Plan B - Mercy Lyrics

Our dear daddy left us when we was quite young
He said lord have mercy on my daughter and my wicked son
Raised by my friends, guess I'm on the road again
The one he said would lead me to a dark heaven-less end
So lord have mercy on my soul
Lord have mercy I don't know which way to go
Which way to turn oh I don't know
Lord have mercy on my good for nothing soul

My papa weren't no preacher still he spread that word of yours
To make up for all the sinning and rebelling without a cause
Back when he was young way too young to know
The word of God would touch him tell him he's a Rolling Stone
So lord have mercy on his soul
Lord have mercy whichever way that he rolls
Too old to learn
Too dumb to know
Its a sin to turn your back on the oats that you have sown

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

Oh God I love you and I'm grateful for my life
Yes I'm grateful that you blessed me with a daughter and a wife
But I don't believe my daddy when he says I'll burn in hell
Cause I don't go to church live by the stories that he tells
But if I'm wrong and the self righteous one is right
Blame the devil for my lucidness forgive me for my stupidness
Have mercy on my soul
Lord have mercy I don't know which way to go
But I can learn, give me a try
Just please have mercy if I don't before I die

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy

Hallelujah, halle-halle-lujah
Big drop in the ocean
Hallelujah, halle-halle-lujah
Following the motion

If I'm mistaken tell me why
If I'm forsaken take away these tears I cry
For the non-believers I hold so dear
Because they helped me in my life when things weren't clear
I thought you sent them but if that aint right
Then lord have mercy on my skewed and wayward mind
I said I thought you sent them to be my guides
Thought the way you works mysterious but if I'm just delirious

Have mercy on my soul
Lord have mercy I don't know which way to go
Lord have mercy on my soul
(Big drop in the ocean)
Lord have mercy I don't know which way to go
(Following the motion)
I said have mercy on my soul
(Big drop in the ocean)
Lord have mercy on my good for nothing soul
(Following the motion)

Lord have mercy…
(Big drop in the ocean)
Lord have mercy
(Following the motion)
Lord have mercy
(Big drop in the ocean)
Lord have mercy
(Following the motion)

On my good for nothing soul
On my good for nothing soul
On my good for nothing soul
On my good for nothing soul

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Plan B Mercy Comments
  1. Real_ Demassify

    Another club banger..!!!!!

  2. Boasty TheHenchFrog

    Worth the wait..... FUCK YEAH!, Powerhouse of a album. Being in recovery this album hits me man.

  3. Kelly Sami

    The artwork is telling the story. I've seen it so I know it's true! But will all revelations not all sources are real! I do believe in the power of connection. Have mercy on the ones who are asleep! Books are experiences lived by humans, ideologies created by man to enforce control!
    Yet some of these books of revelations are historical happenings as people of that time experiences and perceptions, the sources believed in curse of god ect...not However in actually events caused by galactic disruptions of cyclical natural occurrences.
    The people who have the power of critical thinking.
    Believe in the power of the universe for it holds the secrets to all that is unknown.
    I'm a atheist I do not believe but I believe in what I see and the data that I can study, I guess you would say I embrace science.
    Although I do have a beliefs I a higher power...not however in the traditional sense.
    Love your work!

    Very intersting album ...we have time to make the most of it all!

  4. Маргарита Елькина

    This is the most versatile atrist I've ever listened to. The man is a musical shapeshifter in a good way.

  5. Kirsty Brookman

    This albums been on replay since the day it released. Never get bored of it. Its my chill album

  6. J C

    Just over 100k subscribers. Real recognise real!

  7. Chris A.

    Wow. And people still listen to Ed Sheeran?

  8. ØrPhÄn MüRpHy

    Plan B gonna fuck the system and lead by example.

  9. MegaAedu

    Damn I can't stop listening to this song.

  10. Kyra Plater

    My dad brought me here🤣

  11. Melody Moon


  12. Hans Gieles

    Beautiful, simply beautiful!! All the beauty is in the intense honesty. Time = god and Beauty = Love ...

