Pitney, Mo - Take The Chance Lyrics

There's an opportunity standing right in front of you
Green dress great smile looking your way inviting your
Hi how are ya
Like a fool you let that moment go
Once again what could have been has taken the wrong road
So say hi, say hello if you don't try you'll never know
The story never will unfold if the beginnings never told
If you don't move your feet you'll never dance
If you don't take the chance
There's a few golden moments when your heart will say don't less this pass you by
Silence is a killer when just one word just might change your life
So say hi, say hello if you don't try you'll never know
The story never will unfold if the beginnings never told
If you don't move your feet you'll never dance
If you don't take the chance
If you don't move your feet you'll never dance if you don't take the
Say hi, say hello if you don't try you'll never know
The story never will unfold if the beginnings never told
If you don't move your feet you'll never dance
If you don't take the chance
If you don't take the chance
There's an opportunity standing right in front of you
So say hi say hello
Say hi say hello

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Pitney, Mo Take The Chance Comments
  1. Gabriel B Morris

    Y'all are awesome!! Wish I could be noticed by you, I'd really like to talk to you, I'm trying to get famous

  2. jan binder

    Love this!

  3. conniedukejewelry

    LOVE this husband and wife duo!

    David Stephenson

    Actually Holly is Mo's sister. There are some videos on youtube with his wife though, and she also has a great voice.

  4. ayronsmama05

    Heart touching.....take the chance or you'll never know!

  5. Carl Booth

    Love this song❤️

  6. John Warren

    Let's have the sister sing a song by herself sometime where everybody can hear her voice she does get harmony with you but let's have her do a song by herself

  7. John Warren

    So how come your sister so rarely sings ?

  8. Prismonic

    Her voice is perfect harmony for you.

  9. Ron Hammar

    Mo has a talent the world of REAL country music has been waiting for. Its about time. I am a country song writer with about 300 songs and I would give him my best 10. Check out CLEANUP ON AISLE 5 I think its his best work. I would give my right arm to sing as good as him and the best part is it probably wouldn't affect my guitar playing all that much. LOL

  10. Charlotte Shumate

    Love this talented young man he and his sister are so talented! Beautiful song! It’s on his CD titled “Behind This Guitar” the whole CD is great! Love Mo he’s real country and so good! 😁🙏🏼♥️👍🎵🎸🥰

  11. Bert Batenburg

    Great singer songwriter, great voice, and a verry honest man. The future is yours Mo.

  12. Darlene W

    My very favorite Mo song!

  13. Charlotte Shumate

    I love this song Mo and his sister Holly are wonderful! His whole CD “Behind This Guitar” is so great! Listen you’ll be so glad you did. Mo Pitneys the next best thing! Love him! His wife sings too she’s great also! 👍💗🎶🙏🏼💗

  14. Reba Moor

    This guy just gets better each time I hear him ‼️❤️

  15. Roxanne Chapman


  16. Teresa McClanahan


  17. Teresa McClanahan


  18. Hello Hello 2019

    WHERE IS HE.....?

  19. Dean MacKinnon

    Pure magic between him and his sister such great vocals

  20. Dennis Lawson


  21. Susan Tarallo

    A Steele guitar does not a country song make. It’s refreshing to hear great songs with more meaningful lyrics than pickups and beer. With today’s country, to me, all the songs and singers sound the same. Used to be you could always tell who was who

  22. Haggie Fatigue

    Just beautiful, as usual. Nothing like family harmony. Holly's mic wasn't loud enough.

  23. richard schmidt

    keep singing

  24. Gary Misener

    I have almost stopped listening to country and switched to bluegrass. Mo, I very much like this duet with your sister and wish I could hear this kind of music all the time!

  25. James HOOKS

    Great Harmony , Awesome song

  26. Daniel Hensel

    Alright so I actually have a story with this song. I went 100 miles to meet a girl I talked with for a week. God I wanted something to come of it. Shes beautiful smart and funny. Well she was leaving for a week so I offered to take her to the airport. I didn't say anything other then we should hang out again. God I felt like I blew it. Well on my way back to the place I was staying this very song came on. It's the only reason I didn't give up. I asked her out on a date. She said maybe. We will see this weekend

  27. abby alvarado

    Real raw country artist Mo Pitney ! Love Holly’s voice too wow unbelievable! Praise Jesus for artists genuine faith / love for Christ so rare ..

  28. corbieone

    Molly :-)

  29. Kerry Evans

    Who is this guy?
    Deadly and his sisters grand
    Greetings from Dublin Ireland brother we KNOW
    Exactly who Mo is..
    The future

  30. Bob Millsap

    Love the fact they are keeping country music... country

  31. Tonymorr

    First time listening to this song tonight I was trying to figure out the whole way through if it was a Merle Haggard or Roger Miller cover. I was convinced by the end that it was a Roger Miller song. Then I noticed it's a Mo original! Great song. Looking forward to many more!

  32. Debbie osborn


  33. Jim McFalls

    Mo, Your album is outstanding along with your writing skills. Its refreshing to hear new blood with a hint of Merle Haggard flowing through your veins. Great job! Take Care! Jim

  34. Jim McFalls

    Mo & Holly, That was simply beautiful! Thanks for putting country back into todays country music! Great job! Thanks for sharing! Take Care! Jim

  35. Hugo von da Oim

    Another great one from mo

  36. Mike Graham music

    Why doesn't this have more views, craziness.

  37. mo_ malc

    this is truly beautiful .

  38. packingten

    He is a nice kid but this is same old Trashville crap being played.like Puke Bryan or Carrie Under dressed

    j o

    I hope that's a joke.


    Have to Agree with Packenton , There are some Great songs catching Dust & they were hits , just needs Brought back to life ,Mo Can do it ,If he will Stay with the real Older Country Music IMO He will Do just fine ,This Modern Crap that are being Push Ain't Got The Right sound !!!

  39. Daniel Downing

    Love Ya Mo. GOD Bless.

  40. Sweetiepie 87

    I looooooooove it ! Pure country talent , great voices 😻👌🏾

  41. Jack Stebbins

    I have been following you Mo for a while. Gosh, you BOTH sound simply amazing.. Hey, Please tell me about the condenser mic you are using. What brand and model is that? Very nice.. Thanks,

  42. Doogie N.D.

    more duets please.......

  43. K & E Fleming

    well done and it is great to see brother and sister making beautiful music

  44. sniksapap1

    Awesome as always.

  45. donna nash

    Great song!! I'm totally hooked! Fantastic harmony! So wonderful to see a brother and sister together!!

  46. Arm Neilstrong

    amazing talent

  47. Larry Gauld

    Simply splendid !!! So goooooood !!!!

  48. KC Katalbas

    I love this

  49. RodneyWalls1

    Country Perfection! @ a boy Mo!

  50. Sam Henry

    Mo, you do great work With your sister, beautiful melodies!!!!

  51. Sara Twycross

    just beautiful hugs sara

  52. Larry Stewart

    beautiful song done great

  53. kevin williams

    Another great one from mo

  54. Luna Midnight

    love it!!❤❤

  55. Genea Maines

    Great Song.. 💕😊