Planetshakers - Praise Him Lyrics

Looking out of my window
I see the trees blowing in the breeze
Looking out of my window
I see the birds flying in the sky

I know
With just one breath
You created the whole earth
I know
If I don't praise You
The rocks will soon cry out,cry out,cry out..

Praise Him
Lift your voices
Let it ring
Throughout all the earth

Praise Him
Let all men know Jesus is alive!

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Planetshakers Praise Him Comments
  1. julie adams

    Love you Adelaide!

  2. Ren Kim

    Amen! Praise be to God. <3

  3. mark bayona

    yeah praise him

  4. Aldous Salvador

    Should Love Christ more than anything, anyone. :)

  5. Kevin Cacal

    WOW!! hahahaha