Playboi Carti - Sauce Lyrics

Hey Hey Hey! It's time to make some crazy money!
Are you ready? Here we go!

[Playboi Carti:]
(Pipe up)
Aye sauce em' up like melo
Aye sauce em' up like melo
She can't even come over unless she bring her friend no fellow
Aye sauce em' up like melo
She can't even come over unless she bring her friend no fellow
Yung Carti Yung Creflo
Count em' up like Creflo
(Pipe up!)
Shooters on my front porch
(Pipe up!)
Serve you at the front door
(Pipe up!)
Goons, Thugs, Cutthroats
(Pipe up!)
How could I front those
Them blocks, them blocks, them blocks
Yeah we run those
My chain, my watch, my watch
Yeah I'm so cold (money bags)
Nigga's talkin' fashion 'bout that action
I went nino uh
Moving in a rover
Moving with a odour
Zill out than I go out
Yo bitch make me throw up
Diamonds do the hold up
Make a play than pour up
Diamonds do the hold up
Make her play than- aye
Posted in the booth with the boof
Posted in the booth with the boof
That bitch ain't fucking we gone kick her off the roof
She said "ya'll niggas speak the truth"
We say true
Countin' up, fillin' up me trues
She ain't gotta ask me what I do
Thumbin' through the check with my crew
(She gone fuck on me, then my crew)
(She gone fuck on me, then my crew)

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Playboi Carti Sauce Comments
  1. Nebuchadnezzar

    Gotta wear my Syracuse Melo jersey listening to this fire

  2. Anpu Tv

    who's the guy in the intro?

  3. aaron mendez

    wait until tik tok bitvhes ruin this song

  4. Pinhalokevin

    Sauce em’ up like Melo 😛

  5. DIRTBAG Larry

    man i miss my dead friends smh mad memories

  6. Bashh Bucks11

    This the first carti song I heard back in 15 been my fav ever since

  7. onthing the mastermind

    2020 shit

  8. The xActive Goonx

    That Intro Is Legendary

  9. DS Produced It

    The melody sounds like a looperman loop bih😅

  10. flower

    fuck dude he needs to go back to this carti

  11. Poker God

    Listening in 2020 January

  12. Daniel Rodriguez

    Don’t tell me I’m not the only one in 2020 🙍🏾‍♂️

    Jonathan Ray

    This was the song I listened to walking to track practice what a time to be a Carti fan 2015-2016 🚫🧢💯🔥🔥🔥

  13. Future Star Player

    almost 5 years later n it’s still fye

  14. Thomas J

    This goat lvl carti

  15. leo

    I like the part where he says sauce

  16. Robin Stephenson

    This really brought back so many memories

  17. Sukhpal Degun


  18. King Kai

    Mah nigga used the crazy taxi intro tho

  19. DOSI limp

    happy new years dog,this is one of my favorite songs but it was 4 years ago. Its sad i missed this masterpiece in its prime

  20. ???

    damn 😔

  21. デンゼル*Zelly

    Shout out to Crazy Taxi lol dope intro

  22. Jordan Howard

    this shit grew holyyyyy

  23. Chris J Productionz

    Classic carti 2015 shit

  24. Terel Quinata

    This made my freshman and sophomore year flame asf 🤩 class of 18

  25. Del Unoo

    I miss these days... 😢

  26. PoopGoodAnts

    Why yall crying over music lmao

  27. Pokémon

    Awful Records ATL Shit!

  28. Pokémon

    Sauce em up like Melo yea!

  29. Ultraboris Gaming

    Sauce em up like mellow 🎧

  30. D Trap

    A lot of these rappers fell off. Old stuff like this was where it was at

    Smash Dog

    Carti didn’t fall off do u live under a rock😂😂

    D Trap

    Smash Dog lmao ok kid ur just a yute you know nothing

  31. hahayoureabot

    Who still listening in 2019???


    hahayoureabot forever will be one of my favorite songs of him


    Uli no 🧢

  32. China Man

    And Melo still saucin!

  33. Papi Juanito

    Add this ☄️

  34. Will Appleton


  35. Emmanuel Clark

    Wish I knew carti who carti was back then 😥

  36. bertanMMA

    Still fire

  37. Olivier Gilbert-Guérette

    - 2 0 1 6 -

    2016 Uzi, 2016 Carti, Good Migos songs, Post Malone blowing up with White Iverson.

    The good old' days if u ask me.

