Playboi Carti - Red Lean Lyrics

All up in my jeans, all up in my jeans
All up in my jeans, crease all in my jeans
Hunnid band my jeans, Alexander McQueen
Yeah they hating on me, red lean
I got lotta lean, red beam

'Cause I got the check, 'cause I got the Tech
Yeah I run this shit, Goyard hold the dick
My car fast as shit, your broad on my dick
I don't want that bitch, I want top, no sex
I pull up on shit, diamonds wet like piss
Got these niggas sick, leave the check up quick
Ricky on me too, yah, Raffy on me too
Damn I flex on you, I just tell the truth
Half a mill, no deal, might pop one more pill
I was born to kill, that's why shit so real
Shooting like a sport, watch me clear the court
Won't show up to court, might just pour up more
Might count up some more, then I go on tour
Money on the floor, I need [?]
Smoke that money, let's blow it
Smoke that money, let's blow it

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