Pixie Lott - Caravan Of Love Lyrics

Are you ready for the time of your life?
It's time to stand up and fight
Hand in hand we'll take a caravan
To the motherland

One by one we gonna stand up with pride,
One that can't be denied
Now the children of the world can see
There's a better place for us to be!
The place in which we were born,
So neglected and torn apart

Every woman, every man
Join the Caravan Of Love,
Stand up!
Everybody take a stand
Join the Caravan Of Love,
Stand up!
He's my brother
He's my brother, don't you know?
I'm your sister
I'm your sister, don't you know?

Uh hmm
Uh hmm

We'll be living in a world of peace
And the day when everyone is free
We'll bring the young and the old
Won't you let your love flow from your heart?

Every woman, every man
Join the Caravan Of Love
Stand up!
Everybody take a stand
Join the Caravan Of Love,
Stand up!
He's my brother
He's my brother, don't you know?!
I'm your sister ooh
I'm your sister, don't you know?!

Every woman, every man
Join the Caravan Of Love
Stand up

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Pixie Lott Caravan Of Love Comments
  1. roddhillonesq


  2. Shan _alriel

    I almost forgot this song, I've been searching for a good song to jam on, that isn't lo-fi, rock or korean. So this is so pleasing and nostalgic for sure!

  3. kevin0202

    just love it, you should have more songs for us~

  4. Rita Orlando

    nice ! love it :)

  5. Natalie Wayne

    Both Isley Brothers And Pixie Versions are Both great 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Грегори AMG

    Praktiker ufff

  7. PES Bundesliga Legends

    not so good like the original, but ok...... it could be more lousy

  8. Linda Kevi

    So beautiful song I can imagine 😇😇😚😙😙👌👌👍

  9. Burning Wang

    So attractive. Damn. How does a woman get so hot?


    still playing this. Amazing

  11. Rosslyn Lim

    This is beautiful, and all people one day will be as close united as a brother and sister is in a global paradise when Ps 37:10, 11 comes true: "Just a little while longer, and the wicked will be no more; you will look at where they were, and they will not be there. But the meek will possess the earth, and they will find exquisite delight in the abundance of peace." This will come true... God does not lie.

  12. Gracie W

    Nickelodeon squad where yall at?

  13. Serhii Shevchenko

    Thank you for such a sweet song Victoria!

  14. Whitney Abodunrin

    Who’s here in 2018 ??

  15. Pomeranian Magdalene

    She's so underrated! I remember listening to this song every single day when it came out. Wow it's been 4 years already?!


    you mean this version when it came out, the song came out in '85 😂😂

  16. P e t e r

    This sounds so sweet and sparkling at the same time.Love this Pixie !

  17. Nadia Alfiana

    I was heard this music from Nickelodeon, and I loved it:)

  18. UltimateHdGamer

    13 Reasons Why anyone :(

    Mimi Okafor

    UltimateHdGamer stfu

  19. Queen Star

    After 4 years I still like this song even though I forgot about it for a long time and in 2018 I remembered it

  20. semperf1dude

    yeah we'd all like Pixie to be our sister


    shite song. JB is shite

  22. Macy Wynne

    I love this song is the best one xxxx

  23. Noer fitri Zhachrani

    beautiful song:)


    amazing song. END OF. Matalan is a rubbish store. END OF. Thank you and good afternoon.

  25. xx_sing4ever_ xx

    I love this so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxcxxxx

  26. Nichollas Pla

    This song was written by the Isley Brothers in the mid 80’s.


    She has nice hair


    Awwww, I love this. It's a Christmas tradition I look this up, even though it was a TV ad for a superstore.

  29. 조진다

    Voice wow...

  30. 조병철

    목소리 매력있다Have a voice in one's voice

  31. Luan oliveira silva

    Amo essa música

  32. Ryan Higgs

    I dont care if the housemartins wasnt the otiginal i still prefer there version to this shit or the original

  33. Niprecy

    Beautiful voice but no originality... For the new generation and those who would not be aware, the original version of this recovery was composed by Isley Jasper Isley in 1985, it will remains the best version...

  34. RCPMusic

    Pixie we need new music... Miss this voice.

  35. Dan Harkness

    can remember the 1st time this was played instant love

  36. Marco Piccinini

    I listened for curiosity, sorry, but the Isley brothers version is the only one in the world

  37. Joana Moniz

    that's a beautiful song. 😍

  38. Swapnil Mitra Official

    Only you by Selena Gomez sounds similar to this.

  39. Rinawma Lee

    we need this song right now :(

  40. InkedIndividual

    Who originally sung this song


    Isley Jasper Isley in 1985

  41. Ally An


  42. Groot Kasung

    wow her voice and looks

  43. wayne seamarks

    I want her

  44. tamara Faminene

    I like it

  45. Ferdi Kamin

    I can't forget this song and singer...

