Planetshakers - My Redeemer Lives Lyrics

My Redeemer Lives [x12]

I know He rescued my soul
His blood has covered my sins
I believe
I believe

My shame is taken away
My pain ...
I believe
I believe

I'll raise the banner
Cause my Lord has conquered the grave

My Redeemer Lives [x8]

You lift my burdens
I'll rise with you
I'm dancing on this mountain top
To see Your kingdom come

My Redeemer Lives...

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Planetshakers My Redeemer Lives Comments
  1. julie adams

    good song.

  2. Jaszie Casiple

    amen for that

  3. khen madera

    still prefer the classic one from hillsong.

  4. Aileen Abao


  5. Kiwa Bai


  6. Ana Carol Boaretto

    i prefer the Reuben Morgan version of the ``my redeemer lives``

  7. Shoban Raveendran

    mine too!

  8. jessicahll

    This is my FAVORITE version of this song!