  13. SeriousRa

    The second beat that drops is so sick

  14. Stuart Watson

    Lol, looks like Ben found god, hahahaha it's in you man not in a book!

  15. jason gearing

    Sold out on us sick when I was a kid now its club land soul fuck me mate

  16. greYrealitY

    this is an amazing TT_TT

  17. Garry Richer

    I heard this for the first time live and he was amazing ..What a performance..

  18. 3뇸뇸숍숍


  19. Luiz Fernando


  20. soxpuff

    I was google searching bookings, but typed "b" only and got distracted by a text. I came back to see Plan B in my search results. Not knowing who he is, I clicked on this video. A pleasant surprise.

  21. Zoe Lester

    Didn't like this at first but after a few play..... I LOVE IT!!

  22. Insano

    Its rare to find music today not about money or women. The Lord hear your words and see you work for the good. You are blessed on your path. We believe in you.

  23. Bob

    Hope he smashes this at Kendal Calling

  24. Zion Sky

    Just noticed that this is Plan B as an Artificial intelligence

  25. george mckinlay

    Stunning xx

  26. Dizzie Dale

    he's back

  27. August Harry

    dear god this is good

  28. Jack Alker

    Why is this not getting play time on the radio!?

  29. Riley Drummond

    Good to see you back B.

  30. yeah nah

    crazy good production

  31. Snipedot Genius


  32. Finesse Print

    so sick

  33. Mark Vernon

    after suffering a mid life crisis ..The wisdom of these lyrics came in HANDY ..One of the best tunes I've ever heard :-)

  34. Sylwia Straczek

    i'm SO happy he's back!

  35. Skul Duggz

    Oh my fuck. This guy. The levels😥 greatness underated greatness.

  36. Tha Infamous

    honestly great music through the ages. Ben, you are truly talented

  37. Solange

    gimme the house vibesss

  38. Joel shiny

    Omg 😮 your amazing dude proper need to get in charts with this it’s w banger bring the fire 🔥 from uk 🇬🇧 amazing Plan B keep them coming dude

  39. Lee Hughes

    Why go for plan a when plan b is back and at is best . Poet lyrical beast .. 🎧💯📿

  40. Jeka Oniscenco

    Это пиздец как охуенно товарищи)

  41. Kelly Sami

    Love this track!
    The boy B is back!😉😘

  42. Paul

    This song sounds awesome with headphones on !!


    Paul Wellman very true

  43. Richard Cheetham

    This is so good. I expect a few remixes out in the coming weeks

  44. ryan malone

    B's found his boogy

  45. Gearless CrizVEVO

    This song should be on the John Wick 3 ost.

  46. Alice Wonderland

    I do like a beard Feel like a change might have to grow one

  47. marx117 x

    This is fucking fire

  48. ninona77

    Benjamin, you don't how long I have been wainting for your songs like this. Your 'hard times' led me through my hard times.

  49. brandon johal


  50. Kate Carroll


  51. james mcnally

    Powerful and Beautiful.

  52. wynnieboi2010

    Plan b always blows me away.

  53. Wipa-D

    Word up plan b 🙈🙉🙊

  54. botyikadam

    Harry Brown is still one of my favourite movies. He was dope in it! :)

  55. Lisa Jane Stuart - DESIGN

    The wait has been worth it Plan B ;-)

  56. Jamie Paul Music

    Fuckin heavy beat! Sickkkkk, naughty, banging tune of the year already for me! Wont be topped!

  57. Danny McDonnell

    Great fucking song.

  58. EminentKnight

    I need a 10 minute remix of this song.

