Poco - Break Of Hearts Lyrics

Break of hearts
Drifting to far apart
To be heard
Empty words
Making up too late from a losing start

Break of hearts
Waiting on a loosing game
Fleeting thing
Beautiful thing
There's nothing here worth saving
Too many pieces now all breaking

We were two crazy fools
Running out of things to do

Betting on distant dreams
Getting only empty things

Giving up
We were both beyond trying
I've had enough
There's something here that's dying

Break of hearts
Drifting too long too far apart
To be heard
Empty words
There's nothing here worth saving
Too many pieces now all breaking

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Poco Break Of Hearts Comments
  1. Rosemarie Maldonado

    Paul still rules

  2. xomthood

    great album

  3. Sachin Gayakwad

    GREAT SONG...!!

    Michael Wickham

    I concur.

  4. John W

    The guys have retired.  Paul still plays out in Key West.  I'm eagerly awaiting Rusty book, what stories he must have spanning 40+ years. An American treasure...will they ever make the R&R Hall of Fame?  Thanks guys!


    John W Haven’t FULLY retired !!! Still doing concerts around the country every few weeks or so (summer 2019) , Rusty, Rick Lonow, Long-time Poco bassist Jack Sundrud and Lex Browning

  5. Stephen Silva

    Oops...'Midnight Rodeo' isn't on here yet. But when it is.......

  6. Stephen Silva

    A great song from a great '80's' album. I believe this album came out in late '82....Even though it didn't chart high, most agree that it was their best album in a few years (and I like them all). For anyone unfamiliar, check out 'Midnight Rodeo' from the same album.

  7. scarletserbia

    Thanx 4 posting !
    ...genious song and band!! POCO !! can u delivered more songs?