from drugs. Jesus loves us and our wreched souls that are saved by his grace

  90. tenebriousbeauty

    hmmm...and the symbol is actually of pagan origin... interesting...

  91. Arlene Payne

    simply put this here is good music. ive listend to them for years now im 18. love them always.

  92. psycholeaks

    @nitalina3nikki7 Im glad you like christian ppl. POD has explicitly stated though that they are not a christian band. If thats what you were inferring....or if you were just making a general statement then thats cool too. Just wanted to make sure you werent confused.

  93. Darius

    temazo....ojala vuelvan a chile algun dia y toquen todas estas grandes canciones que tienen, no se queden solo en ALIVE, YOUTH OF THE NATION y las mas conocidas. El album testfiy en su mayoria es extraordinario.