Plies - 100 Years Lyrics

My nigga e'erytime I think this shit gettin' rough out here
for me my nigga... I just remind myself dog Monday through
Friday homie... From 8 in the mornin' to 5 in the evenin'
dog... It's some niggas in the court room 'round the country
my nigga... Fightin' for they muhfuckin' lives dog... The
crackers bannin' niggas e'eryday my nigga

[Verse 1]
My dog went to court today they gave him fifteen
Cracker banned my lil' nigga he was se'enteen
Young nigga don't even know what all that time mean
Pussy ass crackers done shattered my nigga dreams
They holl'in' mandatory they want him to do the whole thang
Nigga showed up in court on my dog and did his thang
Nigga did my nigga now I got to bust his brain
Nigga woulda did me my dog'd do the same
His lady callin' me cryin' and now I feel her pain
Tired of losin' all my niggas to the chain gang
In thirty minutes a nigga whole life can change
Cracker over sinister niggas when this shit gon' change?

Pussy ass cracker give a nigga a hundred years
Have ya mama leavin' out the courtroom in tears
Crackers don't love to have a nigga breathin' for real
Take a nigga life from him they don't know how it feel
Pussy ass cracker give a nigga a hundred years
Have ya mama leavin' out the courtroom in tears
Crackers don't love to have a nigga breathin' for real
Take a nigga life from him they don't know how it feel

[Verse 2]
Ain't talked to my dog yet but I know he sick
Next fifteen years of his life behind a fence
Cracker find a nigga guilty and hit him wit' the bench
Gave one of my dogs twenty-seven on his first offense
The time they givin' the nigga for the crime ain't makin' sense
They jacked the number up now it's eighty-five percent
They did that to make you fuck niggas out there snitch
And put conspiracy in the game to railroad the click
And crackers feel like niggas ain't got no common sense
A nigga paper ain't right they banned off the rip
A public defender don't get you shit but a long trip
And judge sentencin innocent niggas without a guilt


[Verse 3]
How in the fuck can fo' birds get you a life sentence?
But give a cracker seven years for money launderin' millions
Shoot a nigga in the leg they sentence you like you killed 'em
Cracker catch you wit' that iron and throw you under the buildin'
You a nigga that mean you guilty 'til proven innocent
MOney talk and bullshit walk a thousand miles
You ain't got a paid lawyer then don't go to trial
Crackers owe each other favors, they'll swap ya out
"You give us him, we'll give you him" know what I'm talkin' 'bout
Nigga took thirty years on a cop out
Fuck you get thirty years for breakin' in a bitch house?
Crackers playin' a dirty game boy this shit wild


[music out]

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Plies 100 Years Comments
  1. Brandon Cole

    Gave my little bro 15 at 18

  2. nekishamoore3


  3. Cory Jones

    February 2020 and still jamming it

  4. dperfect28

    But Zimmerman is still out here walking around making jokes about killing T.M😠😠😢😢💔

  5. Joe Waters

    2020 got my 15 year sentence in 2015 on probation

  6. Travis White

    2020 this song still bumping

  7. Elisha Pennington

    This always been my shit since it came out it'll never get old!🔥👑still going hard in 2020

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    Fuck12 and snitch they both can rest in piss

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    Who still bumping 🙌🏿🙌🏿

  11. Lol Minajisty

    I do not know his name but he is cruel.

  12. Lol Minajisty

    The teacher is just racist.

  13. Lol Minajisty

    Will someone help me.

  14. Andrae X

    Cops aren’t your friend, stay woke

  15. Lol Minajisty

    Cause to me that is just more problems for me.

  16. Lol Minajisty

    You can go to jail for knowing how to rap and make a music video for it.

  17. Markal Jones

    Still my shit on god💯

    Markal Jones

    2020 still rocking this shit

  18. Senia Terry

    Shit still real til this day he always on some real shit #2020

  19. Brenda Alston

    Still jamming in 2020 keep it going plies you are the best ever keep making hit songs like always love u your fan #1

  20. Dash Jones

    2020 im still 🚗🔊 to dis

  21. LaRhonda Jarrett

    Real $hit 2020...

  22. LaRhonda Jarrett

    Take a nigga life from em they don't know how it feels 2020 All Day👌✌

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    2020. Who's here?

  24. Jeff Greene

    Making money by making you feel like the victim... Offering no help or insight with his earnings from your "victim" status. Just a fool.

  25. Pay Meuponrequest

    Just watching this video felt like a day in court. That shit be just like that. Especially when the prosecutors hugged. No lies on this track

  26. Mike Johnson


  27. shadogg646

    Still listening to this in 2020!

  28. Xzavier Prater


  29. Romaine Montrelle

    2020 and this still go hard free my cousin baby boy they hit em wit 32 years a jersey number but god is good he staying strong Melvin Boyz 4life 💪🏽💪🏽👌

  30. Shawntea Thomas

    My favorite song

  31. King Opps

    this realist shit i heard in in a minute my homies out the mf box--its lonely out when all my people doing life -or that fucking grave ...Free my brothaz ---BIP to all the guys miss u love u

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    Free my brother Mack bo

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    Plies my homie

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    And go jam in 2020

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    this song goes out to my real brothers locked down, this flakes for you o.g. never forgotten

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    Lil homie plies was talk bout only got 2 yrs left ‼️ nigga forget bout ya when ya bid long

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  39. J and M Jaylaphoo & Maddiecakes

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    That's when plies was the realest for real

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    Free Tray BYTN

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    He speaking facts 💯 I was about to do 3 years upstate but I took that deal meanwhile my cousin in the feds doing 15

  50. Jo S

    This song the blamed everyone but themselves lmao what fucking losers sick ghetto mentality

  51. Rob Burks

    The 5.3k thumbs down are those Pu$$y a$$ Krackers he's talking about 😄

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    The realist rap song since Pac.

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    Free Tray

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    Still bumping in 2020

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    Plies talking about some real shyt. The system fucked up.

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    Say mane this shit still live as fuck right now in 2019

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    I miss this plies

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    My nigga got locked up in 2006 for double murder at 17 smh.. went to court for sentencing in 2011 age 22 ...just to hear dat dey chose to give u 2 life sentences...dey took my heart wit that 1.... especially wen u talking state time..

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    One of the best songs ever !!!

  67. Carlos arzu

    💯 realllyrics

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    I still listen to this every time my brothers get jammed I listen to this cause Missouri Court system is rigged you arm rob somebody they a give you 25 years but won't tell u they a jus hold u rich white folks play toss da ball wit yo life you a never come home freedaReal

  69. Billy

    Imma catch a case right now for a racist piece of shit ... Just because he felt threatened by me and my brother presence in the bus... I threw a juice carton at his fucking face... racist bitch!!

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    They won't me to do the whole thang? U stupid 😂 Florida bihh

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    My Dad died in May of this year, and I watch this video to see him again... he played the White Judge... I miss him.

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    13% = 50%

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    Aye im gettin old but this bih came out when i was 17 . n 07 its 2k19 . i just came back to drop this 🔥 emjoi cuz they aint have em back den✌🏽

  77. Melón malone

    Amber only got 10 years for murder
    You get 35 years for killing a dog

  78. Rep'Trois': King of the City

    Damn this the real video too... I thought it was some bootleg shit, you know how they do on the Tube

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    10-2-2019 , a texas cop killed an unarmed black-man Jean Botham ,and Amber Guyger's sentence today was 10 years with chance of parole in 5 🤔🤷 , for walking inside somebody's else home and murdering an innocent blackman.... You know how this goes #SystemHatesUS #BeingBlackinAmerica

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