  59. Rhi B

    No 1 Artist he talks real talk 💛💛

  60. Dom But

    Plan AA

  61. Fredrik BM

    36 thousand 400 seven views another song from a masterpiece in our generation new album. Them in mainstreams mostly meaningless things they sing or rap these days probably get millions. Yeah if we don't start another revolution soon now, things will not change for the better. We need a revolution brothers and sisters. First I say this is a mustbuy on vinyl, cd or digital buy. Support this beautiful human being, fight the smartphone beings ya'll.

    Nitai Gauranga

    we need a revolution of consciousness.

  62. Papalazarou 1975

    This man Rocked Brixton Last Night!!

  63. Lukas Tabz

    Theres people like lil uzi vert n other mumble shitty rappers n tallentless ppl going big but who cares bout axtual tallented ppl like this guy? Fucking legend when b is on you gotta stfu

  64. ascjim

    This sound is defo a grower, I love it now.

  65. Anna Dunne

    I'm you're 20'000 views <3

  66. stuntedmonk

    I wish he’d finished shaving first

  67. Jamie Christie

    Anyone else but me think it sounds a bit like Alex Clare?

  68. Claire Delaney

    Stunning. Love Plan B and always loved his singing side more. The Defamation oog Strickland Banks was my fav of his music up until now. This new album is LUSH!!!! 🔥💜

  69. Josh Lynagh

    From rapping about pissing in the sink and the colour of his penis to this. What a transformation. What an artist.

  70. Robyn Hood

    Damnnnnnn, this is dope, Ben did it again

  71. ProwseOfficial

    Wtf has happened to him? Now he’s bleach blonde with a fucking white chin strap looks like vitus lol


    Let’s all just hope his album has another banger like this! Because wether he wanted it to or not I can see some big names giving this a remix!

  73. Papalazarou 1975

    Sikk Artist!! Props to Ben

  74. Aleksandra G

    Here we go again <3 I have missed that voice..

  75. themrswanda

    Deeep.... it's raaaw, i'm lovin you even more Plan B... Benjamin! good T see ya back !

  76. robin friday

    Dreading hearing the new album,this is just a shit kristine w track.

  77. Derek Lerrick

    It's ok to be Agnostic/Atheist, Ben. You don't have to beg for Mercy from a wicked, immoral god.

  78. Speed Garage

    I’ve only just realised this song is about plan B’s father Paul Ballance, Ben Drews Dad played in a punk rock band called the Warm Jets and was apparently religious, Paul Ballance walked out and left plan B’s family when Ben Drew was young.

  79. cbd 420620


  80. Speed Garage

    This tune is absolutely mint live too

  81. Adela -

    woooow amaaaaaaaaaazing!!

  82. AbstainRecords

    VERY different to 'I Don't Hate You'! Never looked forward to an album so much in my life. Fan since WNAWYGW.

  83. Bob Marly

    Holy fuck Mr. B has done it again an absolute belter of of a tune , a timeless classic for the future can't stop playing it up full blast bobin the head

  84. Rebecca louise White

    You were incredible in Birmingham last night. Loving the reggae vibes 😉

  85. Lukey rusty

    Unreal talent !

  86. Ma Kuc

    The best till now. Can't wait all the songs

  87. Elusive Butterfly

    Massive. We hear you. What you think is just a joke is the state we endure every day.

  88. Ronald Holden

    Damn all the absolute crap that gets pumped out these days, this is fucking brilliant.

  89. R MCK

    So Great/So Cool

  90. aditiXkami

    This is awesome 👏 I'm so happy to see him so active

  91. Responsible Backpacker

    ❤ plan B. Can relate to the music and it's feel good and deep at the same time . The new album is turning out to be awesome!

  92. Debra Beck

    This is sick live

  93. chad quinn

    Were can I get this album he is a legent

    Speed Garage

    chad quinn released 4th May

  94. Lima Charlie

    So pleased Plan B is back on the scene, it's been far too long without his music in the charts. For some reason I can imagine Tom Grennan singing this though.

  95. Socman

    At last! Decent mate.

  96. Emma Grant Photography

    Fucking WINNER!!!!💙💙💙💙💙