P.O.D. - Eyez Lyrics

When it all goes down we will rise! [x5]
But you ain't seen nothing yet!

One vision, death has risen
To meet his majesty. The blasphemy is unforgiven
And through this alchemy of calvary, only one decision
I and I prophecy the truth and destroy the wicked
Millennial reign, surrender to the guillotine
Last breath, second death, sentenced to a murder scene
So when I’m gone, don’t you act surprised
It’s going down right in front of your eyes

When it all goes down we will rise!
But you ain't seen nothing yet! (Eyez)
This world!(Eyez) Your life!(Eyez)
But you ain't seen nothing yet!(Eyez)

Awake and scream all who sleep in the earth
Hear his voice in the grave, arise and step forth
And make your stand while men run for the hills
Fill the valley with blood and flood the killing fields
Keep laughing now, you're gonna regret it then
'Cause this day God will judge all the secrets of men
Mark my words and don’t act surprised
It’s going down right in front of you eyes

When it all goes down we will rise!
But you ain't seen nothing yet!(Eyez)
This world!(Eyez) Your life!(Eyez)
But you ain't seen nothing yet!(Eyez)

This will be the last time you will see me again
This will be the last time you ever see me again

One man is guilty and one man is not
And you will answer for yourself whether you like it or not!
One man lives and the other man dies
It’s going down right in front of your eyes

When it all goes down we will rise!
But you ain't seen nothing yet!(Eyez)
This world!(Eyez) Your life!(Eyez)
But you ain't seen nothing yet!
But you ain't seen nothing yet!
But you ain't seen nothing yet!

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P.O.D. Eyez Comments
  1. stephen sherman

    What about basic human rights, and Geneva convention

  2. stephen sherman

    Is it true that there is a loop hole that some that has a mental illness when some one has to suffer like that, and be blacked balled. All this crap about gun violence. By all means I'm not a danger to my self or others. What about human rights.

  3. Sakuya Amano

    I may not be religious, but hot damn.... I always found POD freaking awesome!

  4. Jose Osornio

    Joliet West’s weight room experience.

  5. Burrito Brownie

    Clear it up for you..... P.O.D. Style classification is ,well , simply P.OD. Nothing else!!!

  6. Ronal Tapahit

    sip tak perna pudar

  7. Wilfredo Vazquez

    Wow 140,666 views

  8. Jesse the Gamer

    are you kidding me this song is awesome!

  9. Stephen Sherman

    Isis the Greek God, Babylon. I'm Palo I'm of the land.

  10. Achim Helmutwerner

    Praise the Lord for the gift of Music!!!

  11. Carlos Brown

    Matthew 24


    Carlos Brown

    Amen, antichrist comes in v15 then Christ returns in 29-31. To make 2thess 2:1-4 truth, antichrist will stand in the holy place before Christ returns or gathers his elect.

  12. tiro ree

    but you ain't seen nothin yet...hell yea 619 represent

  13. Clint Ferguson

    SAY YOUR GOODBYES ----- (inspiration: "Eyez", P.O.D., album Murdered Love.) ------ One vision, after Christ's death He has risen. To meet his majesty, confess your sins and be forgiven. And through the work at calvary, make your decision. Listen to the prophecy, the truth, and do not join the wicked. The Millennial reign, Jesus reigns supreme. Last chance, last death, going to visit the King. After the rapture when I'm gone, do not be surprised. The believers in God have gone to the skies. Awake and hear the trumpet call to those who sleep in the earth. Not looking past what comes out of the dirt. Make your rise, as you run for the hills. Win a soul for a second chance do the drills. You may be laughing now, watch your back. The angels will indeed be the ones that snatch. Listen to my words and don't be surprised, the rapture of the church will happen before your eyes. Do not be caught last say your goodbyes. -------- created by Clint Ferguson in 2014.

    Douglas Day2

    Clint Ferguson ..TELL EM BROTHER!! DouglasDay DDAYII

  14. MrAdoropudim

    Jamey Jasta 😀

  15. Alex Harewood

    P.O.D I have missed you!! :D

  16. Ander Galeatxe

    whos the one featuring this song?

