Pixie Lott - Catching Snowflakes Lyrics

Though it's over
And I cope somehow
In the cold wind's blow
I hear you

What is now a dream
For a while it was real
And I can't conceal that
I miss you

But our love was like catching a snowflake
As it reached our hands
It was ready gone

Though our case is closed
I keep chasing ghosts
Every time it snows
I see you

And I feel no cold
As you lend me your coat
through the pale white glow
I feel you

But our love was like catching a snowflake
As it reached our hands
It was ready gone

This love was not ours to take
It was fated to break
Thought it was beautiful

But I lost you on the way down
Even though I tried so hard
To be with you to hold on to
You with all my broken heart
But I lost you on the way down

But our love was like catching a snowflake
As it reached our hands
It was ready gone

This love was not ours to take
It was fated to break
Thought it was beautiful

Catching a snowflake
Was like catching
It was catching a snowflake

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Pixie Lott Catching Snowflakes Comments
  1. Snowflake

    27 Dec,2019 ❄️❤️

  2. Shuvam Kunti

    I miss her !

  3. Sherief Marshalling

    Probably one of the best sad love songs. So real, with a lot of metaphors.

  4. cuore9419

    Beautiful song. I really love it.

  5. Laura de Leon

    I have only known about this song about a year or two ago... That time, I somehow felt I would end up relating to the lyrics... I unfortunately did, and still do.

  6. CyanFlake


  7. Mr.fantasybigz

    i miss him..

  8. Song Writer

    This song healed me and helped me moving on.

  9. Tomas Dvorak

    no fuj, omyl

  10. Magdalena Pr

    +styleicon woher kanntest du meine schwester?

  11. dibran xhoxhaj


  12. AXL Law

    I think this song is Christmas related..... So, Merry Christmas, folks.

  13. muhammed haj hasan


  14. Irren Haus

    I just had a break up tonite..... I CNT sleep

    Katja .Geiger

    my gawd me too :(

  15. Magdalena Pr

    My Sister died nearly a year ago on a scooter accident, she was a big fan of Pixie. As our cat Flocke (I'm from germany)(flake) is, the song fits well.

    Magdalena Pr

    +styleicon Aber wer bist du? Eine Schulfreundin?


    Du fehlst mir Kathi 😪

    Magdalena Pr

    styleicon 😢😭

    Thiago Souza

    Thanks for sharing your touching story :)



  16. Levi Blair

    I lost my first love to suicide in 2008. This song reminds me so much of him. I cry, every time I hear it. I encourage anyone, who is struggling with thoughts of suicide, to seek help. Life is a gift we take for granted.

    Femke Langes

    I'm sorry for your loss. And i know what you mean. This song fits the feeling quite well.

    Thiago Souza

    I'm very sorry for your loss, Levi. You're right, life is really is a gift we take for granted.

  17. Charly Del Rey


  18. Rebecca Warner

    Love this song :) x

  19. Stacie Oley

    pixxx your songs realllyyy

  20. laura north

    Can't wait to meet pixie on the 12th. I'm going to her performing arts Saturday school :D

  21. Livia Fabbris

    I love this song!

  22. Admiral

    wow great song one of the best !

  23. Sonia Panczyszyn

    What a tear jerker x

  24. Núria Borràs Martí

    I love this song! *-* <3

  25. Davaana Khaltar

    this song touched me very deeply and i miss him so much...

  26. Miss Boop

    Our love was like catching a snowflake

  27. Mina Le

    Same for Miley Cirus now :)))))))))))

  28. Fadzreel

    Where is she now?

  29. Sobbemakesmesob

    Ahaha :D yes

  30. Tincho Cannibal

    You like Pixie and ur a Larry and Ziam Shipper, can we marry?

  31. Sobbemakesmesob

    Her voice♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  32. Leo ALM


  33. JarmazingJaz XO

    I love this song.. x

  34. Jake Laing

    I'm in love with this women!

  35. AcuGlev

    una voz nueva para mi, o r i g i n a l

  36. Sobbemakesmesob

    This makes me cry:') so hard

  37. Guang-zhen Wu

    I would bet that she could sing without autotune as good as with autotune

  38. volcom1722

    technically the real pixie is the new one. Her 3rd album will be very motown and soul. She is originally soul inspired eg mariah carey, whitney etc.. so her pop was just an experiment really.

