Poco - When Hearts Collide Lyrics

I don't want to scold you
I just want to hold you
Keep you in my arms all night
I can't understand why
It's so hard for you and I
To make these feelings come out right

Take it easy baby, take it slow
Because it's true you know

When hearts collide

Love can't survive
It goes to pieces before your eyes
When hearts collide

Can we find our way back
Can we find the right track
Before it gets too late for us
We had something special
Something we can't let go
Or all we'll have is loneliness

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Poco When Hearts Collide Comments
  1. Marshall Lancaster

    Why did djs only promote “Shoot for the Moon” when the album is a gem?

  2. tom543222456

    This band is no doubt in the top 10 bands of all time, very tight, great background vocals !

  3. Brian Grewe

    I'm revisiting this after 34 years. It sounds as fresh as it did then!

  4. Sydney Ghisyawan

    How come..how come this album was so underrated. A lot of great talent in all of POCO music,I love them!!!

  5. Eugene Leone

    I have been a fan of Poco for a long time..my favourite album "Ghost town"

  6. John Weghorst

    Wow! great stuff, thx