    Keiser Alquizola

    Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed

  17. Luis Miguel Sosa

    I love this song cuz it gets to people who mock on the truth

    lord squidington

    @Austerity Measures
    the sky being blue is a cold hard fact, and wanna talk facts ok lets talk facts. in the old testament 360 some odd prophecies where made about Jesus, all of which where true in him and him alone, another little fact for you, and but one of the 12 died for there faith, why would a man die for a con? if a man has gun to your head your gonna tell him what you think he wants to hear right? yet these men willingly died for there faith and refused to deny it, another fact your people denyed the exisitance of Pontius Pilate being a fact, then tried to say the proof of his existence didn't prove anything else, because there was no proof he was there then the Pontius stone was found verifying the biblical accounts. need i go on? Oh and your side has been know to flat out lie to farther your goals.

    Austerity Measures

    @lord squidington
    "My side"  Good stuff. What label have I today?

    Oh yes, I know. Pagan, heathen, infidel, blasphemer, unbeliever, witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, atheist, demon, antichrist, etc, etc, ad nauseum

    The sky is blue yes, but it is as I said, an optical illusion. Science, get some in your life.

    lord squidington

    @Austerity Measures
    i assume your a atheist if your those other things id be happy to call you them, and why is it that you don't attack the facts i present but keeping going back to the light refraction of the sky? if you cant argue with the historical facts just admit it my friend.

    Austerity Measures

    @lord squidington I'm agnostic. You're gnostic. You want to learn something? Study the history of gnosticism and Christianity.

    They're tied so closely together in age and history, they're practically indistinguishable.

    Now don't be afraid. You have faith, right?

    Ismail Ali

    Both of you don't know GOD. That deity beyond human comprehension. if you don't look you don't find how about that truth.............Logic and Reason. If you believe in it I suggest you apply it. Only a suggestion. Signing off. Soldier of God.

  18. bloodguiltsolution

    @Rawk4life how dare mention lamb of god in the same sentence as the rest of those jokes

  19. Travis Hewitt

    Very awesome! Never would have expected P.O.D to team up with Jamey Jasta, the outcome is epic!

  20. 7d7e7f7

    P.o.d. haven't really been nu metal ever. They always mixed it up with rap, rock, and reggae.

  21. Rawk4Life

    The music industry got tired of calling bands like Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., Rage Against the Machine, and Reveille rapcore. So, they decided to group them with the likes of: Disturbed, Korn, Lamb of God, Godsmack, and Slipknot.

  22. XxIchigoXHalibelXx

    It's a relatively new genre, albeit a little pointless, but whatever. I'm nit-picking anyways. Don't worry about it, its fine.

  23. Bible Digger

    I grew up in the 90's... When pod came out there was no such thing as nu metal.. It's a made up word that dos not apply to this band, but that is just my opinion .

  24. XxIchigoXHalibelXx

    I'm turning seventeen this year. And if you don't believe me, well... Check my spelling and grammar. I'm sure if I was the twelve-year-old you seem (keyword SEEM) to want to classify me as I'd not have bothered to spell so well. Also, sentence structure would be horrible. AND, instead of being nice in my previous comment I would've said something like "Its nu metal you dumb ass" Now, I think my point is sufficiently made. Am I wrong in my classification?

  25. Bible Digger

    nu metal? how old are you?

  26. XxIchigoXHalibelXx

    Not to be a douche but your classification of this song is wrong. It's actually nu metal.

  27. Kblues80

    This song is so sick!

  28. hannah ryan

    Okay now im just clicking random videos.

  29. Tanner Mulder

    This song is DOPE

  30. Cyrus Rafiee

    this album is just amazing!!

  31. optimoblunt

    i bought this album about a month ago ,in todays world of pop rock its good to hear POD gives fans what they love,so sick of the bullshit music of newer bands,POD forever

  32. SaidoKun

    sweet hi-hat patterns!! I'm gonna learn that!!

  33. MarquisNYC

    The beginning of the song is Really Awesome

  34. Nautral Deviation

    better limp bizkit :D

  35. 7d7e7f7

    Going to see them live. Hope they are still as good as they were 6 years ago.

  36. Caio Abdalla

    Have you had problems with copyright of the song? If had, what did you do?

  37. Robert Button


  38. Lane Floyd

    Amen brother!

  39. m.a. dalton

    he who has eyes, let him see, glory to god!

  40. SnugglieMuffinz20

    Love this album, it's SO much darker than there usual sound, LOVE IT! Thank you for posting all of it =)

  41. Kelsey Gawron

    wht about there song called Beautiful. i can't find it thts not acustic or a preveiw

  42. oldc8k

    lmao! lovely song though

  43. machinepac

    damn last comment