  39. kelly shilenko

    Tho it's over now nd I cope somehow :( Awww

  40. Coraline Nicolette

    Though its over now, and I cope somehow

  41. venus keawkoe

    Very nice

  42. Maria Şoneriu

    I love this song!

  43. - conrad

    every time it snows i see you uhhhh how NOT creative

  44. - conrad

    uhhhh very shitty song: dislike! dislike! dislike!

    Uhhh very un-needed comment.

  45. Erin CMcF

    I take it back

  46. Juilet Kimber

    - | -

  47. pinkthornkitty

    This song is so sad but she sings it so beautifully! I just love Pixie Lott <3

  48. Andreia Sofia

    It's gone... :'(

  49. Ceren Dursun

    She is an amazing singer

  50. jasmini27398

    Shes so good

  51. livethemusicbaby

    what does this have to do with pixie lott??

  52. Tyga Lover

    the second i turned this song on, i heard fireworks outside my window.
    -.- and yes i'm serious. I don't even know where they came from. O.o
    But they are pretty, just like snowflakes.

  53. livethemusicbaby

    this song is so beautiful.

  54. Amber Fr

    too late now ! :(

  55. Logan Eskelsen

    THis song is so sad :'( :'(


    But our love, was like catching snowflake.

    Loooove this song!!

  57. LuckNChocolatezz

    I feel like the top comment is a lie now, giving people false hope...:P

  58. alice shrubsole

    watch my lyric video on my channel:)x

  59. Chelsea Annett


  60. SA3D

    @SuperPixieLottfan it's been gone for a month now and u still top rated comment? :P :D
    .. I'm saying: there is no snowflake button :S
    looooooooooool xD

  61. Katye Donoghue

    pretty :)

  62. Athena D

    I Love this song!! :) She's amazing

  63. Learioselle Heart

    This song is amazing i love it alot.

  64. rockstarrshade

    @JimmyJam6937 she means that she still see her and his exlover in the places they have gone to

  65. Learioselle Heart

    @rockstarrshade i have :(

  66. Sophie Dunn

    Im in love with this song :D its amazing :D

  67. Learioselle Heart

    Pixie lott is as greater as she first started to perform, she is so awesome :)

  68. Rachel Hanson

    i really miss the old pixie:( love this song so much<3

  69. Sugarlipz


  70. rockstarrshade

    you know whats the worst thing??? that you lived this song on your own...

  71. ArtisticNailArtz

    her best song!

  72. Sugarlipz

    amazing at singing . Brilliantly tuned into every note in existence!!!

    My hero

  73. teesssssss

    @FlyingLoveHearts wow... lets not even go to that diary crap on here.... o_O

  74. Mitchell Edwards

    Pixie, i know you been disapponited sometime in your life. we know that you had hrad times soo i going to sing this song and heal thoughss broken hearted times. Im doing this for you my guardian angel

    From a loyal and always be loyal fan

  75. Mitchell Edwards

    i have this song on my ipod... always reminds me of my ex girlfriend.... i think we still love each other O.o....

  76. tischtennisprincess

    drückt mal auf den schneflockeneffekt :) passt super

  77. CDG

    @SuperPixieLottfan And run your cursor through the falling flakes. They blow right and left with the movement of the cursor.

  78. Sophie innes

    aww pixie has been heartbroken :( poor her

  79. Kristina

    30 people forgot to read and think about the BEAUTIFUL LYRICS!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  80. Rob Mitchell

    30 people obviously are geeky sweaty freckled up kids that dislike women and dnt know how to pleasure the female anatomy ;)

  81. Monique F

    wow,this song is pretty beautiful

  82. Ash Kawakita

    @reallyreallymarie uhh, i really hope not :L anyway, why do you think so? xx :)

  83. alicejaxerques2


  84. Zamfirescu Alexandra

    I'm in love with this song:x

  85. ElenaSmith12


  86. Mollie Slack

    Beautiful.... Another one for the repeat!<3

  87. chiaraPod

    oops , i'm in love with the voice of Pixie Lott :$ <3

  88. marie thomas

    pixie is like a grown up taylor swift.<3

  89. IndiaC Crone

    I love listening to this song at winter time :) It's so beautiful

  90. pkfireflies

    So Beautiful...

  91. Patrick Klijn

    Why taylor and pixie if you could get jessie j and pixie? that would be awesome! becuz there both sooo emotional in their songs :O I LOVE ALL THOSE ARTISTS <3

  92. ArtisticNailArtz

    This is so beautiful <3

  93. xhannahvictoria

    This is the most amazing song ever.