  46. Jen Thomson

    I love this

  47. Ferdi Kamin

    setiap liat ini jadi ingat waktu SMA T_T... mirip banget sama dia huhuhu miss T_T

  48. Satrio Galih

    Is it only me, Im not a Native speaker of English

    I know the message is good, but the composition of the lyrics seems weird to me, like being written by Indonesian who happened to be just graduated from Junior High, no offense

    I mean her other songs are all great

    and this feels like .... I dont know , but its just me , please dont kill me 😂😂✌✌

  49. Ferdi Kamin

    i love this music and this singer hehe.. his song and its singer reminds me of someone.. huh T_T


    this took up the whole ad break during x factor 2015. totes amazing. Much better than the beautiful south

  51. Cloudy Out


  52. James Hoyle

    It so I fare that she was voted out of Stricly come dancing she proberlu would have won if she hadn't and heverybody

  53. Buzzing Rocks

    Great music video! :)

  54. The Watercorns

    She was in Fred the movie

  55. squirtle master

    what the Hells wrong with you

  56. Jordan Warburton

    Write your own songs

  57. Sejus Mai

    shes a beautiful lass with a great voice but this version is realy bad and dreary. check out housemartins original


    you're an idiot, that horrible version from those flakes is not the original!

  58. Mick Liverpool

    Bring back Jasper Isley, all is forgiven for the dodgy outfit...This karaoke rendition is just soulless.

  59. Booty Nuggets

    Pause at 1:21, looks like she was gettin the D by ME

  60. Booty Nuggets

    Wonder where she is now

  61. Sarah Sucupira

    what a voice

  62. Malibu Barbiie Delish

    This is hilarious.

  63. leahlouiseeeeee

    How come she isn't coming out with new music?

    Kyrstie Webb

    She's doing stage shows xx

  64. Phineas Starter

    This is vandalism

  65. Evan Ray Roberts

    I want to marry this woman.

    Ferdi Kamin

    she is mine

  66. Jeff Jones

    am I the only one here cos of joe sugg

  67. Maryellen Stubbings


  68. Emily L'Anomalie

    I miss Pixie's music... 😢

    Denisse A. R.

    Me too!

    Kenny Kenny

    me too!€

  69. charlie emptage

    she beautiful she really good best evething i love you pixie lott alway will always have

  70. Bethany Lambert

    Pixie Lott deserves more views it is outstanding her music and she is so lovely and polite when I meet her

  71. Charles Emptage

    Love you pixie

  72. Charles Emptage


  73. Mohammad Master

    When pixie Lott did the Fred movie she was hotter than now......... Who's watching this at 2016

    Romono Pilowki

    Mohammad Master She's not less hot, she's just matured. I like her new look

  74. Nicky Lam

    it's a shame this video only has this amount of views. this is a beautiful song!

  75. Beauty Fashion

    Beautyful 💖i love you😘

  76. Beauty Fashion

    Dit liedje is zo mooi het raakt me echt in mijn hart❤️

  77. Stefen James

    Is she British?

    Juan Almeida

    +Stefen James yep!

    Stefen James

    +Juan Almeida I have to say she is the best one...and she kinda look like how can I say it from a rich family!? you know these families beneath the royal....just a feeling cuz she is so classy.

  78. Nouhaila Boukhari

    her voice is so beautiful

  79. sugarcupcake xoxo

    I am a really big fan of yours please make a new song

  80. Michael Angelo

    The Original Artist was - Isley Jasper. Such a beautiful song! And what a beautiful cover!!!

  81. semperf1dude

    Wow....i'm staggered... Is that what an angel looks and sounds like?

  82. droid X

    live in the first time to get to the first thing to the best regards please contact us know if we can you can be a lot to the time

  83. droid X

    add a public comant

  84. Z Henry

    her smile is really breathtaking and gorgeous!

  85. Michelle Pigott

    WOW - deffo the best cover yet

  86. Réna Bizi

    B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l song !!!!!

  87. Cristina Pellini

    Good bellissima Da Alice e Matilde 5ª A

  88. The Southsea Alternative Choir

    We covered the Housemartins version of this great song on our channel, and even got Fatboy Slim/Norman Cook to introduce it!

    Marc Primo

    this song was originaly by isley jasper and isley (isley brothers) years before the housemartins.

  89. yodenman

    This was a total flop chartwise...but that happens now and then. What really hurt her was the fact that this was actually tied into a charity, and it still performed badly....that was a real sickener.

  90. ke su

    we'll be living in the world of peace.... maybe someday

  91. Phoebe Simpson

    One year ago today💞 I love this song, my dad used to play the original in the car when I was little 🙌

  92. Andrew Isaac


  93. Fesurfattack BRA

    Que gatíssima! Mas essa versão é ruim, prefiro a versão do Swelele.

  94. Rita Rouse


  95. Lucas Lima Freire

    HOPE *U*

  96. Ciawei NG

    If you love/perhaps love lee kwang soo take me here :D