Poco - Odd Man Out Lyrics

You got me turnin' to the left
You got me twisted to the right
Woman all I'm askin' is
Is anything all right?
You got me waiting in the day
I'm waiting long into the night
Baby don't you hear me say
Hey, is anything all right
With the ball in your court
You gotta cut me short
When there's nothin' left to lose
Ain't I the one you use?
I'm going down to the very last inning
I'm getting out, it was a tough beginning
No time to take maybe one last shot
Too late to find my blood running hot

From a whisper to a shout
Ain't I the Odd Man Out
From a whisper to a shout
And I'm the Odd Man Out

We were together livin' separately
Like a VCR without a TV screen
One more day, one more bad habit
Three words to say, that's all: "I've had it"

[Chorus x2]

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Poco Odd Man Out Comments
  1. Keith Reasor

    I love the album! Never got it's rightful credit. No bad songs on this entire CD.

  2. Keith Reasor

    Don't remember the year.....just know I was thankful to have this album at the time. Thx!

    Keith Reasor

    Yeh....it got me through some bad times. What year was it? Had so many bad years....had to nail down. jk