Playboi Carti - Carolina Blue Lyrics

[Playboi Carti:]
No ventilation, hoes stimulating on this novacane I'm making
Still searching for the one we in the Martrix
Words from the sea [?]
Never gave a fuck about the [?]
Muscle arms, muscle arms cooking up with baking soda
God never let my enemies get between insanity and Hova
Turning clouds into castles [?] slow cameras roll
These bitches listen to us like we got mind control
Overdose my high nigga, I'm flying
By the jets shout out the sky nigga, I'm dying
I take a pound and break it down into a baby bud
Roll up a spliff, then I light it up, now take a puff
It takes concentration when I'm blazing on this elevation
Now treat your hate with my herbal medication
Yeah nigga, [?]

[Sample from Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story::]
You smoking reefers?
Yeah of course we are, can't you smell it?
No Sam. I can't
Come on Dewey! Join the party!
No Dewey! You don't want this. Get outta here!
You know what I don't want no hangover, I can't get no hangover
It doesn't give you a hangover!
Well, I get addicted to it or something?
Its not habit forming
I don't wanna, overdose on it
You can't OD on it!
It's not gonna make me wanna have sex is it?
It makes sex even better
Sounds kinda expensive
Its the cheapest drug there is

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Playboi Carti Carolina Blue Comments
  1. oYouAreAss

    Real carti fans all here

  2. Clout Lord

    Lamont dozier - prelude

  3. Comic

    😔 rip yung $now


    Don’t remind me G 😭😭

  4. veryvlonely

    Carti had on black forces 😧

  5. Jenni Fugiwara

    only og listeners know this song

    Tiyah Alluré

    Jenni Fugiwara big facts

  6. Jason Garciaa

    Dangg carti's old songs are fire af

    Lil Arod

    Fr 🔥

  7. Chilly

    Still here bruh been a fan since day one thank you carti your music has blessed my ears

  8. Nai

    Ig Gimmethatdecki your welcome

  9. Tyler Bomben

    What movie is that dialogue from?

    Hector Lujan

    walk hard

  10. Axnci

    fuck die lit, this the carti we need now

  11. Yvng Shinobi 忍

    This shit still go crazy

  12. lil twrp

    Awful Carti is like that childhood dog that died. I really fuckin miss him and he’s my fav.

  13. el duran

    Turned 18 this year and this song brings back so much

  14. Dsavage 3900

    Trippie redd took the beat fr (Trippie Redd- Hellboy)

    Clout Lord

    Sample is lamont dozier - prelude

    Gothboi Prince

    He didn’t take it he sampled it dumbass and he didn’t even do that the producer did

  15. Carti Goat

    Forever carti let's see if the magnolia fans find us here

    Nohe Meza

    Stank Breath Tabatha no cap

    Domina Monet

    Stank Breath Tabatha exactly

    Jenni Fugiwara

    lmfao foreal.

  16. Cwitdabread

    I had to come back I fucking hate these new carti fans old carti> new carti

  17. sebas

    emune - puffin

  18. slattgreens

    and the girl in the pic Rubi Rose she was like 17 at the time

    Tiyah Alluré

    fr3shgreens they been rockin w eachother for the longest

    Akira Fudô

    thats not rubi rose thats @gimmethatdecki

  19. slattgreens

    this a remix of Curren$y’s jet life to the next life

  20. Moses Guzman

    this goes hard and she bad 💯

  21. Parker Ayliffe

    she bad