Planetshakers - Sing Of Your Great Love Lyrics

All that is within me Lord
Will bless Your Holy name
I live my life to worship You alone
You brought me out of darkness and
Into Your glorious light
Forever I will sing of Your great love
Forever I will sing of Your great love

Holy Holy
Holy is the Lord
Holy Holy
Holy is the Lord

I love to see You glorified
To see You lifted high
I yearn to see all nations bow their knee
It's You alone Lord Jesus who
Can cause the coldest heart
To find Your love and everlasting peace
To find Your love and everlasting peace

And the trumpet will sound
And all of heaven will know
That the time has finally come
For the bride to take her place
And we'll hear the angels sing

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Planetshakers Sing Of Your Great Love Comments
  1. Lilian Stephens

    After praying this evening. This song was in my spirit. Glory to God. 25/1/2020. 22.05.🙏

  2. Travel with Carine

    2020 🙌🏻🎉

  3. Randy Val Nacionales

    I miss this old set of hillsong worship. ❤

  4. Eric de Leon de Jesus

    I miss the old Hillsong with full of anointing.The holy spirit moves.God bless from Philippines 🇵🇭❤️

  5. Joel Pritchard

    Ok brother in the lord I will be in prayer for your wife

  6. Best Worship Songs

    Leave a like if you are listening to this song in 12.2019

  7. Robylene Villanueva

    i miss this soNg..🙂🙂🙂Lord Thank You for guiding and to Protect me..I LOVE YOU Lord.🙏🙏🙏

  8. kate Lynne

    I am blessed to have You in my life Lord Jesus. Thank you for everything.

  9. Wendel Tagura

    ... This song realize me how God loves us forever..

  10. Anon Anon

    Darlene has such a beautiful voice! I forgot how sweet her voice was.. she is the original Hillsong worship Leader!💖

  11. Kell Jimenez

    Over the mountains and the sea
    Your river runs with love for me
    and I will open up my
    and let the Healer set me free
    I’m happy to be in the truth
    and I will daily lift my hands
    for I will always sing
    when Your love came down
    I could sing of Your
    love forever
    I could sing of Your
    love forever
    I could sing of Your
    love forever
    I could sing of Your
    love forever
    Oh, I feel like
    D/ F#
    it’s foolishness, I
    But when the world has
    D/ F#
    seen the light
    they will
    dance with joy like we’re dancing now

  12. Joseph Albay

    I love you, Jesus!

  13. Jenny Fe Galindo

    I could sing if your Love forever 🙏🏻❤️☝️Thank you Father God
    Thank you Lord Jesus
    Thank you Holy Spirit

  14. Davison Dcristo

    Algum brasileiro quê gosta de hillsong me chama 032984316159 Deus abençoe a todos

  15. Naomi Grijalva

    This song had me balling tears when I got saved.

  16. Yvonne Mendoza


  17. farlene reyes

    2019 😊 Yes Lord thank you heal those people to touch your Glory migthy God . i could sing of your love forever . we praise you God . Purihin ang Ngalan mo.
    from: Philipines

    King Moises Pineda



    Cantarei teu amor pra sempre 😍🙏🙌

  19. Fienie Vidi Vici


  20. Karlo Carriedo

    I love you god.

  21. Karlo Carriedo

    I love my Anti she died Now. i missed My Grandpa and Grandma And anti. I sing Them with there Loves. I will Open i know Lord (God) Loves me. i prayed my mom to safety at Office.

  22. Wayne Arzadon

    I miss my Own old Babysitter too. She is sick and she died.Christ I love you.

  23. Wayne Arzadon

    I really miss my Grandpa and Grandma i want them alive now. AND I WILL OPEN UP MY HEART AND I WILL KNOW GOD LOVES ME. I LOVE YOU GOD🙏.

  24. An dat phuc Nguyen

    Sheet 2:46 -3:11 thank you

  25. Bhem Durero

    I could sing of Your Love forever my Lord❤️❤️❤️

  26. Irene Jomo

    I will sing of your love, praises and honour forever

  27. cath cath

    Thursday,22,August 2019. I could sing of your love forever Lord!! ♥

  28. M J

    amazing ! Lord god please help for people that in sickness

  29. Zo Boyzzz

    Omg 03:23 😢😢4

  30. Demian Quirino

    My day is good whenever I hear this song. thank you sir

  31. Akos B

    since 2003
    etc...I cannot stop sing your love and forevermore....

  32. Aaron Manda

    The church of Jesus is the salt of the World

  33. jobert arao

    I'm feeling Bless to watch this video 🤗 thank you you Jesus for everything

  34. Jenson Jen Jacob

    The song which i keep hearing now.. this song brings back my childhood memories

  35. ignatia dwi lenggani

    one of my favorite song ever

  36. 박찬영

    6:00 What's this part of the song? Holy is the lord

  37. Blesson Mathew

    Wow wonderful worship.
    Watching from Kerala, India

  38. Patricia Dozier

    This is absolutely AMAZING!! To see so many people praising the Lord is so uplifting, especially in a world with so much struggle. Thank you so much.

  39. Ефим Комисаров

    Прекрасное поклонение! Молодцы ребята! :)

  40. Anna Petersen

    sooo much guitars...

