P.O.D. - Lights Out Lyrics

It goes one for the money homie, two for the show.
We tore the roof off this mother now it's time to blow.
Like we don't need no water, don't bother, we let it burn.
We keep the fire just a little bit hotter, that way you'll learn.
Respect I earned, started with the clique that i hanged.
Respect I earned, ever since i got in this game.
Respect I earned, never wanting fortune or fame.
I'd rather have these south Diego streets knowin my name.

Chiggy-check, microphone check.
Chiggy-check, microphone check.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
If you wanna you can check my stats.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.

We bang boogy through your system, subliminal.
We lyrical murderin like we criminals.
It's life or death, medical decision.
We so dope out the lab that you need a prescription.
The hood is listenin, so for you that i wrote this.
Keep it underground, stickin to the streets like the homeless.
With the dopeness, recognize the real P.O.D.
Cause we triple O, oh triple, triple OG.

Chiggy-check, microphone check.
Chiggy-check, microphone check.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
If you wanna you can check my stats.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.
Lights Out, Game Over.
If you really think you got it like that.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
Word on the streets is the boys is back.

Lights Out, Game Over.
Make way cause the kings is back.
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
If you really think you got it like that.
Lights Out, Game Over.
Word on the streets is the boys is back .
It's Lights Out, Game Over.
Worldwide homie pay respect.
Lights Out, microphone check.
It's Lights Out, microphone check.
Make way cause the kings is back.
Lights Out.

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P.O.D. Lights Out Comments
  1. Andre Cardoso

    Essa banda é show 💪💪💪💪😥👍👍😂😎😎👊👏👏👏

  2. NaveedNaheed Music

    They played this song live once with Lacey Sturm and they sounded awesome together

  3. Christopher Dietz

    Even ten years later I'm thinking this is my favorite POD song

  4. A Random Guy

    God, the Porsche 914 stock race in the New York track was an awful race to do

  5. Ben Natural

    Scary movie 4 2019

  6. Lucien Agniashvili

    TMNT 2007 brought me there

  7. yo yo

    Much love POD

  8. Angelo DiPierro

    Brought to you by Pontiac.

  9. Angelo DiPierro

    One of the best bass tones in the game. Jesus christ!

  10. lhona parambahan

    Padan Sumbar still watching Ramadhan day 17 2019....

  11. Dashen Govender

    This was in one of the Burnouts I swear.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 or Forza or NFS

  12. nacho gomez

    jason truby come back please !!

  13. X Mortadela

    Scary film 4

  14. Luciano de Souza

    O nome dela é Jennifer...

  15. NRCustom

    Must be a big block V8 swap..............

  16. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    TMNT (2007) baby!

  17. Natália Cosendey


  18. Brooke Tokarz

    love metal

  19. DMKelly20

    2:16 That is a total *mic drop* facial expression right there.

  20. Liam Worbey

    WWE Survivor Series 2005

  21. 6.1.9.

    We are a tribute to P.O.D., and we made a cover for LIGHTS OUT!
    Check it out! Much respect!

  22. Victor Popov

    I want an instrumental version of this song, the singing in here is so damn awful

  23. eu ia mamar muito nessa teta Sampaio

    2018 alguem?

  24. Jigsaw 128

    Born and raised in Southtown S.D. i love my boys forever represent

  25. Jakob Corona


  26. Bill Trick

    Grunge scum like this are long gone, and ones that to try to make a comeback it's refreshing to see when they OD soon and no one know why are in just a few months later...........if not weeks.

  27. Mike Weber

    Survivor Series 2005 theme!

  28. majestic nine

    Superman Returns TV Spot

  29. Raphael Croteau-Dontigny

    That F20C EG was fkg dope back in time, forza ms2 bring me here

  30. alexandre goncalves

    Bom dia mais!!!!!!!!

  31. Jão Predo

    voice of funny man H.U

  32. Shaun The Penguin

    Was this song in Forza Motorsport 2? I swear I remember it being in there

    falloutveteran 20

    it was indeed buddy


    In 7 yrs only 785K views? P.O.D. deserve much better!! They're incredible!

    Hybert Bizz

    I agree, soon 1M views. I hope some day.

    Christopher Dietz

    Almost there, October 2019!

  34. Loveisstrong10

    WWE Survivor Series 2005!

  35. terminator_ clone

    this band sucks this can get anymore gay

    Justin Flores

    gothic_666 dark emperor You must either be deaf or just have a really bad taste in music.

  36. Synystr7

    Fuck off! the Solstice doesn't sound like that lel


    Ls swapped is the only way it could sound that way. . it sounded like a different car either way

  37. thelma martins

    curto de montão\00/

  38. Steve Gartman

    such a fun song to play on the drums! Wuv is SICK!

