Plan B - Bizness Woman Lyrics

Hey bizness woman
Say you're a bizness woman
What's yo bizness woman?
Bet it ain't none of my bizness woman [x2]

There's a girl in a place where she don't wanna be
Can't associate herself wiv the hoes on the street
She might be a bizness woman
But she's not that type'a bizness woman
She's moved past a bizness man
Smartly dressed wiv a briefcase in his hand
They exchange looks, she cracks a smile
He cracks one back, because that's style
Before she knows it he's gone like the wind
And anyway her phone has started to ring
So she picks it up and says hello
That's when the voice on the other side of the phone says:
"Look just wait there, I'll see you. I'm in the car"
"No, it's like eleven o clock!"
"Babe listen, I'm stuck in traffic please just stop in Carl's, I'll be like 5 to 10 minutes"
"Please hurry up there's loads of prostitues about; I don't wanna be here on my own.."

When the phonecall ends her arms n her hands cross
She's vexed, she's stressed that her mans not there
So when some breh says:
"Cheer up love, it might never 'appen"
She just don't care and starts to swear
Which makes him rare up
Like "What's your problem gal, only makin conversation"
"No ya not" she says
It's her n it's blatant
"I don't want attention from a little dirty who rat like you.
So be on ya way, wit ya little mate and deal some drugs or wha'ever it is that ya do"
This makes my man irate
And gets him in such a hype state
That his white mate has to pull him back
And remind him that
He's got crack on his person, so allow the cursin'
Just walk away blud, she ain't worth hurtin'
Let's gggo get get back workin'
End this shit now close the curtains
So they do
And like suttin straight out of the blue
A car pulls up and says
"Cor blimey you're gorgeous gal, how much is it for you?"
"Have you got a million pounds?" she says
And she's thinkin 'This is beggars belief'
So she calls him a cheat
Says "Think you better leave before I report you to the police"
He get's shook an' screeches off
That's when the hoes start screamin across the street at bizness woman like "oi, you're scarin' all our punters off!"
Bizness woman's like "Wot?! Who d'ya think you're talkin' to? I ain't scarin' off your punters, the only thing scarin' off your punters is you!"
This makes prozzie girl irate
And gets her in such a hype state
That she goes to knock this snobby girl out
That's when the other working girl shouts:

Hey bizness woman
Say you're a business woman
What's yo bizness woman?
Bet it ain't none of my bizness woman [x2]

They both exchange looks screw faced and hard
Even when the prozzie gets in the car
Through the window, all she does is stare
Until the car goes, and no-ones there

The night is cold, the sky is black

She's on her own now, with the rats

And she's paranoid of the fact
That if that breh she dissed comes back
There's nuttin she can do to defend herself from attack
So it's hard right now to relax

Hey bizness woman
Say you're a business woman
What's yo bizness woman?
Bet it ain't none of my bizness woman...

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  1. Wayno Insaino

    plam b is the dong boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

  2. pleasant phucker


  3. pleasant phucker


  4. Chiv

    you can still find the video on dailymotion i think. it was a really good video as well. plan b should upload it to his main channel.