  41. Rakesh Awale

    Miss u old hillsong... These songs are evergreen..miss u from India

  42. Hassan Grace Tiamzon

    I could sing of your love forever ❤️ You are good Lord. I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. cammyhorses

    Love this song ❤️

  44. Carlisle

    I miss them so much..

  45. Quan

    4:53 always makes me cry. I just love seeing children giving their life to Christ. Keep praising him. Don't never stop.

  46. 黃思凱

    So good

  47. Ann Adhico

    Thank You Lord,I am so blessed ❤😇

  48. Paola López

    2019 I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever Forever Forever!!!!!

  49. Sherly Lim

    .Subscribed.. 🔔

  50. Jackson Mihadi

    i could sing of your love forever...ooh Jesus your good!

  51. Mikhaela _152005

    Think about it by steeve

  52. Vanessa Ibarra

    I could sing of your love forever jesus ☝️❣

  53. Sandra Alksion

    Love this song Glory to my saviour hallelujah

  54. RVC Highlights

    i love god your so good god amen👍👏🏼

  55. Ian Loom

    I love this song.

  56. cat cav

    Thank you Jesus :+)

  57. Sean Raphael Sebastian

    Thank you Lord, I could sing of your forever

  58. Brendah kalungi

    Still singing the love forever 2019

  59. Matheus Santana

    Um amor por essa música! ❤

  60. Nadege Zibel

    I could sing of your love forever , I love you my lord 😍

  61. Nigel Mhako

    This song I just amazing

  62. Aaron Estabillo

    remember my childhood 😢 I just missed those days. 😢

  63. Vilma Inovero

    No comment what so ever l love to sing to my creator.

  64. KJoy Cruz

    You are good god

  65. KJoy Cruz


  66. KJoy Cruz

    I love you god

  67. Live Show

    I know this song from justin bieber

  68. Rhonielyn Christiane Pantoja

    Happy Easter Day ! God is alive . Spread the love . And sing of his love forever 💖

  69. May

    This is one of the many songs that lead me to Jesus😘🙌🏼 I praise you my God and King🙌🏼

  70. Light of Night

    I could sing of your love forever,, Jesus

  71. Joyce Lindsay


  72. Carl Ruskamp


  73. Jacqueline kuria

    I could sing of your love forever

  74. Nevermind Us

    I will sing for your live FOREVER!!!! GOD

  75. Rhish E

    I remember my childhood.. Praise Jesus! 🙏🙌

  76. Eyeball Zoe Technology


  77. Zhara Ortiz Polias

    I could sing of your Love Forever , Jesus my Savior

  78. Katherine Kris Chua

    I could sing of Your love forever Lord! ❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  79. Sakura Blossom

    i could sing of your Love, thankyou God! 💗😇

  80. The Gospel

    Praise God ...

  81. จิรวัฒน์ สุวรรณวงค์

    Dear brother and sister in Christ please pray for my wife she has Breast Cancer and lung and multiply to liver. God can do all thing a possible thank you.

    Jenny Fe Galindo

    God is good,nothing is impossible w Father God tru our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Matthew 6:33
    Psalm 37:4

    Emmuchidna Tuffy

    In Jesus' name I pray for healing <3 amen

    Northeast Corridor Railfan

    God bless you sir!

    Aisha I like your songs so mucch Musa

    It is well with her already in Jesus' name!

    Augusta Izokun

    According to psalm 41:3, "The Lord will sustain her on her sickbed and restore her from her bed of illness". Amen

  82. Wacucu

    What a glorious gathering, Just for Christ Sake, this is amazing. One day, Help me God to fellowship with Hillsong, Sydney,Australia to be specific. ,AMEN

  83. Edwin Dumlao

    I miss darlene voice

  84. cade wille

    Forever are you Heavenly Father and Heavenly Savior!

  85. Julieto Esmeralda

    March 20 2019 🙌🙌🙌

  86. Jonel Genovia

    Listening to this song forever 💞


    Who that guy

  88. Larene Wankhar

    I could sing of your love forever lord 🙏

  89. 제이제이

    When i was a kid i kill a cat am i going to hell ? 😭

    Fred Michaels

    Only god knows. Just genuinely seek forgiveness :)


    I can sing of your love forever. Yes Yeshua (Jesus)

  91. Jacki Sears

    I L💗VE this song! 😇 I play it and have time with God. It also helps my child relax and have peaceful sleep. Thank you.

  92. JDF Light

    Holy is the Lord!!!💖😢

  93. Elisha Charity Hermoso

    I felt goose bumps and tears runing down watching this


    Brother thats the Holy spirit


    oh sorry i mean sister hehe

  94. Faith Navarro

    is that owen wilson? 2:46 ?

  95. Victor Vasquez

    Miss Darlene Zschech in Hillsong 😳...why hillsong does not invite her to record some songs?...i know she is leading HOPEUC, but why not to invite to sing?????

    roy inojales

    She is now independent.. not attached anymore on new Hillsong team.. Darlene is still the best and annointed worship leader i know

    jibel the

    If only u know whats inside the church,, you might had a bitterness.. so just fix your eyes on Jesus

  96. bheyang senillo