  39. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Survivor Series 2005

  40. E Rigoleto

    I am the only one that knows a pontiac solstice doesnt sound like a v8 muscle

    Zoli Varga

    You're not, this must be LS swapped. :D

  41. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Survivor Series 2005

  42. Sajan Joy

    Is dat... brian head ...on guitar

    Desmond Lake

    +Sajan Joy No, Jason Truby. Formerly of Living Sacrifice.

    Sajan Joy

    @Desmond Lake thankyou

  43. Marciana Moreira

    ito light out ........os good.

  44. Lala Menezes

    top demaaaaisss vei

  45. Яков Созонтов

    stupid commercials. But clip is soo cool!

  46. Jozef Forgáč

    2016 anyone ? :^)


    Mikasa es u casa,..... next year hopefully it wont be delayed anymoar

  47. Joel mendes meneses

    e muito boa

  48. DoobieFunkFellow

    2015, still listened

  49. NO NAME 00110001001110010011100000110100


  50. Adriano Felix

    P.O.D. a banda número 1. Deus abençoe!


    Concordo plenamente Adriano Felix!

  51. StreamerVideo

    and not a single curse word. Just hard core rhymes and sound. 


    @StreamerVideo The word man.

  52. Chuck Scheckla

    LS6 Swap in the sol...nice

  53. Raider700

    Didn't know a pontiac solstice had V8 option..

  54. Gustav Kalau

    Deeez Nutz - Dr Dre

  55. Alvert Reyes

    WWE Survivor Series 2005 theme!!!




    yeah, remember the promo for the fight between Kurt Angle and John Cena.

    Leo Da Kidd

    The ghost is coming in the ring and I don’t think he’s here to celebrate #Bring back tazz.

  56. Thorough_1

    College Hoops 2k7

  57. Marco Antônio

    Sonzera.... POD in the house... o resto é resto...

  58. arem ramirez

    this is one bad ass song.. :P

  59. Psychocat4life

    Not at all a believer in much of anything but I believe this to be some good sounds :-)

  60. Francis Homer Pimentel

    where it realy came some are fake.

  61. EmEmcee MC

    Scary Movie 4 anyone?

  62. Thiago kAKAROTO

    A melhor sem duvidas!!!!!

  63. Eduardo Peixoto

    melhor banda de todos os tempos

  64. Facundo Di Gennaro

    chris lytle brought me here hahaha

  65. AFH1991

    Suvivor Series 2005

  66. Mana Addict

    I can't help but to love the guitar.

  67. Mitchell Waukau

    P.O.D. ROCKS

  68. Thewizardofrocknroll

    Killer Song: Check

  69. Darth Nox

    Its very nice and i like this music, but it reminds me rapcore.

  70. Mikoláš Fišer

    This is nu-metal if im right... Very unique style though.

  71. Darth Nox

    Yes, im probably ignorant here but is this grunge hip-hop?


    KenDemonic nu metal

  72. ironskilit

    my interaction with a pc and the internets brought me here.

  73. gadowski fans

    amazing sound..

  74. Patrick Boily

    pod brought me here.

  75. Rocky Austin

    Myself brought Me here

  76. Christopher C.

    TMNT (2007) brought me here.

  77. InMyRemains Alex

    Scarry Movie, brought me here ! >:)

  78. cfontboy1992

    nothing. just saying. not expecting u to care.

  79. Roberto Phillips

    Dont you just love it when a random click on a vid pays off

  80. cfontboy1992

    lol. i see u on mudvayne vids man. here you are, once again...weird.

  81. Bionic Pulse

    great track!

  82. kencop85

    I give this song to the 49ers anyone who watched the superbowl knows what im talking about. GG Ravens!

  83. IFIXUR360

    maybe because its payable on death. generally a christian term meaning what god gave you to create you you give back when you die. but yes they are a christian band. a really awesome christian band at that.

  84. Samuel Rodriguez

    This is a Christian Band. What do you think they will be talking about. They are the best in the world. They changed me so much and I thank them for that.

  85. mdcplease

    I saw these guys once and they kept talking about Jesus and shit

  86. DaveMustaine13

    scary movie 4 :p

  87. borny21

    thumb up if Scary Movie 3 brought you here

  88. Ani Quiros

    muy buena esta banda

  89. TonyJasta

    P.O.D Brought Me Here

  90. SoLottaTech SoLittleTime

    interesting... never realized a Pontiac Solstice ever came with a V8... LIERS!!!

  91. sharayanime


  92. Matheus Chagas

    a banda já é boa ainda num lugar dese fica melhor ainda!!!!

  93. Josh Beder


  94. LegoMatt222

    Survivor Series 2005 Brought Me here.

  95. Maspi

    My cock brought me here