  38. John Thomas

    When you decipher alien language

  39. JuicyJay

    finally i place i can protect myself drom the magnolia fans!

  40. Vlone Cartier YT

    Back here

  41. prod. pau1

    i remember runnin bo2 and this shit came on outta nowhere, first carti song i ever heard

  42. nick nunez

    This a slap. Hands down his best song before he got famous

  43. Leadrick Hill

    dat old ass herbert the pervert white soundin ass nigga in the background " Ohhhhhh " LMfao every time man

  44. Lvwry

    pipe uh !

  45. Coy TheGoat

    2019 😾

  46. Gabriel Bruce

    Wtf type commercial stealing ice creams


    it’s been a minute.

  48. Juan Morales

    shit finally hit 1 mil

  49. Onyx Lundy

    Am I the only one that remembers when this song had a video

  50. Getmoney Miguel

    The one with lucki better

  51. Foreign Boy Eric

    First song i heard from carti i was mesmerized. God i fucking miss 2015 soundcloud

  52. run up on me

    Even old carti’s drip is better i see my boy got sum truey on 😍

  53. Dan Reynolds

    so many memories


    Shooters on my front porch !🧟‍♂️

  55. fort

    man i remember listening to this song years back...

  56. matt mcgrade

    why cant carti make shit like this anymore :/

  57. Tun Oki

    2019?? 🔥🔥🔥🔥 CA$$$$H CARTI

  58. Aboogey the boss

    Satisfying to finally see that 1M there 🦋🦋

  59. RareUndergroundz RUGZ

    the first carti song i got into

  60. kiłłua

    Wish carti would spit like this now 😪

  61. OM4Rx

    Ahh man time flies so quick

  62. Flex Gz

    You'll never get this Carti back but you still got ThouxanbanFauni

  63. Esther G. White

    Bro I’m lost in the sauce I’ve been listening to carti since elementary 😂

    Hol up this my moms account lmao sry mom

  64. Yessir

    Old carti coming back

  65. Boosted Maje

    I'm dumb lit happy carti coming to my town in October.. 🔓🤭🌺

  66. Byron Brantley

    This was the the first song I heard from Carti. Still bumps

  67. Jaaylul

    Y’all not true carti fans if y’all just found out about this song not that it matters but you can find my comments some where on this video from years ago 🤷🏽‍♂️ sad this just hit a mill

  68. Cole FTW

    Finally Has 1 million views

  69. Flacko

    1M views... crazy

  70. Dr McDickPic

    Boutta hit a mill in 92 views

  71. Lil nigga G mane

    This mf track is a gem we must protect it at all cost!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥😤

  72. LiveFastDieSlay

    2015-2016 was gold🤧

  73. Matheus De Angelis

    holy fuck that intro from crazy taxi smooth af

  74. Shakir M.

    This beat gives me chills damnnnn 😖🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  75. Clout Lord

    Damn carti had this flow since 2015

  76. ボvossey

    The G.O.A.T at yvng snow thanks for putting me on carti

  77. Brandon Caletz

    Miss the Awful Records days man. Carti and Ethereal were untouchable.

  78. Aaron Roy

    Diamond tucked under the dirt.

  79. Cahhtii:)


  80. Gabe Hernandez

    Lean carti best carti

  81. Tang Anthony

    Currently in a listening marathon of all Carti's old songs, just fell in love with his former style! Any recommandations?

    Corleone WYO

    Tang Anthony blue crystals, location, Holyfield

  82. ToMany Knifes

    lmao i remember this being the first carti song i heard on soundcloud damn good times

  83. ForeverHeartless

    real carti fans we are safe here...

  84. Dwai

    To put it simply, I miss this

  85. Crazy Ballz

    i’m tired of fuckin’ baby voice carti. can we have this one back, ight? thanks.

  86. Micah World

    Sauce em up like Melo...

  87. Jason Keef

    Legendary 🔥

  88. Hazy2

    "your bitch made me throw up"

  89. KDawGG 2P

    Young Carti

  90. Dennis Bergkamp

    You wont find any earfquake fans here 🙏🏼

  91. Tupac Shakur

    Hey hey heyyyyy

    y chickn

    Tupac Shakur Lol